Virtuous Women’s Bible Study…..

Proverb’s 31 Women

I am a paper person……so….for any of you ladies who are like me……Here is a hint…..;-)

I pulled up the above link.  I broke the lesson into three parts by highlighting the text and doing a “ctrl c”.  Pasted into my email….then emailed it to myself and am now in the processing of printing it out….of course I did it in three emails.  I am sure there is an easier way to do this….but without asking my husband it is what I came up with.

I like having the paper with me and being able to take notes on the copies… I have printed out the next lesson to begin working on……

Of course it would figure that it would be on husbands…….sigh.

I am going back to reprint the first lesson…I had so much more to add….but the flipping back and forth to the computer and the table….well…I got lost on where I was.

This is also revival week at our church…..If you would like to check out the speaker…He is linked under my Evangelist links.  If he happens to come into your area…..He is worth going to see……

I will see how much of this one I get to work on and finish the first part.

Will let you know…… 


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