A few years ago, my son picked up a cat and rubbed his face on the cat. He loves cats. Well, in the ten minutes it took us to get home……his throat was swelling shut, his face was covered with massive welts and his eyes were swelling shut.

I didn’t panic….too much….I grabbed the liquid benedryl and got it in him, put him in the shower and started scrubbing. I called the doctor and she was very happy with me and said that was some quick thinking on my part. Especially putting him in the shower. Because of that reaction, they finally decided to have him go thru the allergy testing. We had known for several years that he has had allergies…..but assumed it was seasonal type……We had no clue the extent of this poor childs allergies.

He is allergic to every grass and tree…some more severe than others. He thinks this is pretty cool because it will probably get him out of ever mowing the grass. He is 11 by the way. He is also allergic to mold…but a specific type of mold…..the mold one would find in areas that have flooded.(Our basement, before we bought the house….) He is allergic to cats…the outside that is….and chicken…the inside…..How many people do you know are allergic to chicken….and yes….the clucking kind that lay eggs and you eat either fried,baked,bbq’d or buffaloed……He is, however not allergic to dustmites!!
Everyone is allergic to dustmites……accept him!!He has a few other allergies…carries an epipen and wearsa medic alert…..which I highly recommend….get the real deal though…order it thru medic alert.

As an adult I have developed several allergies….especially to food, seasonings and preservatives.  I to get to have an epipen…..found this out eating Chinese.  I have been eating the stuff all my life…..but go figure.

Cayenne pepper and MSG are two of my big ones…..the pepper one kills me.  I love spicey food….I mean I really love spicey food…..well my head and tastebuds do anyway…..the rest of my body has decided it would prefer that I not indulge that particular type of food.  I can eat curry though.  It doesn’t have the same effect.

It is very difficult trying to explain to people that sometimes allergies are just not the sniffles and sneezing and watery eyes.

Somtimes an allergy can be life threatening……I am now in the habit of asking everyone we visit…..Do you have a cat?

Then the question to ask oneself is….Do you really want to go see theis person and is it worht the risk of putting your child’s life in danger?

I am often surpised at the number of people who accuse a parent of being overly protective in cases like this and thinking that I am silly when I have seen my son have a reaction just sitting next to someones coat that just happened to be under their cat at some point.

People, please figure it out…..we are not trying to be overprotective….we just don’t want our children to die…..some allergies have that potential.  Have some consideration and deal kindly with us……We don’t want to constanly give our kids benedryl as an appetizer or a precursor to visiting someone….WE fear they will become immune to the benedryl and leave us nothing to give them when it is needed.
Humor me…..I actually enjoy having my son around…..He is a really cool kid!!!



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