How to embarass your children……

……wear your slippers to the gym.

Yes, me feet hurt so bad that I wore my slippers to the gym today. I just couldn’t handle putting them in shoes….real shoes.

I have red, quilted type boot slippers. The don’t look to bad. But the kids didn’t want me to volunteer any information on me wearing slippers. It was okay if someone asked, then I could tell the story but only if asked… 🙂 .

You see I spent Monday night sitting in the ER with a friend. They decided to keep her but the decision wasn’t made until 3:30 am Tuesday morning. I got home at 4:30am. I decided I might as well stay up since everyone would be up at 6am. We were supposed to go to Washington D.C. on Tuesday. (Which we did.) I took my shower and had a few cups of tea while waiting for everyone to wake up.

I put on a pair of brown boots with tights and no socks. That was my mistake. We walked around Union Station from about 9:30 until almost 2pm. We were there for a competition put on by the History Channel. It was a competition for building cities in the future. I will be posting more on that when I finish gimping the pictures. The show will be aired on History Channel on January 28th I think. Who knows, you may even see us in some of the film.

We rode the Metro up and back to Springfield. After all the walking around my feet were in so much pain I could hardly walk on them. I knew I should have put the socks on along with the tights. I didn’t think it would have been that bad.

The kids love taking the Metro. We stopped at the Rosslyn stop to check out the escalator. I have pictures of that also…..It’s a doozy!!! It is 435ft long. It goes down 11 stories. I must admit to having some qualms on that ride down and up. Of course we only stopped to ride the escalator. We rode the escalator up…then we rode the escalator down. It takes 2:25:91 to ride the escalator one way. I spoke to the station manager and found out that the Metro system has three other escalators that are even longer than the Rosslyn escalator. They are all on the red line. We may have to take a trip to the red line to just ride the longest escalator.

We also stopped in Crystal City to get a tour of my husbands new offices. We also met a few of his co-workers. One of his co-workers, Chris, has several origami critters on his desk that he has done. He gave each of us a ship and two frogs. Thank you Chris. We left the building. Oh I forgot one thing. Randy has two routes that he can take to get to his office. One is the metro stop that is right in front of his building. The other is the stop at Pentagon City. It is an underground mall of sorts. He can walk the underground to get to his office with out getting wet. My feet didn’t want to take the long route but he wanted to show the kids the long way and the short way. Oh well……

We came home to find that it had snowed. We didn’t know it had snowed. It was certainly cold enough.

That is why my feet hurt. Being up for 24 hours and not wearing the appropriate pair of socks with the boots. We are heading to the used book store. Everyone should have a used book store like us. We have two of them. C&W Used Books. We love them as much as we love Borders.

So my children will know just how much I love them….I ma wearing my red boot slippers to the book store also. I hope to have all the pictures done tonight. The exhibits were very interesting.

I guess I should include a picture of the slipper also……then you can be on the judge on embarrassment factor. I mean it’s not like they were frog slippers which I don’t have but would like.

Check back later……..we will see what I have accomplished.


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  1. wow Ginger! sounds like you all had fun! I am sorry about the sore feet though! I hope that you are feeling better and get some sleep soon!!! 🙂 I am looking forward to the pictures!

    It was interesting….but I think we homeschoolers could have come up with a better design. That would make a good art project… 🙂

    Comment by warrenswife | January 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. lol crocs are also useful on sore feet…. though not much better looking.

    i need to find a new used book store around here. my favorite closed… *sobs*

    I have alot of friends that wear crocs and they love them!! I don’t think they are too bad especially since they now sell the croc jewelry to attach to them. I would dec mine out with frogs and parrots maybe. The Hallmark store carries the real croc brand and they sell for $30. I may look into getting a pair. Maybe you should start a used book store. The one here does quite a bustling business. If I lived somewhere that didn’t have one….that is the business I would look into.

    Comment by blueraindrop | January 16, 2008 | Reply

  3. Sounds like quite the adventure, Ginger!! I’m looking forward to the pictures as well.

    As for the feet, soak them in a pan of just hot water w/epsom salts that will help alot. Also you’ll need to lay down with your feet elevated to help as well.

    Good job on embarrassing the kids!!

    I need a pair of really fuzzy fluffy slippers….like maybe froggie slippers. That would have been the only thing that would have made it better….well that and curlers in the hair. I am going to do a foot soak. I think that would really help. It’s so much fun embarrassing your children…. 🙂

    Comment by Elaine | January 16, 2008 | Reply

  4. It sounds like a really fun, but exhausting day! Your poor feet. I hope you are feeling a bit better tonight. I love that you wore your slippers about town…too bad the kids were embarrassed! It is probably good for them.
    I look forward to your pictures. I like the idea of taking a field trip to ride the escalators…you are such a cool mom!

    A little embarrassment is always healthy….. 😆 My idea of riding escalators is not so crazy if you could have seen this one….Maybe I will post those first. I can’t imagine riding one bigger and longer…..Hey it would be fun…Now I know what we will do when you come back for a visit. We will hit the Metro and ride escalators… 🙂

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | January 16, 2008 | Reply

  5. We do have some here…. but the ones left open on this side of town are ones I don’t like. One has a decent selection, but is insane on its prices. I’m not likily to buy a used book for twice what I would pay for it to be shipped to me from One of the others is really bad about selection… I think they take about anything… literally more than half of the store is trashy romance paperbacks, another quarter seems to be old encyclopedias and readers digest books….

    This store could have ended up that way but they put a hold on taking in alot of the romance books. The prices are pretty reasonable….which helps the kids pocket money go much farther.

    Comment by blueraindrop | January 16, 2008 | Reply

  6. You go girl. Always embarass the children when possible. I bet the slippers are really cute. 🙂

    Randy said the next time….put some curlers in my hair…. 🙂 The slippers would have been much better had they been fuzzy critter slippers!!

    Comment by appliejuice | January 18, 2008 | Reply

  7. Well it sounds like you all had a great time and that is the only thing that matters. I have 2 kids who would just “die of embarresment (sp?) if I did that….lol!!!

    Comment by sleepymamma | January 19, 2008 | Reply

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