Happy Birthday…..

It was the first week of Feb. 1995. I just started a new teaching job. K-5. My daughter was 14 months old and I had just come off of a job working midnights for 9 years!

I went to my husband and discussed with him my need for quitting that job. It was scaring me. I was so tired and trying to keep a watchful eye on a toddler? I had to become very creative in ways to keep her safe in case I fell asleep.

A neighbor told me about the pre-school she was working at. They needed a new K-5 teacher. The current teacher was going out due to a difficult pregnancy. The joke here is  that it was the third teacher they had for that class. Everyone felt that class was jinxed.  If you wanted to become pregnant….take the K-5 class.

I  quit my computer job making $21/hr (included differential pay) for a job making $6.50/hr. For what I lost in pay, I gained in peace of mind. I can remember some mornings feeding my daughter’s ear. I would close and lock all the bedroom doors in our apartment. Put a gate up in the hallway and sleep right in front of her door with an alarm to go off every hour so that I could check on her. We would also try to get in some play time. Then I would sit there and nap again. I took alot of short little naps. If you have ever worked midnights you all ready know how difficult that shift is on a person’s body.

I can clearly remember sitting in the hallway crying because I was so exhausted yet too afraid to go to sleep with my toddler. I imagined every possible scenario and tried to implement ways of keeping her safe in case I fell asleep. I was elated when I was finally called in for an interview.

I  was  finally offered the job. They didn’t want to offer me the teachering position due to what I was making in my previous position (which I had begun to hate). I started teaching the first week of February. I had also been having some pain and discomfort in my right side so I had a doctor’s appointment that week.

I was pregnant!! I was happy about the pregnancy, just a little nervous having to tell Ms. Bonnie that I was expecting after I had just sat in her office and assured her I was not pregnant. I was really clueless. It was so early in the pregnancy that I hadn’t had time to experience the missing cycle or tenderness in other areas of my body. I am one of the luckiest people in the whole world. I find out I am pregnant within the first 3 weeks of conception.  It always starts with my right side hurting. I am so not normal. I envy those of my friends who are normal. When you find out your pregnant that early….it is the longest 9 months you will ever endure.

My pregnancies are not easy so at 3.5 months I was sent in for a sonogram. We didn’t want to know what the baby was yet but imagine my surprise when I was told it was twins. The doctor had all ready told me they were hearing two heartbeats so they wanted to verify that I was in fact carrying twins. During that time my daughter went in for her MMR vaccine. A week later she came down with the measles. I had to have a titer test done to make sure the MMR vaccine I was given after she was born had produced the antibodies. It didn’t. Now I have the OBGYN telling me that I would have to come back  each week for a blood test. If I developed antibodies for the MMR they would need to discuss my pregnancy. We had everyone we knew praying for this baby. I wasn’t going to abort the baby which was what they were hinting at. God was in control and I didn’t come down with the measles. Everything was going well after that scare until I went in for my 5th month checkup. They could no longer hear two heartbeats. I went back in for another sonogram and it was confirmed that I had lost one of the babies. It was at this point I was told I needed to quit working. There was concern that I might loose the other baby.

I quit working at the pre-school, packed up my daughter and spent a month at the beach with my In-Laws.

We eventually found out that we were having a boy. My husband had all ready picked out a boys name that was to belong to my daughter. She surprised us all.

This baby was determined to stay in the womb. He was three weeks overdue. I was miserable. I was in pain. My head was killing me so off to the hospital we went. The doctor was concerned because of the headaches. It was the way my head would start hurting that alarmed them. It was a sudden stabbing pain in the top of my head.  Akin to having an ice pick driven into the skull…at least that was how it felt.  They were fearing an issue with high blood pressure, that was until we got into the hospital. I was in labor but everyone assumed it was false labor. My blood pressure was 70/40. The nurse looked at me and just said that I should be dead or close to dead with a BP like that. The headaches were just migraines and nothing to do with my blood pressure. The doctor walks back in to inform me  that he thinks I may have a UTI. He was sending me home. I grabbed my husbands shirt by the collar and in my growliest voice told him we were not leaving the hospital grounds. I didn’t care!!  This baby was coming out tonight even if it meant we went  walked several city blocks and did the stairwell of the parking garage. I wanted this baby out!! Now!!

The doctor walked back in with my release paperwork and my obedient little boy gave a mighty shove and my water broke. My husband said I got this icky look on my face and just went “EWWWW”. He and the doctor turned to look at me and I informed the doctor of what I felt I was laying in and assumed it was my water.  It’s bad enough when your water breaks when you are standing up with nylons on as it all runs down your legs then pools in your shoes. This was my daughter’s birth. Laying in the bed……Yuck!! The poor doctor just threw the paper work up in the air and said “Okay, I guess you’re staying.” WOOHOO!!! We were having a baby!!

