“Hoppy Birthday”…no not a misspelling…..:)

Along with my birthday this week, it was also my youngest son’s. He is officially into the double digits. He has always been my little energizer bunny.

When I was pregnant with my first two children, my husband never got to feel them move. My daughter would take her bum and push it allll the way over so she would be poking out of my side. My hubby would sit there and push her back. She would start kicking and stretching, as soon as she would hear her Daddy’s voice, she would go completely still. He could only see her moving if he sat across the room and didn’t utter a word.

This same behavior applied to my first son. He would take his feet and push them up under my ribs….and I would constantly sit there and push him back down. Funny thing that….. when he was born, he would be in bed with us since I nursed, he had to try and stick his feet under someone…he would dig and dig until he got his feet under you. He and my husband would go round and round over that……It was always dad that he would dig under…..thank goodness!!

My husband would sit there laughing. He would always remark that these kids all ready knew who was going to be the boss.

Until this one came along……when he would wiggle and jiggle in side of me and hear Dad’s voice, he would wiggle and jiggle even harder. I got to the point where I would ask my husband not to speak… He would just sit there and shake his head….He would mumble to himself that we were in big trouble with this one….and then laugh.

If you read part 3 of the “visiting the doctor” post…I described birth number three….that was this one!!

He was so desperate to keep up with the older siblings that at 4 months he was crawling, at 4 1/2 months he was able to pull himself up on the front of the couch. That was also when he got his first black eye….accidentally so the other kids say. He was in the way so they gave him a gentle “push” with their foot…connecting with his eye.

He was the tester…he would be told to go to bed and turn around and say “make me.” We did…..I will leave that open for you to figure out…fill in the blank.

He actually made it thru the first month of kindergarten before he got a spanking by the Principal. We were amazed it took him that long.

There were times when I was so frustrated with him. I spoke with the Principal one day and he basically told me, with an understanding smile,that I should keep doing what I am doing, stay firm and consistent and eventually it would sink in. It might be tomorrow or might be several years from now…but it would click.

It did. It was right after his fifth birthday. My husband and I were talking about his behavior. We noticed that it had been several months that he had managed to make it thru the day with out getting a single spanking. Now the other two kids were different. Our daughter only needed a firm tone of voice( for the most part). She very rarely got a spanking. Our other son only needed a stern look and he would be in tears. Nothing got thru this one accept a spanking.

He’s my little fella. He’s the one that sits and drinks hot tea with me. He has always been some what of snuggler with us.

We took him out to eat with my husband’s parents on the day of his birthday and had a blast! The manager at CiCi’s Pizza made a big deal out his birthday, which he wanted. They wrapped him up in a sign and he had them put a cone on his head. He is a little showoff.




Happy Birthday Son….I love you!!!


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