Emergency Rooms, Surgical Staples and Bacon…yes they all have something in common.

Emergency room visits are always painful….not only for the reason one would find themselves visiting an ER….but the wait can sometimes tax even the most patient of people.

My sister recently had her gall bladder removed.  She has since developed an infection in all four surgical sites….even though it was done laproscopically …yes I think I misspelled it.  The infection is only where the staples were punched thru the skin…not on the actual incision sites.

Soooo….. after calling her Doctor’s office, she was told to go to the ER… to the ER we went…..anyone who has worked in an Emergency Room can tell you that full moons and rain will pack an ER.  Tonight it is raining. The first ER we went to said they might be able to get her into the back by tomorrow morning…..they were packed.This trip started at 7pm…..We left the first ER at 9:30……This one is in Fredericksburg.  The next ER is located in Dale City…opposite directions in case you are wondering.

We had connections at the second ER.  We arrived and sent someone in to see what the wait time would be……”Your expected wait time would be a minimum of 8 hours.”  That is a direct quote by the way.

We decided we would just go back to my house and wait until Friday to see if my sister could get into her Doctor’s.  My sister thinks the infection is caused from the staples.  She has never been able to tolerate any other metal than sterling silver or gold.  She should know what with the tongue and eyebrow piercing…..The infection looks really weird…..again it is only at the holes from the staples.  She soaked in the tub today with epsom salt, it apparently pulled quite a bit of infection out.

Frustrated with both ER’s and her pain level being a 7 out of a 1-10 range….We stopped and bought some Bacon. 

It’s an old wives tale that uses a peice of bacon or fat back.  You place it on the area where the infection is and it draws the infection out.  My sister said that had she not seen and done this before she would think it was nuts also…It definitely isn’t a kosher treatment……

Here she sits with 4 pieces of thick sliced hickory smoked taped to her belly……….I took pictures…..before and after.

I have done the tomato on a bee sting and that works……even my hubby thought the bacon was strange……We did feel it was necessary to warn her that Zeus….our Great Pyr….might sniff around her belly tonight…..Now she is afraid to go to sleep……..

I’m not sure I would mention the whole bacon thing to the Doctor tomorrow…….but whatever works…….

I’m not sure about posting the pictures….but I did get a couple with the bacon and after sitting with it on for two hours…..she could feel it drawing the infection…..we looked at it……..Ewwwwwwww

I might post the pics tomorrow…..I want to get a few more……I’ll be back tomorrow to update you on the bacon treatment……


March 15, 2007 - Posted by | Just Life


  1. I know I shouldn’t laugh, poor Peaches, but the idea of her sitting there with bacon taped to her stomache was just, well funny.

    I hope it works.

    Comment by Bekki | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  2. Yes it was funny….even funnier was me sticking my nose in there taking pictures of her belly. She went to the doctor and found out she is allergic to surgical staples.
    The doctor removed the staples and put sutures in her belly and said she should make a note of that in her chart.

    Comment by gingerporter | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. Oh my! Thank heavens he put the sutures in then. You have to wonder if the bacon and epsom salt bath prevented it from geting way worse. I’m glad she’s been seen to though. Can you imagine telling people you have to go change your bacon bandage?

    Comment by Bekki | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  4. Better yet…warn them about the dog……We were teasing her about the possibility of Zeus coming around and sniffing her belly in the night….Her eyes got big….and all she could say was OH….but Zeus left her alone……lolol.

    Comment by gingerporter | March 16, 2007 | Reply

  5. oh my goodness…. I know it really is not funny, but the visual of the bacon…. oh my goodness!!! I sure she heals now and all is well!!!

    Comment by sleepymamma | March 17, 2007 | Reply

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