I didn’t plan this day out very well……..

I didn’t plan this day out very well or I wouldn’t have had to go home twice. I had a dentist appointment today. I have braces that are begging and pleading to come off. Thanksgiving would be nice.

More critical than my need and desire to have my braces removed….my daughter had a wire that came out…of the last three molars. Don’t ask me how she managed to do that but manage she did. I being the benevolent mother that I am….sacrificed my appointment to have my daughter’s wire fixed.

Our Ortho is on the spot…he knew he was supposed to see me and when he heard of my generous offer to give my daughter my appointment, even though he was double booked, he agreed to see me back later in the afternoon. Dr. H is the best Ortho…at least our family thinks. He had to move my daughter’s jaw forward and managed to do it without surgery or head gear. She wore a Herbst for a little over a year I think. It is a wicked hinged looking thing.

After finishing that appointment, back home we went. For lunch. I don’t have a problem with going with out lunch even though I know better. But my children would have voiced their opinion rather loudly had I suggested waiting an hour and half for the next appointment and skipping lunch.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig……..We made it home in time to eat lunch, brush our teeth again, load back into the Behemoth (Van getting a physical this week..:-) ) and back out onto I95 up to the dentist. My son , who just got his braces off two weeks ago, was having his first official cleaning with out trying to clean around all that metal. I long for this day. I long for the day to floss and it not take me an hour to get the floss under and through all those wires. While he was being flirted with by the Hygienist….I was being given the bad news.

Alas…I am to be tortured for another two visits. I was really hoping for Thanksgiving. I am wondering if I double up on the rubber band on the one side if that would help….? What say you…? Bad Idea I know….my teeth are sore enough from wearing one rubber band.

My son is told his smile is gorgeous and he is of course extremely handsome. All the gals there love my kids..especially the boys. We get future appointments scheduled and head out the door.

Home again, home again, jiggity jig…….yes…I should have had them bring their clothes with us. Like I said…this day was not well thought out. We arrived back at home for a 40 minute respite before changing and heading back out to their Fitness Class.

Their Personal Trainer for this class of 10 kids offered to sign a paper for me so my daughter could get high school credit for PE for all the classes they have taken so far. Actually I think she has taken enough to cover all of her high school PE requirements. He is also a high school teacher at one of the many county high schools. That was very kind of him I thought. He did say my daughter is somewhat of a lethargic (his description not mine) exerciser…..Like we all ready knew she is an “Indoor Girl”….She doesn’t like anything jiggling and doesn’t like that lovely glistening look we women get when we really put our backs into it.

We will not have another day like this….I promise myself that…..Next time we will just go across the street and walk the mall.

I believe the saying goes…..”Proper, prior, planning prevents poor performance.” In my case it might have saved me almost a half a tank of gas…….


September 18, 2007 - Posted by | Attitude, Boys, Children, Family, Homeschooling, Humor, Just Life, Observances, Obstacles


  1. That is quite some day that you had, definitely hope there are not others like that especially with the traffic that you have there. I’ve had days like that but they’ve only been out here and not Anchorage and since we only live about 10 min. or less from most places it works out fine to come home, though I try not to due to gas prices.

    Comment by Elaine | September 19, 2007 | Reply

  2. Wow, you had a busy day! I think we would have stopped for lunch at Wendys…the dollar menu is cheaper than gas these days.
    I’m sorry you won’t have your braces off by Thanksgiving.

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | September 20, 2007 | Reply

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