Allergic Reactions…..Oh Brother!!!

I have a wide and varied list of allergies to some strange foods….Wasabi being the oddest I would think.

But who in the world could possibly be allergic to “Pork’n Beans”…..Well, your’s truly apparently…….

We ate dinner and I started to feel funny…..ears itching, throat itching and a headache.

I pulled out the pork’n bean cans….and they have paprika in them……paprika is on the list of spices and seasonings to avoid…..

I had several choices….one of which was taking the benedryl , which I did.

The other was in how to scratch my ears……because nothing is worse than your ears starting to itch….well, maybe your nose when you’re elbow deep in hamburger making meatloaf.

It is my humble opinion that the Bic pens with the lovely blue caps are the best…..which of course is how I ended up with an ear infection once……If you scratch to hard….you can cause an infection if you happen to break the skin…been there done that…..that’s how I know.

The other choice was to have hubby go in search of the q’tips. Well, after the last infection he opted for the q’tips.

They just don’t quite do the job….my million dollar idea is to take the tips of the q’tips and rap them with a fine grain sandpaper……that cotton on the end just doesn’t get the itch.

It’s like asking your husband to scratch your back with a feather……

Needless to say, from taking the benedryl, I missed the revival tonight. I didn’t think the evangelist would appreciate my soundtrak being added to his preaching.

Those of you who have had the distinct pleasure of meeting my husband….could only imagine what his reply to that statement was…….

To fully appreciate his sense of humor, you must understand his theory on “spontaneous human combustion.”

He feels that when the body needs to pass gas….one should expel said gas….regardless of the consequences to those who have the misfortune to be sitting, standing, in the same room, or even lying next to him…..never fluff the blankets when you husband has passed gas in the bed……not unless you have access to one of the military’s special bio hazard masks….fill it with lots of charcoal……It’s that whole methane business.

He goes on to comment that snoring thru the sermon would be better than spontaneously combusting in the pew from trying to hold in the gas that would be created from ingesting beanie weanies.

I know the family that sits behind us quite well……I felt sorry for them tonight……..

I think Pork’n Beans will be on the “Do not buy” list……I can deal with the allergy to them….it’s other people who may have to be around my husband that will insure the “Bean Boycott.”

Just another day in the life of………….


March 27, 2007 - Posted by | Allergy, Food/Recipes, Just Life, Observances, Uncategorized

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