A Long Week…..Part 2

It gets better…..I think I alluded to the 8hr emergency room visit with my niece? My sister called and to let me know they were headed to the ER. My 13 soon to be 14 year old niece was on the floor curled up in a fetal position in severe abdominal pain. My sister calls 911. The paramedic shows up and this person has no bedside manner or any manner whatsoever. She refused to transport my mother one time when she was having a heart attack, stating that we would have to go get her anyway……Sure enough….she shows up at my sister’s house and says the same thing again. I told my sister she really needs to report this person. That is UNSAT!!

We head down to Fredericksburg while my sister heads up to Fredericksburg. There are horrendous thunderstorms raging, rain is coming down in sheets. What I wasn’t aware of, was a tiny little piece of information. There was about 70+ mile backup on I95 North from Richmond all the way to the beltway. I95 South wasn’t much better due to the rain. We got on I95S and went up one exit and got right back off. I am looking at Route 1 North and knew that it wouldn’t have mattered if I had changed my mind…..I wouldn’t get home for at least 2 -3 hours and mind you I had only journeyed 10 minutes down the road. I called my husband and told him I might be home by around midnight if he was lucky…not knowing how long we would be at the ER, plus the traffic….It was a toss up as to which one would delay us the most.

We got there and my niece had all ready had her blood work done. We were just waiting for a room at this point. I was surprised at how quickly she had been triaged. While waiting for the room the ER Doc schedules a CT scan of the kidney area. They are assuming because of the area of pain that she may have kidney stones or an infection of some type. That scan came back with little information and they felt they now needed to do one with contrast. My poor niece had to chug that lovely, thick, chalky nasty tasting stuff that makes you want to puke it back up as soon as it hits your tongue. There is always a time limit on how long one is aloud to take to drink the stuff. She managed to finally get it down. We have to wait. We have to wait one hour for that cocktail to works it way through her body before they can do the scan. So we wait.

It is always interesting to sit in an ER and watch other people as they come in…..I have seen some of the most immodestly dressed, to church goin’ folk wander thru those doors. Peoples stupidity really amazes me….I don’t know why it does because it shouldn’t….but it does.

Anyway… poor niece has been given percocet and then a morphine shot….This child was flying high and feeling no pain at this point. She is all ready the stereotypical dumb blonde. I know that sounds like a really awful thing to say but even she admits that she isn’t the brightest bulb in the box. Her interests are totally in whatever hip hop singer she likes….being able to imitate what ever dance she has seen on MTV, her one friend Squishy, and BOYS!!!!! Of course it is boring when she comes to our house. We don’t allow that kind of music, we don’t have a TV (we have one, but it is an output device only) so no cartoons and no MTV.

Every test they ran came back negative or inconclusive. We finally got out of the hospital at 11pm. It has become a tradition to go somewhere and get a bite to eat….we always end up at the hospital before anyone gets to eat. They always have to get sick on the weekend when traffic is even worse than Friday’s normally bad traffic. We go to the “Awefull Waffle” house of pancakes. If you ever want to people watch, that is the place to go……This particular one in Fredericksburg (not the one on 17) was very nice. The wait staff were quite funny and very accomodating. The food was actually pretty good and usually cheap.

My sister heads back to her house while I spend half my time driving over the bridges of I95 to see if I really want to get back on 95 or take my chances on Route 1. We started out on Route 1 then got back on I95 at the Stafford County Airport exit. That exit has been such a blessing and has saved our buts quite a few times. I finally got home aroud 12:15-12:30ish? I don’t really know…all I know is that we left the house around 4pm and got home after midnight with nothing resolved accept to take my niece to the female doctor since we (females) have so many extra parts. The ER Doc thought maybe there could be something wrong with her “female parts.” Who talks like that anyway?

I was later informed by a friend of mine that she would be coming over that week to make bread at my house. She first wanted to BORROW my Kitchen Aide mixer…not happening, not leaving my house….:0. Since she would be using my flour, yeast, honey and all the other stuff…It was best to make it at my house.

Everybody knows that when she comes over to make bread she 1)uses all of my flour, 2) leaves the mess always with an excuse that she made me a loaf of bread and that she has to hurry up and get home. I have brought up both issues with her on various occasions because the last time she made bread at my house, I had just gotten back from PA. I was visiting a friend and brought back 50lbs of wheat and white (unbleached) flour. I only paid a total of $4.23 for 50lbs of flour. My friends live in Amish/Mennonite country and I was able to purchase the flour from one of her Mennonite neighbors.

Right after this, my family left for 2 weeks of vacation. My mother and friend were house sitting our 2 dogs and parrot. My friend went through all of that flour. She justified it by saying that she made plenty of bread and left us some. We couldn’t find the bread. My mother had packed up every loaf of wheat bread, cinnamon bread, honey wheat roll and white bread that was made and left with it…..:-0.

I was on the phone with another friend (she knows who she is)…..I don’t think she realized she was on speaker (or she did…;-)) and asked me if my friend was going to clean up this time….as soon as she started to say that I was very rude and interrupted her… She finally finished the bread. The first rising part anyway….My husband walks thru the door and very politely tells her that since she doesn’t pay for electricity (included in her apartment rent) she can carry the bread to her apartment and bake it. Which she did. I thought all was well and okay…..This is the same friend who had the meltdown over her birthday. That is where that part of the week picked up with me having her on one phone and her husband on the other phone.

This is the point that this becomes a semi rant. I am tired of people who 1) are ungrateful and 2) who are unwilling to accept responsibility for their mistakes or own up to their mistakes. They would prefer to pass the buck.