I am one of the weird ones. I can be in hard labor up until my water breaks then it all stops dead in the water. No contractions. No dialations. Nothing! This happened with all three kids. I did warn the doctor about this but you know doctor’s always know better. When I was proved right, they started a patossin drip.

It was finally time for him to be born and he got stuck. He had been stuck for so long that he was drowning. His heartbeat was steadily going downhill. He was too far down the birth canal to do a c-section so out came the pump!! It is this nifty little hand held pump that the doctor can use.  They put the cap on the part of the babies head they can reach. Then pumping it up to 40psi….they were finally able to get his 13.5 cm head out!! He wasn’t doing to well. When the rest of his linebacker shoulders were delivered he was wisked away to the other side of the room while they worked on getting him to breath.  The doctor told me that basically my son was drowning in utero. By the time they delivered him he wasn’t breathing. He was a lovely shade of blue. He had too much fluid in his lungs. When they finally got him stable I was able to hold my son. They told me to let him cry.  The more he cried the more his lungs would clear up. He was such a  beautiful baby.

He had hair so blonde it looked white. He actually looked bald but he had whispies.  He also had blue eyes and he was almost 9lbs. 8lbs 9oz. 21″long.

That was 12 years ago today. We have had some rough times with him medically. He has some allergies that we have to watch but other than that he is pretty healthy. He had to have two spinal taps. One at three months then again at 6 months.  They were prepping him for a third and my husband said that was enough.  Just give him the antibiotic for what ever you think it is because that was what they gave him anyway even the tests all came back negative.  He had a habit of running 106-107 temperatures when he was little. Yet he would sit there looking at you and smile and coo. We sat in the emergency room for almost 12 hours one day.  The doctors ignored us because he didn’t look sick.  He was sitting there smiling and giggling.  Until the motrin wore off.  His fever spiked so fast and he looked like he had a sunburn.  That finally got their attention. They could never find anything specific so he has just been watched through out the years.  He is fine now.

He is the most loving and sweetest of boys. He has a very sensitive heart towards spiritual things. I am glad for that. He is very funny. He is my joker. He cracks me up when he wiggles his ears and lifts the one eyebrow. He practiced that after seeing Mr Spock.

His favorite authors right now are Bruce Coville and Gordon Korman. They both do aliens and other stories. He currently owns almost every Bruce Coville book. His favorite B.C. book is Aliens ate my Homework. He is still collecting the Gordon Korman books. His favorite G.K. books are Maxx Comedy, Island Trilogy which he said is awesome and the Ultimate Nose Pickers Collection . (It’s not what you are thinking….)

He loves music. He really enjoys reading. He likes playing outside with his brother and friends. He is just your all around above average 12 year old who will sit and discuss religion, politics and other gross boy stuff. He likes to sit and draw the characters from his books and he likes to create other creatures in his mind. He loves his legos ,all 60 gallons of them. He will play for hours with his brother creating people, droids, houses, space ships, submarines….well you get the picture.

He is growing up too quickly. I look at the three kids and wish I could slow down some days and go back for a do over. He is a really neat young man.

I love you Son. Happy 12th Birthday and just know that I am very proud of who you are and see the potential of what you can become. It is amazing to sit back and watch God work in your life. I know God has something special for you……..Love you Charlie……


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  1. Happy Birthday Charlie!

    Comment by chocolatechic | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  2. Awww… what an amazing birthday story!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!

    Comment by sleepymamma | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  3. OK, you forgot to warn of the need for Kleenex!! I sure hope this keyboard keeps on working, if it doesn’t I’ll send it to you to be replaced 😆

    Happy Birthday Charlie!! Keep mom on her toes, she’ll need the extra height!

    Comment by Elaine | October 29, 2007 | Reply

  4. Happy Birthday Charlie!!! I am always late to these things. Hope it was a great one!!!

    Comment by Bobbie | October 30, 2007 | Reply

  5. Happy Birthday, Charlie! I hope you had a SUPER day!

    You are a very special young man.

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | October 30, 2007 | Reply

  6. Oh what a wonderful story. Happy Birthday Charlie.

    Comment by tessofthebellgrades | October 30, 2007 | Reply

  7. Hope you have a fantastic birthday. It is remarkable that you are 12 years old. We are so proud of the fine young man you are becoming especially with your sense of humor.
    Papa Ray and Grandma Ellen

    Comment by Woundedlily | October 30, 2007 | Reply


    Comment by heathertopia | October 31, 2007 | Reply

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