Dinner at our House…(Picture Heavy)

It’s always crazy at our house. With three kids, two fish, two parrots and one dog….well it’s like being in a noisy jungle sometimes. Ask anyone who calls….:-)

When the birds are “talking” it can be quite noisy. You have Maxi looking for Colleen and Loki wanting someone to “Come here” because “Loki is a good boy.” He talks unless he is pretending to be the microwave or telephone….or the faucet. That is why most of the time I will get up and head out of doors to talk….that or the bathroom.

Mealtimes can be very interesting. Unless we have company…the birds will join us at the table. They love to eat with us since that is what they do in the wild. They don’t eat alone. Loki has to be kept in his cage when I am cooking though. He is much more curious than Maxi. She likes to roam the floor…so you have to watch your feet when she is down. She just adores shoe strings. Loki likes to climb down on the sink and drink from the faucet. He has even been known to hang upside down on the faucet to drink the water. Just be weary if you are standing next to him. He also likes to get you wet. He has me trained quite well.

You can imagine the fun we have during dinner. Loki gets his own plate. Maxi (female) is more dainty. She likes to sit on your shoulder and eat her snacks. She loves peas!! Loki likes anything. His favorite is sweet potatoes…mashed of course. He just about buries his beak up to his nostrils when eating the orange mash. He is also a little funny in that he likes his own spoon. If not his then mine.

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It’s not just my head he likes to perch on thankfully…I think I am just the only to get pooped on though. I am Momma to Loki but he is an equal opportunist. He will go to just about anyone….in the family that is…not too many guests does he venture over to visit with.

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Maxi is well Maxi. She is beautiful but is really only a one person bird. She tolerates everyone but me. It has something to do with the chicken dance I think. She will go to the boys but she loves Colleen. It is amazing to watch these two together.

What do these two have to do with dinner? Well….it is never dull. We had biscuits tonight along with stew. Maxi likes the green beans. Loki discovered biscuits. No ones biscuit was safe tonight. They were lovely biscuits. Homemade…… See….

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I roll my dough into a rectangular shape then just cut with a knife. This way I don’t have the extra dough left that can be over kneaded and make a tough biscuit. We sort of like square biscuits. They don’t look like much here…..but oh when they bake up…..They are so yummy and the smell….mmmmm

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My children did think it was a little strange that I would stand there with the oven door open just to take pictures of my biscuits. Maxi had to come over and check it out also… I thought. She just didn’t like the flash from the camera and had every intention of biting me I think. How would I know this? It might have had something to do with her lunging at me……

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We also had this nice thick chunky stew to go along with those yummy biscuits but the steam got in the way. See how thick that is? I thickened the stew with instant mashed potato flakes. All the veggies and beef were cut into nice bite size pieces. Those of us who live here with a mouth full of metal…need small chunks. Too much of the big stuff gets hung up in the braces. I am so ready to have mine taken off please and thank you.

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It didn’t take long for everything to be placed on the table before Hubby was reaching for the biscuits. That was before we had even had a chance to say Grace. He felt he should taste one to make sure they would be okay for the birds and the kids. Yeah Right…Once Daddy’s hand was in the pot….the others followed with the excuse of buttering their biscuit while still hot from the oven. Okay….I will give you that one…..:-)

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I am glad I tripled that batch of biscuits! I was planning on having left over biscuits for the next morning. Well…I have just enough….LOL.

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We missed the pictures of the birds….everyone was laughing.  You’ve seen one bird nosedive a biscuit you’ve seen them all.  Dinner isn’t always that hectic.  But as my husband would tell you….”Homemade biscuits! Every man for himself!”  Fortunately he is a big man….height wise that is.

To think…we could have had Jerry’s Pizza for $4/pizza.  That is the Monday night special.  We might be having pizza next Monday…..we’ll see.  

That’s why I love this time of the year.  It is just the right time for thick stews and piping hot biscuits or bread right from the oven.  I just can’t get into a thick hardy stew in the summer time. What do you like for the winter months?  Our comfort foods are foods we can do in the oven which I don’t use in the summer time.


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  1. Square biscuits! You’re a genius, Ginger! They look mahvelous, too.

    Sadly, this isn’t an original idea of mine…..I have the most awesome bread making book. It is the Williams-Sonoma Essentials of Baking. It was suggested in there for people who have the tendency to overwork the dough. It is GREAT!!! Saves times also. I kinda like the square biscuits.

    If you can get your hands on one of these books do it!! It has side by side instructions for all the bread/dough making using the stand mixer or by hand. Before I got my mixer I was always guessing. It’s a great tool with some great recipes.

    Comment by Sheri | December 4, 2007 | Reply

  2. Oh that looks good. Boy I miss wheat. I can smell that from here. (I love the idea of thickening a stew with instant potato flakes! How awesome!)

    Comment by tessofthebellgrades | December 4, 2007 | Reply

  3. That looks like a scrumptious meal!! :yum:

    One of the ladies who helps cook on Wed. at church during the summer only makes square biscuits. I don’t know if she makes them from scratch or by using a baking mix but they are wonderful. She will make about 200+ because several of us, ok that should read MOST, like to have more than 1 w/our dinner :D.

    It would be fun to watch the birds but I wouldn’t want to have them on me – not a bird person here.

    Comment by Elaine | December 5, 2007 | Reply

  4. That looked so good.

    We usually have chilli and chicken and dumplins and stuff like that in the winter time. My other daughter loves chicken noodles soup. But, she eats that in the summer time too. She loves to make it homemade though. But, the can stuff she doesn’t even heat up because she says he heat ruins it. Don’t understand that one. She’s a weird one.

    I am going to have to tell her about your square biscuts so she leaves my cups alone.

    Hmmm…sound Yummie Bobbie. We will do chili and chicken and rice. You know I can actually understand her not wanting to heat up the canned stuff. It does make the noodles mushy….LOL. Oh yeah…we love square biscuits!!! It just makes it so easy. You don’t have to worry about overworking the left over dough if you are lucky enough to have some. My kids sit around the table waiting for that dough. Then they sit and play with it for quite some time. I don’t bother with the cookie cutters anymore…..maybe I should send you some of mine.

    Comment by Bobbie | December 7, 2007 | Reply

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