Good Evening…..

It’s Saturday and here I sit at my kitchen table having fallen asleep at least twice all ready.  I woke up the first time because my arms were numb and tingling….forgive me for not disclosing how long I slept.

For those interested in a bible reading program, I am posting the link to my church.  There are two reading programs on the website.  One categorically and the other chronologically. Both are in PDF format and may be printed to put in your bible.  On the same page are Spurgeon’s morning and evening devotionals.

Heritage Baptist Church 

If you are also interested in taking an online course, BBN offers free online bible courses.  I started one tonight.  I missed one question on my first test so I only got a 93.  I was not pleased with that so will have to make sure I pay closer attention to what I am studying.  The courses are all audio type presentations so you would need to set aside some quiet time to listen and take notes. They recommend ages 13 and up to use the material.  I may have my daughter go through this course.  I plan on listening to a few more lessons before I start her on this program. 

BBN Bible Institute

It was a fairly quiet day today.  My husband, father-in-law and sons spent most of the day at our church.  It was the annual Wild Game Supper.  The boys went dressed in cammi and ghillie suits.  They were excited to see the hawks and kestrel exhibit again this year. This exhibit is done by a group called Raptors Up Close.  They are a special group licensed to care for and own birds of prey that for what ever reason may not be released back into the wild. The birds you see in the introduction were present today.

  My daughter and I went out to lunch with a friend.  I have this love/hate relationship with Cracker Barrel.  I love the food.  I hate the gift shop you have to walk through.  There are so many lovely things in there that my wallet cries out to spend money on but I resisted. They have this beautiful set of blue dishes that made my kitchen call out from miles away.  I still resisted.  I was a good girl… 🙂 .

I didn’t have much to say today….but thought I would just drop in and leave a line.  I am working on a new page that will have a bible reading schedule by the great stories of the bible.  I am also starting a memory verse list for each month.  One verse a week….this is more for me but I thought I would share my list.

I am going to have my final cup of hot tea for the evening then crawl into bed.  I seriously hope my two table naps won’t keep me from sleeping tonight.  I am going to need to adjust my bedtime next week if I am going to continue to get up at 5am to fix my husbands breakfast.  Going to bed at 2am and getting up at 5am and staying up no less, isn’t conducive to ones health.


January 12, 2008 - Posted by | Bible Study, Books, Boys, Critters, Daughter, Education, Faith, Family, Friends, Games, Thankfull


  1. though i realize paragraph 2 was not the cause of paragraph 1, i still had to smile at the transition.

    I hadn’t noticed until you pointed that out….. 😆 I sat here and got quite a chuckle once I realized what I had said. I did have to go back and read the paragraphs. Thanks for pointing that out and no the two paragraphs were not related…. 😀

    Comment by blueraindrop | January 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. When I go to Cracker Barrell I like the food but the gift shop ususally has so many scents that bother me. I do like getting divinity.

    Comment by woundedlily | January 14, 2008 | Reply

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