Making Mistakes with our Children….

I think a good parent will worry on occasion whether or not they are doing right by their children.  Whether it be their education.  Training them in life skills.  Allowing them to begin making decisions on their own.  Letting them grow up and give them more responsibilities. 

I have been having some battles here.  It is obvious by the two protected posts that I haven’t been doing well lately.  I’m not sharing what is over there so don’t ask.

Two of my older children have Christmas parties with their respective Sunday school classes the junior and senior teens.

My daughter comes to me and tells me she needs $2 for her party.  Now this doesn’t bother me but I all ready knew that my daughter had a considerable stash….:-).  I of course looked at her and just said okay.  But I did have to ask what happened to the rest of her money.

Our church recently had a “Free Day Away” serviceThis service was for the benefit of Pastor Donald Ball of Tabernacle Baptist Church Lebanon, MO.  Pastor Ball and his church have the largest outreach ministry to the U.S. Military.  The first day recruits get a free day away from the base they are bussed into Tabernacle if they so choose and spend the day at this church.  The church cooks meals for 400 soldiers every Sunday.  They bought a bowling alley to use for an activity for the troops.  They also have a church service.  On these days they will have at least half or more of the troops that will come forward to accept the Lord.  They minister and disciple these young men and women of the United States Armed Forces.  Pastor Ball was presenting his ministry which our church all ready supports.

Our daughter gave to the regular church offering of our church.  Then for the special missions offering she parted with the rest of her money….$40.  She could have gone to the book store or bought the chocolate that she loves but she felt the need to give to the missions offering.

My son who was 10 at the time did the same thing.  He had earned some pocket money.  Enough to go to Stuff Mart and buy himself a toy if he wanted.  We were also having revival that week.  The second night into the revival my son said he was going to give his money to the evangelist and he wanted to purchase a copy of one of the sermons the evangelist had preached.  Out of curiosity I asked him why….He said he needed a copy of that sermon…..God knew he had been having issues in that area of his life.  In case it popped up again….He figured having that on hand to pull out and listen to would be a good thing.

Depending on what your view of doing right by your children would be…….God used this to show me that my kids are okay and I am doing the right thing.  It is apparent as to what is important in their heart.

Maybe things aren’t as bad as I thought……..I love my kids.


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  1. You know I received a very special Christmas card this year from my mother’s dearest christian friend and one of the comments was “count all mistakes for love”. The comment is relative to deep & loving family relationship.

    Your children have beautiful hearts, Ginger and it is obvious that they are being raised in the ways of the Lord. Everything else we can teach them is secondary….keep it up, Sister!

    Thanks Sheri….You wouldn’t believe the conversation we have had tonight after Charlie came back from his Sunday school Christmas party. I am blessed with my kids. I have to agree with the “count all mistakes for love.” It’s also pretty nice when I am feeling that I haven’t been doing enough…..God opens my eyes to what is important.

    Comment by Sheri | December 15, 2007 | Reply

  2. I had wondered about the 2 posts but thought that sometimes we need to write things out and not share them. And that is ok. So I just prayed, glad that God took care of it all for you.

    I too love it when my kids surprise me by showing me that I’m not a failure as a mother. We all go through that at some point but the Lord is so gracious as to show us how He is in control and love us. He’s there for us and our kids. Yes we all screw up at times but that doesn’t diminish His great love, He’ll work with our failures and messups and still get the glory.

    Love you lots.

    Comment by Elaine | December 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. Ginger, your kids are awesome. Sometimes being so close to them and knowing their faults we sometimes don’t realize how good we actually got it with our kids. Volunteering up at school has shown me alot about how thankful I am for the kids that I have gotten. You are doing a great job as a mother. I could see it in them when I met them. They have the biggest hearts.

    Comment by Bobbie | December 17, 2007 | Reply

  4. Great post that is a reminder to me, as a young parent, that in spight of my weaknesses, God has my children’s hearts in His hands and works things together for good.

    Comment by Character Building Stories | March 13, 2008 | Reply

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