Those not so Rare and Unusual Moments…..

I wouldn’t say ,”only me”……but if you ask my husband he would say “only you.” Any one who has spent time with me…..gone shopping with me….or out to eat….can say that they have been apart of what my husband calls my “Ginger Moments.”

At first these moments would “freak him out”….his wording not mine. I have never had to do much or say much…it just happens. Total strangers have been known to give me there whole life stories in just a matter of minutes…and all that from saying “Hello…”..or “I’m sorry, are you okay? when I accidently bump into them. He just says that it is plain weird.

My family and other friends say it is because there is something in my voice that comes out as sincerity, when I ask someone if they are okay and they here that I am really asking….anymore, I just go with the flow.

I had a “Ginger Moment” today……even I would have to admit it was a little out of the ordinary, even for me……The obvious thing would have been to roll the window up, but I wasn’t thinking of that….I was enjoying the breeze as I was driving down the road.

Oh….Did I mention that I was actually driving my van when this happened?

I met my sister in Stafford to view places for us to buy for my mother. All you need to do is read her blog and you will know why we were doing that.

We had completed our business and gone our separate ways….She decided to give it a shot and go home tonight. Her 13 year old DD asked if she should bother unpacking the van…

I am sitting in the traffic…waiting to get up to the light….mind yo this rush hour, but going in the opposite direction….It is still heavy. I glance over and see a gray pickup truck….something along the line of the Ford f-250. I didn’t pay attention to it…just that the truck reminded me of Randy’s truck, but bigger. I make it up to the light and glance around…..I always glance around just to be sure of my surroundings. I notice that the gray truck is sittting next to me still but paid no attention to it.

My windows are down….it was beautiful today and I was enjoying the breeze….The windows in the truck proceed to come down……the man has his arm leaning on the window sill and you know that feeling you have when you are being watched….? Well, I felt like I was being stared at so looked around and across the front of my van into the truck….sure enough the man was staring at me…….

…………………………then he said,”Hello…..Where I come from there are two reasons to talk to the person in the next vehicle….you either know them…..or you are lost.

The light changed from red to green so just looked forward and drove away….not saying anything. ……and got stopped at the next light….as did the gray pickup. I just kept looking straight ahead….this time I wasn’t glancing anywhere…..He proceeded to talk some more…..then the light changed again.

The third light…I am thinking….the DMV doesn’t have these lights timed correctly. “Truck Guy” asks me how I am doing…..I am an idiot…..instead of ignoring him like I should have ….I said “Fine.” I have this mental hang up about ignoring people, because so many times I feel like I am one of the invisible people…..I am the person who gets interrupted in a conversation or totally ignored….so something inside of me makes me respond and I said “Fine”…..It is at this point I am kicking myself….and telling myself…”Oh well, another “Ginger Moment”…”

There are so many lights on this stretch of Route 1, and what with the traffic…there was no way to get in front of him and no way to drop back and get behind him……

The next light coming up is a stupid light. I have seen people turn into the shopping center, go thru the parking lot to avoid sitting at that light…but I was on the wrong side of the road.

It was at this light the gentleman in question thru his business card thru my van window….It had his home and cell phone number on it. I just looked at him like the village idiot….I know my jaw was hanging down….

Again…I had to do it again…..but I looked at him and asked him what was that for… is how the rest of the conversation went……

Man…”Well…I thought in case you ever wanted to just talk.”

Me….”Are you Serious? I am married…and by the way….Do you wear glasses? Because if you do…you seriously need to put them on!! I mean really…if you are going to hit on someone in the next vehicle…You would think you would at least pick someone worth hitting on…I mean look at me?!!! Helloooo…..!!!” ( As I am saying this I am waving my hands at my head and the rest of me……My hair is a little oily and all bunched up in a scrunchy..I have major fly aways from the window being open….and besides that…I have seen me…I do not have the “hit on in the next car” kinda look….)

Man….sitting there looking totally stunned….so stunned he missed the light turning green…….but he made it to the next light just as it turned red…AGAIN!

Man…”This is a bad place for a stop light……”

Me….”Ugh…? Yes at the bottom of a hill…..”(as I am nodding my head and watching the big Fed Ex truck attempting to stop behind me)….

The light changed to green…and this time I was able to pull away from the gray truck….I allowed myself to get stuck behind some other cars then managed to get way ahead of him as he slowed down…..I had of course tossed the business card out the window. Half way down the road I thought about going back and getting it and letting Randy call the guy…….

It was weird….and then I just started laughing as I was going down the road….I am sure I looked funny…going down the road laughing , shaking my head and talking to myself.

I came home and told my sister and husband and they just laughed at me and said I was funny……I was funny…that was all they could say.

I believe ,that one takes the prize for the strangest moments in a vehicle….

That was my day today……..


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  1. My dear friend, you are quite funny. You are a sweet and attractive person. Your husband sees that (watching him stare at you in a restaurant with a silly grin on his face says it all!) and apparently other gents see it as well. This is not surprising at all. Men don’t want snobby supermodel looking women (only the men-twits), they want a LADY!

    Comment by apuritanlady | March 26, 2007 | Reply

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