A Virtuous Women……

A Virtuous Women

The above link is to the bible study I am currently looking at…….

Pro 31:10 Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.

I have all ready looked at rubies.You can find that in a previous post..titled of course….Rubies. I learned that Rubies are more precious than I thought. More so, even than a diamond….so rare, that if the right ruby is found, it can bring triple what a diamond of equal quality could get at an auction. God knew that rubies were rare and even more precious than a diamond…..Maybe I am the only one who thinks this way……But I often wondered why God chose to use a ruby in that verse, rather than a diamond. Hmmm…Now I know. Consider …..“her price is far above rubies.” How many times have we read in  verses with  statements like this verse…..and wondered….Why did God choose that particular phrase? When we finally  read and thoroughly study the matter ……we find outGod was right all along and we just thought maybe God made a mistake?

I call these “duh” moments. I have never particularly been a fan of rubies….so I just thought…”Oh, that is nice….but I don’t like red.” I told you that I don’t always think.

It has been said that Columbus wasn’t afraid when he set off in search of the America’s….He all ready knew that the earth was round….there was no sailing off the edge of the earth….which of course was an idea born out of superstition. Rumor has it….Chris read it in scripture.

How many  modern scientific discoveries have we found,  were all ready mentioned in scripture….Job is practically littered with science. Dinosaurs that lived during the time of man…. the life of man is in the blood…fingerprints…no two fingerprints are alike……So….If God wants to tell me that ” a virtuous women’s price is far above rubies?” Who am I to argue…. a ruby is less precious than a diamond….when  I know the opposite to be the truth.

I have a friend that prefers diamonds.  I actually prefer sapphires, to wear that is…….but if I am a virtuous women… worth is greater than that of a ruby…..

Sooo…what does it mean to be virtuous? Well, here is the definition of virtuousness from Nancy Rowley’s study……

Definition of Virtuousness: goodness, righteous, purity. A conforming to standards of what is right and just and to approved codes of behavior; goodness implies inherent qualities of kindness, benevolence, and generosity.
The virtuous woman is a woman of strength; though the weaker vessel, she is yet made strong by wisdom and grace and fear of God. Perhaps one reason for the rarity of a virtuous woman is that she is seldom sought. Too often the search is made for accomplishments and external qualities rather than for godly internal worth.

Good,righteous, pure, kind, benevolent, generous, strong thru wisdom, grace and fear of God, conforming to what is right and just…….seldom sought.

My great grandfather used to say…”There are two kinds of women in the world. The kind you would take to the gin joints and the kind you would take home to meet Mom.”

I was trying to think of all the women, I know,  have personal knowledge of…seen their testimony…how they are with their families and friends. Are they given to gossip… cliquey groups….did they dress to show off…or did they dress to please God…..were they double minded? I came up with  a handful of women that I would have truly considered virtuous women….at some point in my life….they had become my mentor’s. They were examples of the older women teaching the younger women…according to 1 Timothy.

I am so thankful that God brought these women into my life….that I had the chance to be taught…. most of the time, not even knowing.

Those are the women I want to be like when I grow up, that is…..Oh, they are not perfect…..but they emulate that Proverbs 31 women from the heart.

Make a list….What do you see in your life that would lead other’s to think you are the women in verse 10…..When others around you look at you….would they consider you a virtuous women? If so….then you are on the right path….and someone taught you well….and you are doing what God commanded and are teaching the younger women……

If not….it isn’t too late to work on becoming her……examine your life, look into your heart…. seek God’s wisdom. Ask the Lord to open your eyes and heart….. to show you what needs to be changed and change it.

Can you look back and find one women in your life who emulated that verse…feel free to share what she did for you….

My example…  the lady who became what I fondly call, my ‘dopted mother, best friend, and surrogate big sister. Her life is so remarkable, there is no way to tell you fully, everything about her……She grew up like I did….abused in every way…..but even worse….she was spiritually abused…someone took something so precious as the Word of God….and by taking out of context and misusing these precious verses…..beat her down, raped her and several other women in the church…repeatedly. She was only around 16-17 years of age when this started.

To meet this women… to know the joy of loving and serving God, seeing a work done in a life that is by far unparalleled to anything I have ever seen. She is a beacon, a shining light in a world that has so few…..she has the simple  faith of a child….trusting God in all things….good and bad,  knowing that thru it all…His Glory and purpose will shine thru.

