The Weekend……beginning with Friday

My weekend actually started on Friday.  My Mother and I rode into D.C. with my husband at O’dark thirty……actually it was only around 6:15am, to wait it out at the Wash D.C. Dept of Vital Stat’s.  She needed a copy of her birth certificate…..and since she was born in our nations capitol….hence the drive into D.C..

There was only one tiny, small problem with this…….He left us there.  He parked the van a block over (it was the only place to park) and when we finished, I was to drive us home…..YIKES!!!!!! We got there at about 7:30….when my husband is to be at work.  He had all ready told his boss what he was having to do….I’m sure they all get quite a chuckle with me. He skips out on me and heads to Union Station. There he is able to catch the metro to the Foggy Bottom  station and of to work he goes…….the first thing he does when he arrives at work ……..? Pull up map quest, so that he can get me out of the city……mind you he had all ready printed one map off…..but I knew, in my infinite wisdom, that having a live person on the other end of my cell…..was better than me trying to read a map since my mother is almost beyond being blind as a bat!!

The problem with D.C. is that there are 4 sets of every road and if you have the misfortune to get lost…..those roads all lead to Anacostia, MD.  Not a good thing……The lights are not timed…..If you are sitting at a light to make a left hand turn…..forget it.  Unless you drive a beater or a cab, you don’t venture into the on coming traffic.  Needless to say, I did get honked at several times.  Having my husband on the other end offered a sense of comfort and safety.  I knew he could guide me out of the city. I missed the first turn off… wasn’t marked….according to my husband that is on purpose…the lights being timed incorrectly is also on purpose…They are out to get you…….It is however a nice drive past all the monuments and the cherry blossoms on the Tidal Basin. 

We left D.C. at 9 and pulled into my driveway at 10….It ook longer to get out of the city then it did to actually get the birth certificate.  But I was finally glad to pull into the driveway.

Did a few things when I got home…then headed out to the DMV(Department of Motor Vehicles).  My registration was due to expire on the 31st of March.  Yes, I waited too long….but due to other circumstances…..I couldn’t get to the DMV any sooner than this day.

Of all the situations I could think of that would be the worse two experiences to have in one day…..these two top the list.  When planning a trip to the Virginia DMV….the locals know which office to NOT go to….and whether or not one should pack the car with lunch, maybe even dinner, plenty of games for the kids if you have to bring them, any books you wanted to  read but couldn’t find the spare time to do so…..and if your the crafty type and wanted to set aside time to knit or crochet that afghan or sweater…..well this would be your lucky day.  Once you have arrived , checked in and received your number… may then have a seat.

You have made all of the preparations and are settled in you seat, then your number is called…..Do not fret when you are told you must come again another day.  You see the sole purpose of the clerk at the DMV is tell you,  you are missing some vital piece of paperwork or signature required and  you will have to make a return trip.  The clerks at the DMV know that you are such an enjoyable person to be around  they want to visit with you another day….therefor your trip must be extended.

My number was A0221…..I found a seat, not knowing how far down the cue I was, I hunkered down for the long haul. It wasn’t too long that I heard an “A” number being called…..A0215…….okay….6 more to go. I received my ticket at 12:23.  Not realizing at the time that the general feeling of malaise I was experiencing was an actual illness coming on, I put my head down on my arm and took a nap.  Much to my surprise….I heard it….that female recording of “the number”….”A0221 at window 13. A0221 at window 13″…I hopped up from my slumber and proceeded to window 13. As I handed the nice clerk my registration form I pulled out my cell to check the time….much to my surprise it was 1:00!!! 48 minutes….I got a 48 minute nap!!  I paid the $31.50 for the two little red stickers that go in the upper right hand corner of my license plate and walked out of the DMV having only spent 48 joyously short minutes!!! I got in my van, turned it on and the clock showed in that nice green glow of lights….1:03. WOOHOO…that was a record time for me!!! I was back on the road and home by 1:45….traffic you know…

Not a bad Friday all in all……later that evening, my neighbor invited me out for some fried ice cream at the best little Mexican place….the salsa they make is to die for….along with their pico de gallo….Yummmm!

That was my Friday…..all in all not a bad day…..I may even venture back into D.C. with the kids to see the Cherry Blossoms before they disappear.

However….note to self…..received the registration notice for the bronco…due to expire May 31st.  Mail it Monday……………whehhhh


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  1. That is a very interesting location for a nap. Glad it didn’t take ALL day to get through D.C. and the DMV. When we were in D.C. we managed to drag a parking ticket home with us, Dh was not Impressed!

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | April 2, 2007 | Reply

  2. I think I would have a heart attack if I had to drive through D.C. We drove around once. That was enough for me.

    Comment by tressays | April 2, 2007 | Reply

  3. No one can say that your life is boring. 😆

    I do our registrations online. If we do it in person it costs $10 more.

    Comment by Elaine | April 3, 2007 | Reply

  4. I don’t drive in DC either. I have actually paid people to drive me……LOL

    Comment by peachiestpigpen | April 7, 2007 | Reply

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