Devotionals for Teens and Juniors

We were busy today visiting with a friend from our church. Her husband has been transferred to Alabama. She and their two children remained here so her son could finish his senior year at our churches school. She has needed some help getting the house ready to sell in the spring.

She hates to paint. With a passion. I don’t mind painting. We traded. I painted her living room and hallway in lieu of culottes for my daughter. I brought all the material and she made an updated pattern for me and whipped out a pair of culottes whilst I painted. We have another room to do tomorrow and possibly the kitchen and she is going to cut out and sew a few more pairs of culottes for me!! That is a deal!!!

I remembered that our former youth pastor would order these devotional books for the teens. I asked her about the books. She said they are not ordering them anymore but she ordered them for her two teenagers.

She ordered the Glow in the Dark devotional along with the companion workbook. I looked through the workbook and it’s great! If you have teens, this is one book I highly recommend. It isn’t free though. But I feel it is well worth the cost. Especially if you are wanting to encourage your teenager to develop a regular quiet time with God. The companion book also has a place for sermon notes and prayer requests.

Glow in the Dark also offers a Junior version for the younger ones. They have what appears to be a very good book on courtship. I am interested in purchasing this one for my children.

I would recommend that you send the link for Glow in the Dark to your Pastor or Youth Pastor and have them check it out. There are major discounts for ordering in bulk for a church ministry. The Junior version even has a leaders guide that can be used with games, skits and puzzles to be found in the book.

I like this book because I know the names of the Pastors who endorse this little devotional. I also recognize many of the names of the contributors. They are Pastors, Youth Pastors and Evangelists. I know the testimony of many of the contributors and am familiar with many of their ministries. That goes along way for me.

Another good resource is Keys for Kids. You can go out to their website and register to receive copies of their devotional for free. They also offer the devotional on-line daily. If finances are an issue than this one is adequate.

It is important to give our children the skills and teach them how to have a daily quiet time with the Lord. It is important to have a family devotion. It is just as important that we impart in our children the importance and desire to have their own personal time with God. I am so proud of my 14 year old daughter. She doesn’t go to bed until she has her own devotions and Bible reading. This has become an important part of her day. My sons are just getting into wanting to read and study on their own. The greatest blessing is seeing the three of them together. The older two helping the younger one search out scripture in trying to answer the questions in his book. How awesome is that?!

I don’t remind the kids to do this….this is something they have chosen to do on their own. There is some wisdom to be found here when one or another comes to me and tells me they have had a bad attitude because they have slipped on their alone time with God. To be able to recognize this at such a young age is incredible to me…….God has truly blessed me with these kids….and it is all His doing. Only God can do this…only the Holy Spirit could get a hold of their hearts and do this work.

Of all the things I have done to and for my kids…..I think this is the greatest lesson learned.

On a side note…:-) No pun intended. Rejoice Radio from Pensacola Christian College is playing some awesome Christmas music. It is so uplifting to listen to some of these choral pieces and the classical music written to celebrate the birth of our Lord. You can go to the link on my sidebar and listen via the internet. I bought some new speakers for my laptop just so we can really listen. I needed the extra boost of sound. Randy swears I am deaf.


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  1. Thanks for the information on those devotional books. I am going to look at them for my son. 🙂

    You’re welcome!! I really loved that companion book. It comes in a black binder. It is Bible size. They have all the info there…:-)

    Comment by appliejuice | December 5, 2007 | Reply

  2. My oldest loves Key for Kids. I can’t keep him from devouring the stories when they arrive in the mail….which rather defeats the daily quiet time. I just have to find other things when he is done.

    Comment by Sheri | December 5, 2007 | Reply

  3. I love that part… There is some wisdom to be found here when one or another comes to me and tells me they have had a bad attitude because they have slipped on their alone time with God.

    What do you call it (other than pure cheek) when your five year old comes to you and says “Mummy, I am not going to clean my room because God didn’t make to clean. Cleaning is boring.” ? 😆

    I told him that God made him to mind his mother and as his mother I am telling him he MUST clean his room…..he wasn’t oo happy about that! (But he liked the alternative even less)

    Comment by tessofthebellgrades | December 5, 2007 | Reply

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