Eye of the Oracle…My final word.

**This post was edited to remove certain stories that are upsetting and the blog owner does not want them left for public review. The stories were public for one day.

Dear Mr. Davis,

After seeking Godly counsel, I was reproved for not coming to you first with my concerns. (Matt 18:15) This Sister was correct. I should have approached you privately, opening a dialogue addressing my concerns. It was an error in judgment on my part. In this regard, I sinned against you and publicly apologize.

The rest of my story…..Well, I hope, neh pray, that you will try to understand. For me, it was only what I read in the first couple of chapters of the EOTO book that bothered me. Strongly. (By the way, I did actually read the entire book. I stayed up until 4am reading. In light of Lilith’s character I thought you did a phenomenal job in how you moved her through the story. Knowing who she is or what she represented made it easier to follow.)

There was still this nagging unease inside of me…..I just knew I recognized those names from somewhere else. It wasn’t until I was reminded by another friend of what we went through in school that I was able to connect the familiarity.


Two of my sister’s were messing with the occult. Warned repeatedly that this was not something to play with or take lightly they decided to do what they wanted anyway. They were teenagers. We were alone in the house I being in my twenties at the time. They thought it would be really cool to call up spirits with a ouiji board. They had checked out books from the public library on how to perform what they had to do. When the house started shaking as if it was going through an earthquake…and what sounded like heavy thumping on the floor. I ran to the bedroom thinking they were killing each other, I wasn’t prepared for what I walked into. Both girls were on opposite sides of the room pinned up against the walls. The ouji board was in the middle of the bed going crazy. I was all ready saved at the time but those girls were not. I was terrified and praying every second for God’s protection. I didn’t know at the time there is a specific way to get rid of that thing…all I could think was to get it out of the house and broke it in two and through it in the trash. (They were young teenagers at the time and did not realize what they were getting into.)


Yes, I have been in a house where evil existed and cowered in fear. One of your many fans said that hopefully I would listen to God and not my own fears. I have a right to my fears. They have substance.

Mr. Davis, you stated that your books have brought people out of the occult. I praise God for that so long as no more children have to experience what I did. I am thankful that your books have had that kind of pull. You said that kids have written to you about trusting God more and some even getting saved. For that I can also rejoice and praise God …one such young lady left her testimony on my daughter’s blog. I thanked her for sharing that with us.

I did recommend your books in two other posts. Knowing that two of my friends have the same past and issues that I have….I had to retract that and write what I did. I have been very agitated and it wasn’t easy for me….I didn’t want to do this. I did a poor job with what I wrote and how I presented what I had read. I will agree. I am not some narrow minded Christian who doesn’t understand that yes this was fantasy fiction. I erred in judgment in not checking the books out thoroughly before allowing my daughter to purchase the first two books in the DIOM series. I am at fault, that I freely admit.

For me, your material isn’t fictional. It had foundation. It was real. I knew/know the power they have and yes….in my eyes it could be an attack of twisting that which I hold dear. For me and those I know personally….sadly your book could be a stumbling block for us.

I was wrong and made a very unwise choice on my and my families behalf. I want to put this to rest. I will not make this same mistake again.

I also feel sad. I know that from what I have read your books do always show good triumphing over evil. You do show loyalty, friendship and sacrifice. You are a very talented and gifted author. I don’t doubt your sincerity in the good you feel you are doing. Part of me would love to pick up the rest of your books and finish reading them. They have that draw to them. In my heart I can’t.

In my heart I feel it is wrong to take a simple Bible story and weave the tale that you did so well. Yes, I know the Bible speaks of such things….in the light of warning us to avoid it. Not to have a part of it. Weaving stories about it….no, I’m sorry. My husband also wrote a response. He is much more articulate than I am…but he doesn’t have the same background that I have, nor the same fear. Your fans may object as I am sure you do…but I respectfully submit to you that on my experiences alone….I cannot take back what I said.

From what I could see from all the reading I did today, you have had no negative reviews of your books. You also have a very large fan base. No one truly seems to understand my families objection. We are in the vast minority. This is an area that I must guard.

This wasn’t easy for me to write and I really don’t think there can be much else said on the topic. I shall close it here and now. If you would be so kind as to post on your forum that, well…..never mind. It’s a public forum….as is my blog. What ever is said, is said…. They can respond in any way they see fit as long as they are respectful and do not make light of what I have shared. This is my house after all…..I was very patient today in allowing everyone their say….you may decide after reading my post that a warning for content may be needed.