She is so gentle and loving……When God takes her home, a light will go out….I told her once that if I could be just a fraction of the person she is and have the affect she has had on other people for the good of the Lord….I will feel like I did something right…..If I can exemplify   the faith she has shown in her life  and the faith she has  in me…..imagine the work God could do in me and thru me……

Okay….that’s enough for now….I am going to be moving on to the next verse sometime next week maybe….I have some more things to share…but I don’t have it all together yet…….

I am not going to go over the whole lesson in my blog….I am doing it in a notebook and will share as I am lead to share….


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  1. Ginger, I am finally getting to this study. I bookmarked the link and I am thinking I may just print it all out because there are too many distractions here where the computer is.Anyways, I enjoy reading your thoughts on this. My mentor was my mom. She always lived the way she thought God wanted her to live and I thought for a long time that her selflessness was her downfall (she was always giving and doing for others at the expense of her own needs and wants) but now I know it was her strength.I miss her terribly but I know she is in heaven with Jesus because she lived for Him.

    Comment by sleepymamma | March 25, 2007 | Reply

  2. Thanks….It’s thought provoking when you consider how we view our parents when we are younger. What we perceive as their downfall is actually their strength. It shows that she lived her life according to God’s plan…What an awesome thing to say about your mother and says alot about her testimony.
    Thank you for sharing it with me……:)

    Comment by gingerporter | March 25, 2007 | Reply

  3. Ginger,you have been that to me.
    You have encouraged me when I was so far down that I couldn’t see a way out. The only way out I saw was very very not God’s way.
    I took a big leap asking you for insight. You have become my mentor, my best friend, and my dopted mom.
    You are the only woman from my “Homeschooling friends” that my hubby knows by name. Why? Because he can see the things that you have helped me change.
    Thank you so much.

    Comment by ramirezhomeschooling | March 27, 2007 | Reply

  4. Maria….Thank You. There really isn’t much I can say after your post that wouldn’t sound trite….but it is a very kind thing to say.

    Comment by gingerporter | March 27, 2007 | Reply

  5. Mentors are so important,I can think of a few of my own, and learning about the ruby is good too; because what’s neat is a ruby in it’s natural state is said to be ugly(cited: virtuous womanhood,life-long pursuit) but once taken to the jeweler,it is polished and cut and then you can see the true beauty.

    So that means (in comparison)man looks at the outer appearance but God knows the jewel that you are, or that you will become. (paraphrased)once a ruby is placed in the hand of the jeweler it becomes beautiful(I guess because we are clean and stuff)

    That’s neat to find out that rubies cost more than diamonds, and that’s interesting that some of us would prefer diamonds or another type of gemstone because of it’s look or our preference, that seems to be one of the lessons here, “It’s what God calls beautiful”, We might over look it.

    A Virtuous Woman, who can find?

    one who sees what God sees.

    We might say awe, it’s just a ruby… but God knows how much it’s worth, He knows it’s worth and value. I guess Character is like that integrity, moral strength, honesty, loyalty, faith

    Is having moral strength attractive? Maybe not, but it is to God
    We can use Moses and Esther as examples of that;Moses was a stutterer and Esther was an Orphan and God used them.
    It’s good that God knows what’s inside of us

    Comment by Debbie Bennett | April 6, 2008 | Reply

    • It was the virtuous qualities that my husband was attracted to and wanted to marry me for as they last forever. Even over beauty and money and title. Now that is the type of man all Godly women should ask God for and wait for God to send them to them. We should be teaching our sons these qualities to look for in a woman too along with teaching our daughters from a young age how to live them through our example and leading. A virtuous woman doesn’t hunt for a man but seeks God and receives her man.

      Comment by Jane | July 12, 2011 | Reply

  6. Although I am not a woman yet I will love to be a virtuous woman when I get older an I hop to just keep up.

    That is great. Just stay in God’s Word and grow….. 🙂

    Comment by Shantel Thomas | April 26, 2008 | Reply

  7. I enjoyed your words about the virtuous women. I will be helping teach a girls club at our church and the girls will be learning the verses on the virtuous women. My heart is thrilled in realizing that the virtuous women has all the character traits to teach the girls at the same time.
    Thank you for being able to share

    Comment by vickie | May 25, 2010 | Reply

  8. This is exactly word for word what God has lead my husband and I to teach our 15 year old recently. Older virtuous women are few at times and they definitely need to be sought out and followed. I feel God has inspired me by your blog and other recent research after reading Ruth accidentally the other night; Now she was virtuous!!; to do a study for my playgroup mums I have in my care. This will be the key to successful
    Marriages too. Thanks a million an God bless your entire life.

    Comment by Jane | July 12, 2011 | Reply

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