Celebrating Spring

In celebration of springs arrival…I posted some of the butterfly pictures I have taken….they are posted out on the “Photo Blog”. It is in my links under blogs if you would like to take a peak.

I decided to follow Donna’s example and use my other blog for posting some of my pictures. I will be slowly adding as I find more pictures.

I hope you enjoy them………

I would like to take back the post on having a boring day….but of course that was on Wednesday….and this is Thursday….so of course a new day couldn’t be boring.

We had piano today, the kids are working on their recital pieces.  Colleen needed new books…..$70 later we have her new piano books…..

Peaches called me while were out….She wanted to warn me that the neighbors house caught on fire and there were 10 fire trucks blocking the circle so I wouldn’t be able to get to the house. When I found out which house it was… I told her to look for the people that owned the house and offer assistance,see if they needed to come to my house.  We have known them for awhile and say hello in passing but that is about it.

Peaches walks over and asks if that “was” their house. Mr– replies, “Was? Parts of it are still there….What do you mean “Was”?”…You would have to know him….in spite of his losses….he was still trying to be funny. He then went on to say…”I still have some change in my pocket. I still have sumpin’ sumpin’ !”

It would appear that the fire started in the kitchen and no one was home….someone saw the smoke and called it in. Mrs.– was very upset.  She is currently raising her grandson while her daughter is in Iraq fighting.

Thank God no one was hurt…….

On a lighter side….Zoe comes running in to tell Cherokee that the house was on fire…..Cherokee was in the shower……and please note that Zoe did not specify which house was on fire…..Just “the house” was on fire…..

Cherokee yells that she will be out in one minute….she comes running out of the shower to find herself in an empty house…..Peaches and Zoe were on the street corner.  Cherokee….poor thing….was thinking, “Great…they left me here to die!?” then she realized where her mom was and that it wasn’t Aunt Ginger’s house that was on fire.She was not very pleased with Zoe.

In the mean time….we finally make it back home….there are still several fire trucks on the street….

I made an executive decision and we went to CiCi’s for pizza.  I was just joking but said that I might find out how much a pan of brownies would cost.

Half a sheet was just a couple of dollars…so I told Justin I would take the whole sheet of brownies.  I sent Cherokee back for my wallet and Randy said he should have kept his mouth shut about the brownie thing.

I came back to the table with a large pizza size box with a full sheet of brownies…..Randy asked how much it was…..Nothing….Justin gave me the brownies.  My husband sits there and says figures…..You see we went to another  eating establishment and I walked out with a $60 cheesecake….for free.

This is the same man who would laugh at me when I was pregnant and wanted to eat at the places that served the really good ice….you know…it is either shaved or what I call the rabbit pellet ice……that was all I craved when I was pregnant with my daughter.  I would take huge buckets with me and ask the manager if I could have some ice to take home. We all know that no one is stupid enough to tell a pregnant women, a very pregnant pregnant women that she can’t have something…..Only a pregnant women can use a bathroom in  a place of business where there is a sign posted “No Public Restrooms.”

I never left with out my bucket of ice…..I forgot my bucket once and the restaurant gave me one of their buckets!!! How acommodating  was that….!?

I think I am off to bed……..


March 22, 2007 - Posted by | Just Life, Observances


  1. Another Ginger moment strikes! (had one today myself) Those brownies are the best!

    Comment by apuritanlady | March 23, 2007 | Reply

  2. I fixed hubby’s avatar issue

    Comment by apuritanlady | March 23, 2007 | Reply

  3. LOL! Your ‘ice bucket’ stories brings back memories. I absolutely loved ice while I was pregnant.

    Comment by jodysgirl94 | March 23, 2007 | Reply

  4. What Ginger neglected to tell you about the whole Zoe Cherokee situation with the fire. When Cherokee came running out she was only in a tee shirt and a towel……lol I looked at her and was like what are you doing? She then tells me what Zoe said. I felt bad after my 5 minutes of hysterical laughter.

    Comment by peachiestpigpen | March 23, 2007 | Reply

  5. Ginger, I love coming to your blog because I either leave w/something to think about or laughing my head off. 😆

    BTW – I love the new look – two thumbs up – much easier to read than the 4 collumn one.

    Comment by Elaine | March 23, 2007 | Reply

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