I said I would be busy….

I put myself on a computer break a few days ago. I had several projects that I needed to finish before we get back into the swing of things with school. Out of necessity, I have had to come back to my computer to accomplish a few of the tasks I set before me………

One item of particular interest was a new set of chore charts. I also created a chart for the children to log in their practice time for their music. We are also working on our eating habits. To show the children what and how much we eat and drink, they are being required to keep a food and exercise journal. I think this will be helpful for all to see. I know it will at least help me…:-).

The other item of interest has been the monster that lives downstairs and never seems to stop eating. Everyday it guzzles gallons of water. It’s partner in crime, heats up continuously when the button is actually pushed. Funny how that one works. Push the button. It heats up. Don’t push the button. Things stay wet.

The daughter was rewashing clothing that had not only been washed all ready….. But was still folded!! Daddy had a talk with her on that one and it won’t happen anymore. The boys could do laundry everyday and still not be done. Of course the principal of pushing that button causing a reaction between the circuit and the electricity being supplied to that particular appliance does help it work to its full capacity.

I decided it was time to weed through the growing piles of various fibers. I am a bad mommy. Why I let that fiber fiend get so out of hand……I need my head examined and a swift kick. My younger son has become somewhat of a pack-rat. My older son has passed down the array of colored fibers to the younger son. I thought I was weeding through the piles and eliminating what the younger son was no longer able to use. Nope!!! Not even close!!

I have spent three days doing that offensive chore. Three days of sorting, folding, trying on and eliminating. This was all just the boys fiberous belongings. Not my daughter’s, not my husbands nor mine…..JUST the boys.

I have finally seen the end of the tunnel. Believe me it is a looonnnggg tunnel. The items that had rips and stains that were beyond my magic were discarded into the green monster that resides out side and manages to make its way to the curb every Tuesday and Friday. The remaining piles were sorted into yet another pile for various donations. In order to full fill my part, a rather detailed and lengthy list must be attached.

  • Boys Dress Pants 8

  • Boys Shorts 13

  • Boys Sweatshirts 10

  • Boys Sweatpants 6

  • Boys Insulated Pants 4

  • Boys Flannel Jackets 2

  • Boys Snow Pants 2

  • Boys Swimming Trunks 2

  • Boys T’Shirts 35

  • Boys Polo Shirts 13

  • Boys Dress Shirts 17

  • Boys Sweater 1

I decided that I wasn’t going to add up that column of numbers. Part of me just doesn’t want to know. Please note the absence of anything with the tag of denim. If you knew my younger son, you would understand. If you still don’t get it….go back and read the post on his shoes. Need I say more. They won’t even pass cutting muster for shorts.

By the way………that list doesn’t include the 40 gallon tub being donated to my nephew.

I have a 7ft couch. I have an even longer dining room table. I also have a piano. I just thought I would throw that one in……I had every article piled on the couch. We threw this way and that way. We ran to the bathroom to try on a shirt that Mom couldn’t tell if it fit. Why the bathroom? Well, when you are 10 and 12 it just isn’t cool to take your shirt off in front of your Mother. I finally just made them change shirts in the hallway. They had permission to run down the hallway for the various leggy items.

During this time of renewal, the boys were being encouraged to take care of the rest of their living area while I decided what they would be able to wear for the next couple of months. I know there is a new growth spurt scheduled so I am trying to plan ahead. They did an admirable job. No…as they would ask me…that isn’t sarcasm. They truly have been a huge help. (I wonder if they would like to earn brownie points and help in the daughter’s room. Not that she would allow them to do such an unheard of thing….@@)

Closets were readjusted. Shelves moved around and items that could be taken downstairs to the toy room were removed. This did give my poor tired eyes a chance to really look around the boys room.

As I viewed the panoramic vision set before me…..I spied something. It was not an ordinary something. In fact it was anything but ordinarily found in a bedroom….any bedroom!!! Anywhere…..I was stunned!!! There was no explanation. None whatsoever! In fact….there was nothing that could have been said, no reasonable response that could have been given that could explain to me what my 10 year old son was doing with this thing in their room?! His only explanation was that he wanted it in his room.

There is NO WAY….NONE….NADA….ZILCH…..that any of you, my good friends, even those of you with boys, could guess what he had in their room……..

I was going to disclose that little tidbit….. but upon second thought….(That’s not really it. You just won’t believe me unless you see it for yourselves.) I think I will take a picture and post it for you. Yes…that is what I will do….I will just post the picture because the picture really is better than any description I could give……I really can’t do it justice……..

I will say this much….there are only two acceptable places…okay…maybe three but with out giving it away I can’t tell you the third….that would be appropriate for such a thing. Outside or In the kitchen.

That thing has been in their room since October of 2007. I have been in that room countless times…he had it disguised well……

Tomorrow I will take a picture and you can see it for yourself… is the girls room. I have all ready grilled her on acceptable items allowed in the bedroom. She only owned up to a few candy wrappers. Bad Girl….She did however ask me to not look in her closet. Hmmmmm


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    1. I’ve been asked to not look into my daughter’s closet as well and it always makes me want to look even more. My kids have been working on their rooms this week, they were supposed to be doing it before Christmas but I think it was just too over whelming for them. Wed. hubby and I spent several hours helping them. They’re almost done.

      I just really don’t know how I managed to let his clothes get that bad. He was hiding some of it….He’s such a stinker…..I feel your pain. I told them I wasn’t upset and we would work together on making some headway…..

      Comment by Elaine | January 6, 2008 | Reply

    2. K1 cleaned her room up & out this week…she had a friend coming over today to visit, what MOTIVATION!

      I need to work on the Little Girls’ room…

      That is a LOT of clothes to go through, I’m glad you all survived the sorting & tossing & trying on.

      Would you believe we are still folding….@@…? I wanted it done a specific way and by golly it’s gonna be done my way or the highway…LOL. Colleen is working on hers. she is afraid, I think< after what she saw me do in the boys room over the past two days. Be afraid….be very, very afraid…..I am in the mood to throw away and it doesn’t matter how much you like it because if you did it would have been put away…..:-)

      Comment by Anonymous | January 6, 2008 | Reply

    3. ahhh, I so feel that way right now. Fortunately, most of our clothing not being worn is in big totes. I still have things to go through : like the filing cabinet, now that one scares me………I should also get some books posted on ebay to sell, as I doubt I will be using them anytime soon. But that takes time. maybe I will try to sell them on amazon. What a pain clearing out junk is.

      Comment by celticmuse | January 6, 2008 | Reply

    4. You certainly have great projects started for 2008. I don’t have that kind of energy to go through closets, dressers etc. My honey was looking for his thermal shirts and would you believe they all were in the hamper. I forgot to wash them. Keep up the cleaning and organization and then you can help me get organized.
      Mama Bear

      Comment by woundedlily | January 8, 2008 | Reply

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