I had my Physical today…..

I was long overdue…..sort of. My last physical was back in Jan of ’06. I have been dreading this and putting it off. You see, my cholesterol wasn’t great. It wasn’t bad but enough to receive a lecture from the Doctor.

I had my lab work done on Monday and for some strange reason they had a difficult time doing the blood draw that day because they dug. I am now sporting a lovely bruise. That means they blew through the vain….according to all my nursing friends. She had to back it out a little and then reinsert the needle. Fortunately I am not needle phobic. I have a friend who was practicing her blood draws when she got a position in a doctor’s office and knowing how difficult I am to draw blood on…..I allowed her to practice on me. That, my friend, is how to tell you have a truly good friend. She is the only person I have ever allowed to go into the right arm. My right arm has no blood in it. No matter who you are or how good you think you are… will get nothing out of that arm. The sad thing, that arm actually looks the best. No, it is the left arm that can usually be nailed first stick.

One thing you should know is that I have been 5’2.5″ since the 7th grade. I grew!!! I am now officially 5’3.24″!!!! How marvelous is that!!!! Now, how did this happen you say? Here is the current theory…

We have been working out for the past 4 months and I have lost some weight, but even more in inches. The theory is from loosing the weight I have decompressed my spine and am now taller….Isn’t that hilarious!!!

My children have their own theory which has to do with our pilates class. Our instructor, Ms. Carmen, a former ballerina, always tells us to “Grow from the crown of our head”, as she walks around pulling the top of your head. She does this as an illustration. Who cares!! I grew!!!

To get back to the other stuff….after all of that….they didn’t run my cholesterol. I have to go back in a month to have that done along with my thyroid function and the other items needed. They did run liver, kidney and the A1C function. If you are diabetic, you are familiar with the A1C function.

It is a blood test that gives the doctor a 3 month look at what ones blood sugar levels have been. I am down to a 5.5…almost normal. My goal is to have that number lowered to 5 or below. My three month average was 95. That is the number you would receive from doing the glucometer test.

It really bites that I now have to wait until next month to see my cholesterol numbers. He was very pleased and quite ecstatic to know what I have been doing and that we are going by measurement and not scales. He even “high fived” me on the current numbers. He was very pleased that we are doing this as a family and not me trying to do this by myself. I will say that has probably been the most positive doctors visit I have ever had in my life!!

One of my goals has been to reduce the amount of medication I am taking and try a more holistic approach to combat the cholesterol and the diabetes. The new exercise and just being more active has all ready helped lower the glucose numbers!!

I hate taking pills…I have not been taking any of the medication I was prescribed for at least a year. Having been labeled a controlled diabetic with diet and exercise I was hoping to loose that label all together. I thought I understood that if I could keep my A1C number at normal or below I could have that diagnosis removed. Alas….Not! Once you have that label you may never get rid of it. You are just considered a controlled diabetic. I guess that is better than nothing. Protocol requires that as a diabetic you are to be put on a low dose blood pressure med and low dose cholesterol med. It doesn’t matter if you have perfect blood pressure (which I do) or perfect cholesterol (okay, I will give you that one) you must still take these meds.

I am going back on the Inderal LA for the migraines, Celexa for the Fibromayalgia and I will start back on the Mevacor and Prinivil after I find out what my cholesterol is next month. (Maybe)

I am pleased. It is the first time that I can remember not walking out and wanting to cry.

Some of the other changes that I have tried over the past few months have been vitamins. I am taking 600mg of green tea extract a day. This great for the immune system and has been shown to actually aid cancer patients. This study was done through the Mayo Clinic. I am also using CO Q10. This has been shown to aide in lowering cholesterol and assist in building and keeping a stronger heart muscle. A report was released from several cardiologists who are now switching to CO Q10 with their patients who have suffered heart attacks. It is more effective in lowering cholesterol without all the side effects of using the more common meds. This is not making the drug companies happy. I have also added a combination Fish,Flax and Borage oil (high omega 3’s) to help with cholesterol.

My mother has started using this and it has drastically lowered her cholesterol. The doctor was so pleased he told her to take it 3x’s a day. You have to know that my mother’s cholesterol was so bad that her blood, when drawn, looked like cottage cheese coming out of her veins. Metamucil is also good for this. You just need to take 5 tablets with each meal. The fiber binds to the cholesterol and pulls it out of the blood stream. I have also switched to using coconut oil. This is very healthy and does not get stored in the body as other fats. It is immediately metabolized in the body. This is great for diabetics and those with heart and cholesterol issues. Not to mention what it does for your skin and hair.

Kudos to me!!!


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  1. That is so awesome. It’s so great your health has improved so much. Praying your cholesterol levels will be good.

    Comment by tessofthebellgrades | October 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. Congratulations! I have had many clients who have reported growth of up to 1 inch after starting Pilates. It’s not that you grew, but that once you start to decompress your spine and stretch tight muscles your posture improves and you do indeed stand taller. Good for you.

    Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Website
    Pilates & Reiki In Paradise Blog

    Comment by Lynda Lippin | October 28, 2007 | Reply

  3. Thanks Bekki…..I am glad it is getting better, but I can’t wait to see the cholesterol.

    Lynda that is really great. So the kids were partially correct and the Doctor was partially correct. Any chance of me getting another inch out of this….:-) ?

    Comment by gingerporter | October 28, 2007 | Reply

  4. Wonderful news!!

    I’ve got to get back to doing my workouts and eating better.

    Comment by Elaine | October 29, 2007 | Reply

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