In case you didn’t know…..There is no common sense…

Just so you know…..None of this will make any sense to the outsider.  It may even be difficult to follow.  I was ranting about a couple of things that are just beyond stupid to me and trying not to disclose too much.   Read at your  own risk…..

Where did common sense disappear to…..? I am beginning to believe that there is some scientific alien genetically engineered generation of altered adults that were created for the down fall of our civilization. It had to have been the baby boomers who in turn raised children with no common sense who have been covertly passing on the lack of common sense to their children. How do we get it back? Where is it? The million dollar question is can common sense be taught? Maybe a game needs to be created like the “Where is Carmen Sandiago” game?

It could be titled…..”Common Sense in Everyday Life.” Draw a card that presents a scenario then discuss the common sense way of handling the situations.

Common sense would tell you…….

If you change your tire that was slashed by the sister you were dating who slashed said tire because you are now dating her other sister and the little piece that belongs to the breaks falls off……it needs to go back on before replacing the tire. Wouldn’t common sense tell you there is an unwritten rule dating back to elementary school that one never dates a sibling of the person you just broke up with….? You never date your best friends sibling. You never date the best friend of the person you just broke up with. It really is bad karma…..

If you are grown man of the advanced age of 28 and must enlist the assistance of a 12 year old boy to help you change the tire…..Guess what? He might actually know what he’s talking about when he tells you the piece that fell off needs to go back on before you replace the tire. It’s fortunate to have a mechanic BIL who decided to take pity on you and help you take it all apart and put it all back….in the proper order. (By the way…this wasn’t me. I know how to change a tire without knocking any of the break parts off.)

Common sense will tell you that if you have an integrated family ie…two people have a biological child and the other has a “bonus” child, (I detest the phrase “step child”.) if the parenting skills are lacking you create hate and discontent between the two children and resentment towards the natural parent. Do not be surprised when the older child (who is the bonus child of one parent) has a perpetual bad attitude.

When a situation is created where the bio child of the two adults learns that all they have to do is complain to “their” parent, the other parent gets reamed along with the “bonus” or bio child of the other parent. In the process of being reared are two sneaky, lying and lazy children. The one child will grow bitter and resentful towards their bio parent because they will know that their parent couldn’t see the injustices due to the verbally abusive confrontation of the “bonus” parent. Their parent will be perceived as weak and uncaring not realizing that the bio parent has just learned the best way to cope with a bad situation.

How does an onlooker point this out? You can’t. Well… can but all you are going to do is loose your sibling or friend who isn’t able or is unwilling to see what is happening before their very eyes. It is sad to sit back and watch knowing the outcome and having to sit and explain why in a few years.

Common sense will tell you that while you are out shopping and you see a parent with a child who wants something but isn’t getting their way until they scream their bloody head off…….they are spoiled. Out of embarrassment, more parents will just give in thus creating a vicious cycle of rewarding bad behavior.

Common sense would tell a parent that the movie “Saving Private Ryan” isn’t appropriate for a 5-6 year old to watch….even if it is about some war you don’t know anything about including what countries were involved and who won…..(This really happened and yes there is a mother floating around out there raising this child who didn’t know which war the movie was about and that the United States participated in said war. In case you are wondering if this poor mother was an immigrant……No. She is a homegrown, several generations born and bred on United States soil American.)

Common sense would tell you that if your idiot dog goes into the bathroom and urinates on the toilet paper and the bathroom floor that you should clean it up….It is after all your dog…..common sense would also tell you that you have no right to be upset, cry, hate the parent who is now determined to get rid of said dog because he 1) urinated on your mother’s bed and 2) defecated in your father’s Sunday shoes. Fortunately for you… saw it just before sliding his size 13 foot into his Sunday shoes. They do have a new training shock collar out that if you could just follow the dog around everywhere and wait for him to lift a leg…you may actually be able to house break the dog.

Common sense would tell you that if it is your day for KP…..yes, that does mean wiping the counters off, sweeping the floor and possible even wiping down the table. It does not mean only unloading and loading the dishwasher. Why should you look surprised when you have to be called back into the kitchen to complete the rest of your tasks? Now a new policy has been issued by executive order……aka…DAD. You will no longer be on the rotating schedule of child #1 (Mon), child #2 (Tues), child #3 (Wed), back to child #1 resulting with Mom and Dad having Sunday’s.

When child #2 complains that child #3 should help him on his day since we went out to dinner on the evening of child #3’s dish night and it isn’t fair that child #3 got off so lightly……stand back, take a deep breath then lay down the law…..since Dad decided that schedule wasn’t working well. (It actually was for Mom, with the exception of having to remind whoever has that day that ALLL day is their day……there were no problems.)

In closing for the day…..I have a few more notes on common sense that I am going to post later…..Common Sense would tell you….DAD…if it works for Mom, regardless of who it isn’t working for…..It’s Working Fine!!!! The irony is there when one is a believer of the saying, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” Leave the schedule alone.


August 30, 2007 - Posted by | Attitude, Children, Critters, Family, Friends, Humor, Just Life, Marriage, Men, Observances, Obstacles, Sanity, Teenagers


  1. Not sure that I followed all of that but I do understand about the lack of common sense around. I came into contact with the proof of that just this afternoon.

    Comment by Elaine | August 31, 2007 | Reply

  2. Somehow I guess I missed your first paragraph. 🙄 While I don’t understand it still I’m not as confused as now I realize that I wasn’t supposed to follow along after all. 😆

    Comment by Elaine | August 31, 2007 | Reply

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