Suffering Alone…..

I was out visiting my friends blogs. This is something I haven’t really been able to do for awhile. I like to see all the nifty projects they are doing and just keeping up with the families in general.

I popped into my friend Sumi’s blog. She has a link that was sent to her by another mutual friend Bobbie. Bobbie lost her precious son of 9 months of age in May of 2007.

I clicked on the link and started to listen to the message. I am not ashamed to say that I sat here with tears streaming down my cheeks. As you listened to this little guy talking….you could here the emotion in his voice. What a powerful message packed into this very short clip.

This time of the year is difficult for many…… Whether it be the loss of a family member or dealing with emotional distress of some kind. Many suffer from depression and loneliness.

Packed into that little story was the message that God understands. Feeling the loss of a loved one? Someone close and special? God understands. He loved His Son dearly and had to turn His back on Him while on the cross dying for my sins. He understands loss. Lonely? Can any of us even begin to imagine the intense loneliness our Lord and Saviour felt while on the cross…..? Remember….He was the one who cried out…

Mark 15:34 And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani? which is, being interpreted, My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

Loneliness is being the Son of the Most High, hanging on a cross for sins He did not commit to save a people that didn’t want to be saved. Can any of us truly say that it is possible for us to wrap our minds around that moment of being alone, being forsaken by those who had followed in His ministry? More so by His Father….? When God had to turn away from the sins of the world hanging on the shoulders of Christ who was our atonement….Do you not think Christ new loneliness in that moment? I would imagine He also knew betrayal by those who had sworn to never forsake Him.

How often do we sit in our dark little corners feeling sorry for ourselves and thinking no one could possibly understand the pain we carry in our hearts? How soon we sometimes forget that there is One who knows……

This is the time of the year that man has set aside to celebrate the birth of a King. We teach our children about Baby Jesus. Even the unsaved do this…..We talk about the gift of love and life He brings.

We celebrate the babe in the manger……yet reject the Christ of the cross. They are synonymous. One cannot accept the messenger and reject the message. One cannot celebrate the birth of the Savior and yet reject His sacrifice. He wasn’t born to just bring love and peace into the world. He was born so that He might die to spare us from the judgement and condemnation of an eternal hell.

He knows our suffering…..and many times out of the mouth of babes….We need to be reminded that He understands our grief. He understands our loss. He understands our loneliness. He shares our tears. How easy it is to forget when we are focused on us……My finger is pointing right at me….

Folks….check it out. Just one word of warning….have a box of tissues ready. Hearing that shaky little voice….well as a mom….I was crying before I had even heard the story….you can hear his tears. What a testimony…….for that little boy and his Momma and Daddy.

Sky Angel Cowboy…..


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  1. Ginger and family,

    Great story.

    We will pray for you and your family.. especially this season when we remember that the Babe in the manger was born to die on that cross for us and He arose from the grave proving Himself to be God in the flesh.

    And now we who trust in Him for our salvation may KNOW we have eternal life.

    We have a wonderful Savior!!!

    Thanks for sharing.

    ExP(Jack) & Shirley

    Comment by expreacherman | December 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. May we never forget those who are suffering. We should be in the business of Helping Hands around those who are in pain. It is true, without Christ we have nothing. May those who are suffering experience a peace that only God can give.

    Comment by woundedlily | December 18, 2007 | Reply

  3. Thank you Ginger for the timely reminder.
    The manger is nothing without the cross. The two holiest of days are crowded out with “stuff” and we tend to forget what they really mean.

    Comment by Elaine | December 19, 2007 | Reply

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