“America on the Move” Walking Update

We have almost completed our first week of the “America on the Move” walking program.

My children have developed a healthy attitude of a little “friendly competition” going on with their father. I thought it would be fun to post a weekly update on our progress.

This program allows you to pick the trail you wish to walk. Me being the adventurous soul that I am, chose the Iditarod Trail. This isn’t the longest trail but neither is it the shortest. It runs 1,131 miles and requires a baseline of at least 6,230 steps per day to complete in 42 days.

We officially began our journey on September 25th in Anchorage Alaska. To date we have made it to Finger Lakes. We have logged a total of 159,240 steps which is approximately 80 miles. Continue reading


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A Small Set Back….Almost

My children and I have been going to our local rec center and working out. We have been doing swimming all summer and started a youth fitness program. On top of that we are doing pilates. We are all showing the benefits of the different work outs.

The kids have their fitness program every Tuesday and Thursday(5pm). Monday is the home school PE class (2pm). The boys are doing this one. My daughter opted out since she was the only girl in the class. She and I go to the cardio/weight room and work out for the hour the boys are in their class. Monday/Wednesday/Friday we have pilates and there are two other home school families in that class with us (10:30 am). Saturday they have their level 5 swim class (9:45 am).

If you are not tired yet just wait. We are also enrolled, as a family group, in the America on the Move walking program. Everyone has their pedometer and at the end of the day I log in everyones steps. This has sparked a little friendly competition in the family. They really want to beat their dad and my daughter just wants to beat the boys and dad. She said a little friendly competition gets her motivated so that works for her. I am so proud of her. She seems to be really enjoying the gym time. She got me good tonight. I’ll tell that later. Continue reading

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We have a Bird…..

Actually we have two birds…..this one is a new addition to our family. He is an African Timneh Gray. He is quite a character but with the name of Loki what could one expect.

He all ready has dinner time down. He knows when we eat and likes to join us. Do not leave him out.

We neglected to get him for dinner one night and he could tell it was something he would like so he flew over to the pot and decided to check it out. The pan had been sitting there so it had cooled off. he doesn’t like the floret part of the broccoli. That he throws at you….He seems to only like the stem part. Continue reading

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I didn’t plan this day out very well……..

I didn’t plan this day out very well or I wouldn’t have had to go home twice. I had a dentist appointment today. I have braces that are begging and pleading to come off. Thanksgiving would be nice.

More critical than my need and desire to have my braces removed….my daughter had a wire that came out…of the last three molars. Don’t ask me how she managed to do that but manage she did. I being the benevolent mother that I am….sacrificed my appointment to have my daughter’s wire fixed.

Our Ortho is on the spot…he knew he was supposed to see me and when he heard of my generous offer to give my daughter my appointment, even though he was double booked, he agreed to see me back later in the afternoon. Dr. H is the best Ortho…at least our family thinks. He had to move my daughter’s jaw forward and managed to do it without surgery or head gear. She wore a Herbst for a little over a year I think. It is a wicked hinged looking thing. Continue reading

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My children and I have been enrolled in our local rec center. We have done swimming all summer and not wanting to loose those skills, we are continuing through the fall. We have also been doing the Youth Fitness and Strength Training classes along with Pilates.

I have watched the change in myself and my children. We are a little trimmer and very excited about what we are doing. I have slimmed down a little and have a little more flexibility myself.

As a Christian Homeschooling Mom alot of the things we do we apply a spiritual lesson to. If we can teach our children spiritual things and give it a life application it seems to stick with them. That is the best way to have children memorize scripture. It truly helps if we can show them how these verses have a life application. They then become a living breathing verse.

I was talking to my husband and that always means trouble for him….:-). It is never a simple question. Those are the kind we like. I asked him if he ever thought about temples. Yes, I got a rather dumbfounded look from him. He told me that he had never really spent much time contemplating temples.

The world is filled with temples. Temples built of stone, brick, mortar and wood. We have read and seen pictures of the temples of the Mayans and Aztecs and of the grizzly sacrifices made there. There are beautiful temples all through India, China and Japan, many still in use today. Continue reading

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