Homeschool Art….Project #2 (Picture Heavy)

When teaching art, the art does not need to be something elaborate. Simple is usually better, maybe sprinkled with an idea that might stretch the imagination. The important thing is to have fun. My younger son was concerned when we decided to bring the kids home to home school. He was going into the second grade. His major concern was whether or not he would still be able to “color,cut and glue”.

If your supplies only consist of paper,scissors,glue and maybe some markers or crayons, you are set.

We made bookmarks. If you are a scrapbooker then you have all the supplies needed to make this really creative. If not…you can still be creative without the trappings of critter punches,alphabet punches and fancy border cutting scissors. Those are actually a little difficult for little hands to manipulate.

I would recommend the following items…..

  • Nice heavy cardstock type paper (Stuffmart carries this. You can get it in pastels/white/bold colors)

  • Scissors, glue, markers

  • Laminating material or contact paper which ever is easier for you to get your hands on….

You can also purchase pre-cut bookmarks.  I have seen those at Stuffmart in the craft section.  All you need to do is cut your cardstock at least 2″ wide.  You can make it wider or as long as you like. 

I have a rather large supply of arts and crafty items so I have a much larger store of items to bring in…including the laminator that I purchased at Stuffmart one year for around $24. It has paid for itself 100 times over. I initially bought the laminator to laminate all of the flashcards and items I downloaded from the Donna site. (Great site if you haven’t all ready discovered it. This is the best resource site on the web. )

With older kids, I don’t even use glue. They are able to use the punches, place the items on the paper and in between the laminate and then send it through. Little ones may need help….They may lack the finger strength to press the punches through the paper.

I like this project because it is another way to encourage the kids to read. There is something about making your own bookmark and using it in your book that appeals to them. Here are a few pictures to show the fun we had and the creativity that was used.

The first picture is an example of a bookmark I made to show the kids what to do…..I printed a verse on the paper. If the kids want to print a verse on the paper, this is a good time to teach them how to line and center on the bookmark. By using a ruler and drawing light lines in pencil, you now have the straight edge you need for writing. After they have written what they wanted, then go back and erase the pencil lines.

I was told not to post this particular picture but it is such a good one…:-). (Sorry Donna…)


The collection of bookmarks the kids made…….


Everyone having fun……


I had to chuckle at the above bookmark…..she wanted to make one to place in her book to remind her it wasn’t a good idea to read at night with your flashlight! 🙂


Last but not least…..the teenager trying to hide behind her brother….He’s not dumb…all he had to do was drop to the floor…..:-)


There you have it…. a very simple project for kids to do and it’s a lot of fun!!!


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  1. I love it. That is a project that I will definitely have to do with the girls. Maybe it will even spark their interest in reading.

    Mine are having fun. They have plans to make more this weekend. Robbie wants to make one for each book…..Charlie wants to make one for his bible with the books of the bible printed on the card. You could really have fun with them……It’s so simple..:-)

    Comment by fourhisglory | January 11, 2008 | Reply

  2. Interesting that you should do that. I have been thinking of how to make bookmarks with JT’s obit on it and a poem on the back. Stacy and I were talking about that last night and then I get on here and see this. lol. So, maybe then you can answer this questions. If we get the ones at stuff mart do they have a templete for printing like they do business cards? Do you know how that works. If not that is ok. Thanks Ginger!

    The bookmarks look gorgeous. Tell them all that they did great jobs.
    I am not sure about the bookmarks at Stuffmart. They come in a little package. I have seen the printable templates with the box like business cards (but bookmarks) at Staples or Office Depot..not sure which one) that will allow you to do that. I did go out and look and found a link that might help. Donna could probably even give you some instruction when she isn’t so busy….I never thought of doing it this way….Randy said to check if you have an updated version of Word…It may be included in one of their templates.

    Any whoo….Here is the link I found for you…..If that doesn’t work….let me know…I can give you a call and see what Randy can up with….He is the geek..oops Geek…:-)
    I forgot to put the link……@@….I’ve been up to long …LOL

    Comment by Bobbie | January 11, 2008 | Reply

  3. Thanks for sharing these great ideas. I’m bookmarking this for future reference. Some of these I already do, so the point resonated most strongly with me. Keep feeding the creativity.
    I am currently on holiday so, for this reason, I’ve nothing better to do than surf the web for art, lie around and update my blog. Well, more or less anyway.
    Doug C

    Thank you for the comment. I wasn’t sure if this was a spam comment so I removed the e-mail and url. If this was legit, then leave me a message to clarify….

    Comment by Doug | January 11, 2008 | Reply

  4. Currently I am using a tissue or an envelope for a bookmarker. It would be nice if our 3 little cubs make a bookmarket for Papa Ray and Grandma Ellen. The pictures of the kids and their bookmarkers look like fun. Did you laminate them?
    Mama Bear

    LOL…yes they are laminated…I will put a bug in the cubs ears….:-)

    Comment by woundedlily | January 11, 2008 | Reply

  5. Your teenager’s face is priceless!

    Ya’ll did a nice job 🙂

    Can you tell she didn’t want her picture taken….LOL…:-)

    Comment by Sheri | January 11, 2008 | Reply

  6. Such a simple, but fun project, Ginger!
    Thanks for refreshing this idea. I am going to have to get my stuff out and just let the kids create.

    K3 was tickled that I framed a picture and poem she wrote and hung them on the wall.

    It doesn’t always have to be a grand project. Sometime they enjoy the simple projects more so then the involved ones. Framing special art work is a real treat for our kids.

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | January 12, 2008 | Reply

  7. I’ve thought about doing this with my kids. And like most thoughts, it flew right out of my brain! I used to do rubber stamping and still have all of my supplies (once in a while I’ll make a card…but I’m out of the habit 😦 ). I even have pre-cut bookmarks. I see an art project coming up this week! Thanks for the reminder! 😀

    Oh anytime….you’re welcome…. 🙂 Don’t be surprised if it gets out of hand. They would have kept going if we hadn’t run out of time I think….

    Comment by Tresses | January 13, 2008 | Reply

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