We went to PA this weekend to help a friend move. We are strange in that we will do these deeds of kindness or adventures into insanity whichever you want to call it. We are currently waiting for news of another friend who is trying to buy a house….That will require a trip to Ohio…Hubby doesn’t know that yet….:)

I always pack the cd player and several of the Radio theatre cd’s or a good preaching cd….depends on what the kids want to listen to but this time I went unprepared.

It wasn’t until we were on the road and had the radio on that I knew why I “forgot” the cd’s. I would have missed an important message that I needed to hear.

I was discussing what I had posted previously with a friend and she turned the tables on me. She started asking me the same questions I usually ask of others. You know…”Are you reading your bible?” “How’s your prayer life?” “Are you really trusting God in this matter?”

Shamefully the answer has been no to all the above….I had grown lax in each of those areas. Oh I was praying, but not for anything we needed it was for other prayer requests and giving a cursory “Oh, and be with MIL and the Hubby…etc.” Nothing like I have needed to be doing.

As I was listening to this radio broadcast there were several things that came to mind. Areas that I had grown deficient in were affecting my prayer life.

If you are interested in hearing the radio broadcast it can be found at this site. The broadcast title is “Let Prayer Change Your Life”

It was a conference talk given by Becky Tirabassi. I am going to go back and listen again….maybe even now. I noticed several other messages that might be of interest all dealing with prayer.

I must add that I do not agree with every teaching by this person….not withstanding some of it is still good. You may not agree either, but we should always be open to God’s message….you never know who the messenger will be.  My biggest pet peeve is that I cannot handle listening to this person talk.  I find his voice annoying in that perfect enunciation/diction/intonation sort of way…..I know.  Terrible thing to say…….but that is just me.

More later…..Not done with this post yet.


June 3, 2007 - Posted by | Bible Study, Just Life, Observances, Religion, Sanity


  1. On the lighter side of this post….Will you all fly up here to help us move if we ever do so?

    Sometimes God turns our words back on us to get us to pay attention. Taking ones own advice can be the hardest of all.


    Comment by Elaine | June 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. In a heartbeat if I have my way…LOL


    Comment by gingerporter | June 4, 2007 | Reply

  3. We had a sermon on prayer yesterday that was pretty awesome. Once they download it on to the church’s website, I will send you the link. I think that we have gotten away from prayer as a society. We go to different countries and the one thing that we always hmm…what is the word? I want to say pound into their heads about religion or relationship with God is prayer. But, when they come to America, Prayer is not our 1st priority. We only pray for our wants and so forth. Not everyone but, a majority. We don’t see the big picture.
    I really think this is coming out wrong, but, I am trying.
    The sermon yesterday opened my eyes ten fold on the subject.
    But, I can’t describe nothing to save my life. lol. You’ll just have to listen to it. Maybe you will get something different out of it than I did.

    Comment by Bobbie | June 4, 2007 | Reply

  4. Bobbie, you did a good job. Please let me know the link when it comes up. Thank you for your support. I know that my devotional area has slipped.

    Our Pastor always has a statement that he makes. Something along the line of when other areas in your life start to slip, when you trace it back the first thing that usually goes is ones personal time with God…..our devotions.

    I am guilty of not setting time aside for devotions and allowing myself to be to busy in with other things.

    Comment by gingerporter | June 4, 2007 | Reply

  5. MAN! I am being pounded by this exact message lately. Our Weds. night study has been on prayer. You are so very right Ginger. When I get busy or stressed the first thing that gets squeezed out is prayer and devotions. God slowly gets less & less time! I am working on this.

    One thing that I have found helpful is to write out my prayers. This really helps me to focus on the Lord. It is my prayer journal. I also like to flip back through it occasionally and see how God has answered my prayers.

    OK…right now I need to get back to packing for our trip! Hugs & Prayers for you, my friend!

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | June 4, 2007 | Reply

  6. Honey, I have even more prayer websites for you if you want/need them. Sherry sent me a bunch of them. I’m planning on a prayer meeting for MOPS this year. Love you.

    Comment by celticmuse | June 4, 2007 | Reply

  7. Thanks Beth….I have a journal that lists everyone I am praying for….I think I will start writing them down.

    Send them on Michielle……

    Comment by gingerporter | June 5, 2007 | Reply

  8. Hello Ginger. Here is the link. The sermon is
    Who will stand in the gap? hope you enjoy it. Oh yeah the link, duh…

    Comment by Siscaboo | June 11, 2007 | Reply

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