Comfort Foods….

It has been very cold here in Virginia. I know other states are experiencing the same cold and wet weather. I have a friend in Alaska who showed us her weather forecast and it was -10 with out the wind chill factored in…..brrrrrrr. I don’t envy her. I have another friend who won’t mention that dastardly word….****…..(snow). We tease her. Then her kitty’s stole her place in front of her heater. How dare they…. 🙂

On days like this I want something to eat that is warm and filling. One of the things we would eat growing up was macaroni and tomatoes. I remember the big old house my grandparents lived in outside of Ravenna, Ohio. It was located in Macedonia, Ohio. This house was massive. It had a huge library with floor to ceiling book shelves and a lovely old stone fireplace. I would sit in front of the fireplace and dry my hair. It had the best hiding places in the window seats. One could curl up in the window seat, pull the curtains and sit all day reading. I should know. There were many a day while visiting them that I couldn’t be found. That was the same library that I read The Robe and The Silver Chalice so many times that I wore out the pages and the covers.

It also had a creek that ran by the house with lots of wild animals running through the yard. There was this big old black rabbit that we named Thumper. He always seemed to know when my grandmother would make the little pecan cookie balls….aka….Russian Tea Cakes or Mexican Wedding Cookies. We would run outside with a handful and there would be one for us and one for Thumper. My Grandfather would take sticks and tie a piece of string onto the stick. We would put a piece of worm on that stick and catch minnows. We really thought we were doing something.

Two of the dishes my grandmother would make were homemade beef stew or macaroni and tomatoes. Since I don’t have any of the fixins for beef stew, the macaroni and tomatoes would have to do. It is just simply macaroni fixed with tomato sauce. I would usually add some juice and some diced tomatoes along with the sauce. When it was done you would add a dollop of butter and salt and pepper. That’s it. It brings back memories. It was also a cheap meal, if you know what I mean.

We sat around the table at lunch time just talking and having our tomatoes and macaroni. I don’t think this will be a comfort food for them when they are older but the memories will be nice and lasting I hope. They cannot complain since they insisted on eating my comfort dish today. We had a good time of talking and even sang a couple of songs.

There is one song they like to sing because I always mess it up. “I want that Mountain.” The part in the chorus about the grapes of Eschol and the milk and honey flowing….. I still get it backwards.

Here are the lyrics and tune to “I Want that Mountain”. Sing along……Create a memory of sitting and singing and laughing with your children. These are the best memories to have around. They are nice to pull out and ruminate over. I have a few…….


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  1. Add ground hamburger to your dish, and you will have the one dish we could fix as children. We called it goolash. Your grandma’s house sounds like it was large like my grandparents – that might be a blog one day. I enjoyed hearing a positive memory.

    There are a few of them…..most of them are bad but there were a few nuggets of gold. I don’t like mine with hamburger. The kids might have liked it better this way. No ones gonna mess with my comfort food….:-)

    Comment by woundedlily | January 22, 2008 | Reply

  2. I want a library like that……..and window seats with pull curtains.

    I’m with you on that…..If we ever build a house….say like in 20 years…:-)…that will be a requirement. Now if it would only come with a self duster…that would make it even better….

    Comment by chocolatechic | January 22, 2008 | Reply

  3. I like your memory of your grandparents house, Ginger. My Uncle Jim had a house like that in New York. The library sounds awesome!
    My mom made a similar comfort food for us…but like Woundedlily it had hamburger in it…and usually corn or green beans.

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | January 23, 2008 | Reply

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