Happy New Year My Friends……

Happy New Year to all my friends……I cannot believe it is all ready 2008. We were able to accomplish quite a bit over the past few days.

I did get caught online……I know….but in my defense….much was done. I ran down the list on my friend Elaine’s comment… you will see I was a little busy. I would put it here but it makes me tired reading it again……:-).

We were naughty this year…..We gathered outside and set off the black cat fire crackers…..along with quite a few others on our street. We did warn the neighbor across the street….LOL.

The kids and I decided to sit and play a game of Phase 10. This particular one is played with dice. We lost my husband somewhere around 1’ish I think. His snoring kept the kids quite entertained. I cut the game short and was finally able to usher everyone into bed….or so I thought. Apparently my daughter is currently up at this moment. She is doing her devotions so I gave her some leeway.

While we were sitting here laughing at Daddy’s trumpeting snores…….Imagine, if you will, an elephant blowing forth from it’s trunk but in a lower key…..between the laughing they were also cringing….one of the boys asked me if I had made a “new year’s revolution.” I just smiled and asked if he meant revolution or resolution……I was told it was too late to be that picky…LOL.

My reply to his question was a simple “not really.” I do have some things I wish to get accomplished and one item that I am still looking into….but not any type of real resolution. Apparently my son’s and daughter have made resolutions. Our church has passed out the new Bible reading program for 2008. Their major goal is to read the Bible through in a year. They asked how to best accomplish this task.

We have agreed that we will read together as a family. They were greatly relieved over this since I can actually pronounce some of those names in the so and so begat so and so…….:-).

I was a little surprised at what they had chosen as resolutions for the upcoming year. My youngest son said his goal is to learn how to have better/his own personal devotions. He became teary eyed and said “He really wants to get closer to God.” He has a few other goals in mind… mastering an “Ollie” with out busting his face or his bum. I can see where that could be advantageous….I am forbidden to even look at a skateboard let alone get on one…….LOL.

My older son’s was of course reading the Bible through in a year. He too would like to master an “Ollie” and before anyone asks……I really am clueless on what an ollie actually is….My only knowledge of an ollie is that it is skateboard related…….skateboards and roller blades are supposed to be off limits to my use.

When you end up in a cast on both legs….for some reason people want to assume you have issues….with balance and possibly even grace. Sooooo….it was only 5 casts. One leg is behind….I just can’t remember which leg.

It’s not that I am actually clumsy…..I’ve just had my share of accidents….of course we all know they weren’t my fault…..LOL.

My daughter would like to have her novel finished….as in written and edited.  I have no doubt that she will be able to accomplish this task.

I can’t take it any more…..I have all ready removed his shoes and tried to get him back to the bedroom to no avail…..I guess hubby gets the couch tonight….:-)

I’m closing the bedroom door…….Have a wonderful January 1st my friends. 


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  1. Happy New Year Ginger! May this be a year of fracture-free Ollies and growth in the LORD for you and your sweet family. 🙂

    Thanks…:-)….I think I may have to learn what an Ollie is….but I may practice inside on the softer floor…..

    Comment by Sheri | January 1, 2008 | Reply

  2. (((((ginger)))))

    Love you lots and lots!!
    May the coming year be full of joy and blessings – both given and received.

    I have so many special friends and you are in the top rank among the list of the elite…..I know we may not talk often on the telephone. I also know that you are there if need be….besides….who else can I sit up and talk with at 4am and it still be only midnight for them….LOL. Thank you for the well wishes….I pray the same for you and your family.

    Comment by Elaine | January 1, 2008 | Reply

  3. It sounds like a great New Years at your house. We stayed up late and played games on the Wii. Dh fought the sleep monster and won, so we didn’t get to laugh at him snoring.
    Your resolutions for the family Bible reading sounds great. Mind if we borrow that one?

    I pray many wonderful blessings over your family for the new year. We have really enjoyed spending time with your family! (((Ginger & Randy)))

    Laughing at Daddy snoring really is alot of fun……I am thinking I would really like to try out one of those Wii’s. Borrow away….:-). Need help finding a list? There are several different ways of doing the reading. This years list is in chronological order. I may post it on the blog. I really hope you get to come back up this way….You could park your trailer in our driveway….or in front of the house. We had lots of fun visiting with you….Ray and Ellen have even offered the use of their yard but I know you have family in the area…..sooooo. Any thought on attending another convention…?

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | January 1, 2008 | Reply

  4. Happy New Year Baby Bear (Ginger’s pet name) and all of your cubs. Does that make Randy a grizzly? Calling him Baby Bear doesn’t fit. We love you and hope 2008 will be full of many wonderful memories.
    Mama and Papa Bear will always be available – it is called unconditional love. Love for ever and ever, no matter what. Lots of XXX – I guess that still stands for kisses. This computer jargon is something else. Momma & Papa Bear

    Thank you…love you bunches. Yes, Grizzly suits him….:-)….LOL

    Comment by woundedlily | January 1, 2008 | Reply

  5. I do need a list, I want one that I can print out for each of the kids.
    I got a new Bible yesterday. I ordered the 1599 Geneva Bible from Vision Forum and it came in last night. It is a good Bible. I started reading it this morning.

    Oh how nice!!! I have a couple different reading plans…..I’ll email those to you tonight when we get home……that will be faster than you waiting for me to blog it right now…LOL!!!

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | January 3, 2008 | Reply

  6. Happy New Year Ginger and Family!!!

    For some reason I can see you doing that Ollie.

    My Grandma every year sends me things to read through the Bible. That is her New Year’s “revolution” for me. I do it every year and have done it many ways. I don’t really do resolutions because well, I never keep them. So, I do monthly ones. This month’s is three part.
    Keep the kitchen clean, (which includes making the kids clean up their messes), Spending more time in devotions as a family, and to finish a quilt.

    I Hope 2008 is awesome for all of us! One of the highlights for my year last year was meeting you and Michielle and your families. I just wish that we had more time to visit and that I had been myself.

    Comment by Bobbie | January 4, 2008 | Reply

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