My friends IL’s are not wealthy….they really wouldn’t even be considered middle class. Her MIL knows that she has gotten into making bread and they found a really nice bread maker at a yard sale for $5. I saw it. It is nice. I think it is missing the instructions but those will be easy to locate. She whined and complained. I would have been grateful. I don’t look at price tags. If you found something you knew I liked and picked it up from a yard sale….I have no problem with this. It means alot to me just knowing that someone would take a dollar that could buy a couple boxes of spaghetti for their family and pick something up they know I would really like. I am not a materialistic person and don’t care about money….I never have. It’s nice to have….but it doesn’t make you happy. It can improve your standard of living but at what point does the standard of living need to be judged by what one has and what the brand name is and how many of said item one owns. Okay…that is leading somewhere I need to get away from. It was evident at least to my sister and I that she was displeased and didn’t like it.

Here is the part though……that I have ranted all day….for you see…last weeks debacles drifted into today. I went back over to friends house on Sunday and my youngest sister was there with her 5 week old baby. If you go back a few pages you will see pictures of the new arrival. Please make note of the lack of hair. This baby has wispy’s not hair. She was on the couch while my friends children were all over her hugging her. She started to get a little fussy so my friend took her into her room to feed her. While she and the baby were laying on the bed, I noticed something in the babies hair. I thought it was a piece of hair stuck together until it moved.

It was an adult louse. Head Lice…..Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! It was just a little over an 8th of an inch…5/16ths of an inch long. I saved it in a ziploc baggie. If my digital camera would take a macro picture I would post it for ya…….ewwwww.

My sister and I had noticed that both her children had been digging at their heads all weekend but we were just blowing it off. I just didn’t want to think it was head lice again…..She doesn’t treat their head very well…..she thinks that just by putting the stuff on their heads they are fine. She doesn’t remove the nits. Nor does she treat any of her furniture. We have gotten into the practice of spraying our heads before going over.

We use Lice Guard Repellant . This is the only spray I have ever heard of or used that does what it is promoted as doing. This is one company I would by stock in if I could. It isn’t cheap. It is $12.99 for a 30 ml bottle. So each of us have a bottle.

Needless to say……my sister and I spent the whole day treating the three girls and ourselves. I am not happy. Especially when our mutual friend wanted to blame the lice on the 5 week old baby. I am livid over having to deal with this again. We have removed all of the couch cushions and had to launder the slip covers plus the beds etc. I’m sure if any of you have had to deal with this you know the drill.

I think what bothers me the most is that my friend always has an excuse for her behavior. It is either some mental illness she claims to have or her medication or whatever. It is never her fault. That is what gets me about the whole thing.

My husband said that they are not allowed in the house unless the children’s heads are checked before coming into the front door. I had to resort to doing this with other peoples children and I guess I will have to do this with her. It is not going to go ever well at ALL!!!!!

It will take me another day to finish all this mess and tomorrow we won’t be home. I will probably be up late tonight trying to finish all the rugs.

Oh well……..what is a person to do……..


August 6, 2007 - Posted by | Children, Critters, Family, Friends, Just Life, Observances, Sanity, Teenagers


  1. Oh, Ginger! I am so sorry you had to deal with lice along with all the other issues right now! UGH! We have had lice 1 time…and that was way more than enough! I pray you are able to kill everything quickly! I can’t imagine having to check everyone’s heads before allowing them into the house. What a mess!

    What did Sis do about the lice on the baby? Will she have to find a way to treat her also?

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | August 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. No…the baby doesn’t have enough hair to treat. I only saw the one live one crawling thru her head…but her mother is beyond being angry…..

    Comment by gingerporter | August 6, 2007 | Reply

  3. Like Beth I’m so sorry that you are dealing with all of this. Please remember to take a deep breath, speak calmly and firmly and tell her to get her act together or don’t bother coming over. PERIOD

    More (((((Ginger)))))

    Comment by Elaine | August 7, 2007 | Reply

  4. PS – How did you get your name at the bottom of this page where the speere is?

    Comment by Elaine | August 7, 2007 | Reply

  5. Ginger, I am so sorry.

    This is just awful. I didn’t realize that she had used all your flour! I would be LIVID and let her know that I was LIVID and demand the 50 pounds of flour back! 😡 I know that was awhile ago, too!!!

    Have you learned your lesson yet? If she comes to make bread, it is ok to be conveniently out of flour, yeast, etc… 😈

    Comment by chocolatechic | August 7, 2007 | Reply

  6. That paramedic needs to be reported. She is out of line and definitely going above & beyond her job description risking the wellbeing of her patients and litigation.

    Your louse friend is….well, no friend and from what I can see, given you nothing to base a friendship upon. You can probably figure out my suggestion.

    Big Hugs, Ginger!

    Comment by Sheri | August 7, 2007 | Reply

  7. Elaine…that isn’t going to be a problem….Hubby is fed up also.
    I have no idea how my name popped up in that bottom line. I hadn’t even noticed it until you pointed it out….:)

    CC….yes,especially now that someone has a bread maker.Yes Mam….I have learned my lesson….:-)

    Sheri I agree….I told my sister we should file a complaint against that paramedic. Apparently she is the only one the county has…..

    Comment by gingerporter | August 7, 2007 | Reply

  8. I’m shocked!

    That’s low. For both of ‘them.’

    I don’t say this often, but I hope you have a dull week.

    Comment by songbirdy | August 7, 2007 | Reply

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