That is your call sir……………..


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  1. Ginger,

    I hope you can rest assured that Bryan Davis will be gracious in his response. Likewise, I can tell that you’ve been working hard to be gracious as well. This was a tough thing to work out in the public eye!

    Having read both your newest post, and your daughter’s, I have a better understanding of why your family might have felt a need to not read further. From what I can understand about Bryan’s comments, he wasn’t faulting your family for not wanting to read his writing, nor is he someone who would object to parents making decisions about what is right for their family. Rather, I believe he was troubled by the comments that seemed to imply that his motives and intentions were impure, or that his books were dangerous overall. Honestly, I think you could have posted a scathing review saying that you simply couldn’t stand his writing style, and he wouldn’t have made a peep. I believe it was the questioning of his heart toward God and toward his readers (whether that was intentional or unintentional) that caused him to step up and say anything.

    I don’t want to speak for him by any means; I just think the issues got a bit “muddy” in the midst of everything. From what I can tell, both you and Bryan Davis are striving to follow God’s leading, and to help be a light in a dark world. I think that’s what was the most troubling thing about the original post – for me, at least. What I read into that post, based on the way you worded things, was that Bryan Davis was kind of a wolf in sheep’s clothing…. writing books labeled as Christian, but with some hidden agenda of luring kids into the occult. Now, you may not have been intending for people to take it that way, but I think that’s the way some people could read it. And that, I believe, is why Mr. Davis felt compelled to respond – he sensed his integrity was being questioned. And, I think that’s what prompted several of the young people from the DioM forum to feel defensive of his character. Those kids know his heart quite well from the interactions they have with him on the forums – he’s a very strong presence there, always challenging his forum members to take their relationship with Christ to a deeper level.I admitted to not doing a very good job in writing what I wrote. But I was upset. I think it is clear now as to why.

    I do believe that, because He knows us on such an intimate level, and knows what our weaknesses are, God will sometimes steer us away from something that He doesn’t steer others away from. I’m realizing through this, though, that it’s really important not to share that conviction with others in a way that calls another’s integrity into question. I got the impression, from your first paragraph or so, that you realized this as well. I thought you showed a genuine humbleness in saying that you realized you should have taken your concerns to Bryan Davis first.

    I pray that you are able to read my tone, inflection and heart in these written words. :o) I just want all of us who are working toward the same goal – to glorify Jesus and to share Him with others – to be working together and not letting the enemy divide and conquer us with misunderstanding and miscommunication.


    Thank you and I am assuming by what you have said that it is a little clearer now. Yes….what can be a stumbling block with one may not be true with another. If that is the one thing others understand out of all of this….then maybe there will be greater understanding in how we must carefully guard our testimony’s. What one perceives as okay….well…that’s what started this to begin with. I do have to take a stand on the use of God’s Word in that fashion.

    I do thank you for what you said and for trying to understand.

    Comment by Krista | February 5, 2008 | Reply

  2. Hugs.

    Comment by chocolatechic | February 5, 2008 | Reply

  3. Very well written Ginger, I’m very proud of you for opening up your experiences to everyone to understand what your objections are; sharing such personal things here is very difficult.

    You know my stance on this very well since I have lived a pagan lifestyle and I’m glad that you addressed your concerns. I’m sorry however that Mr. Davis took offense, I know you weren’t attacking him in person but rather airing your concerns about the story itself.

    I think it is hard for some people to realize, how those of us who have experience with the occult, would feel reading about it. It is something that I choose not to read about, as I feel that satan can take advantage of that ever so slight opening and possibly when I’m unaware use that to his gain. I’m just not going there.

    I can say nothing more that wouldn’t be repetitive. Just remember: God Love You and so do I.

    Comment by celticmuse | February 5, 2008 | Reply

  4. I think that you have presented your thoughts carefully and clearly! You need to follow God’s leading in your life! I know from talking to you that God is leading you to take a stand on this to help others from falling into a stumbling block. May God bless you and give you strength to stand!

    Comment by warrenswife | February 5, 2008 | Reply

  5. This is Robbie: I think my sister and Mother are right. I love them both and respect their opinions. My mom’s job is too look out for us. That is all she is trying to do. I agree….Love you Mom and Colleen.

    Comment by gingerporter | February 5, 2008 | Reply

  6. Ginger,

    You have awesome children. And that didn’t come from you sitting back and letting them raise themselves. You are doing an awesome job. I know there have been hard times in your life and they have had some hard times also. Which makes me so glad that through everything you are able to take a stand for reasons that are personal to you. I don’t think that I myself would be able to do that. I really don’t think that you owed anyone an explaination. God is working in your life and we can see that through what you write. There are few people that I look up to. I just don’t have the courage to let alot of people in to my heart. But, you are one of them and you were one of them before you even took this stand. Thank you for supporting me when I so greatly needed it. Thank you for letting me through words,and prayer support you.

    Bobbie…I sat here with tears in my eyes reading what you wrote. Knowing what you and your family have endured the past year and how God has worked in your lives is a testimony of God’s greatness. You are to be admired for your strength and the mother that you are. I am humbled. I will always covet your prayers. That means more than anything to me……

    Comment by Bobbie | February 5, 2008 | Reply

  7. Ginger, you have my love, my respect and my admiration. I respected your stance and view before your explaination, (One I feel you did not really need to explain)and hopefully now those that wished to change your stance will respect why you feel the way you do and leave it at that.

    I have had experience with Paganism, I am lucky, I did not have the experiences you had. I grew up with it, and I am often surprised by some of the horrible things others have experienced with it. The lifestyle isn’t for me, (my catholic roots run incredibly deep, or maybe it was because though my parents were pagan we were still very involved with the Catholic Church….a long story… but that may be the difference between my experiences and yours) and it’s not one I would willingly inflict upon my children (which explains part of my estrangement from my mother) so I understand your convictions.

    And my hope is that my own daughter would show as much courage and conviction as Colleen. You are a mother (one of a select group) that I admire and model my own parenting upon. Thank you.

    Thank you Bekkie. I appreciate your comments both here and at my daughter’s blog. You pay me a high compliment. One that in all honesty may not be as deserving as you think. Just strive to raise your children to God’s standard. Always using His Word and He will reward you some day. Thank you my friend…..

    Comment by tessofthebellgrades | February 5, 2008 | Reply

  8. We’ve already been over this last night but know that you’re still in my prayers. I do appreciate what Krista said and the heart with which she spoke from.


    Thank You and I agree….what Krista said was spoken with kindness. I admired her for even coming back and posting.

    Comment by Elaine | February 6, 2008 | Reply

  9. Ginger, I thought your apology for not approaching Mr. Davis shows you want to treat this situation as God would have you. I admire the way you have handled the criticism.

    I hope you don’t give up on Christian fantasy because of this experience. I’d recommend Sharon Hinck’s The Sword of Lyric series. The first book is The Restorer. Even though the protagonist is a soccer mom, I think your daughter would like this one too.

    There are other good series as well.


    Thank you for the kind words and for the recommendation. I will have to look into them.

    Comment by Rebecca LuElla Miller | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  10. Hi Ginger, I’ve been pondering on your thoughts and just can’t think of anything more to add. I admire you so much for standing firm in your convictions. I am so thankful God has allowed us to know your family. You are a great mom and I admire that you really stand firm on what you believe and your convictions. HUGS!!!

    Thank you and I feel the same about you and your family. It was a joy to spend time with all of you. I know I did a poor job in explaining how I felt.I certainly don’t expect everyone to agree with me…..Thank you for your comments. Hopefully we can meet up again the next time you are in Virginia.

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  11. Awesome post. It had to be a difficult one to write. Thank you for sharing it with the world. May God richly bless you, even more than He already has!

    Comment by Melissa | February 8, 2008 | Reply

  12. To begin with I’m fourteen and I had recently read the first book. I didn’t see anything in the same light as you did. Nothing bothered me about it at all. But, that is not the point. I think it’s great how you researched and showed Biblical points for why you believe the book is wrong. I do in fact plan on continuing reading this series,however. Although, the light in which you portray the book has opened my eyes. Everything can be shown as good, and okay, but we must guard ourselves from coming into the belief that certain things are okay, to read and to watch. On account of what you have said, I plan to make more of an effort to think about whether ‘this book’ or ‘that t.v. show’ is aligned to Biblical truths and whether it is okay for me to partake in that. You may have just spared me a lot of confusion and grief in my future. Even though I intend on reading the series, I applaud you for what you have said on the matter. You have opened my eyes and shown me that not everything is indeed what it appears. Thank you and all honor and glory goes to Him.

    Comment by Cole | February 7, 2009 | Reply

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