Warning: Watch the Incoming Links…..

My husband recently cleaned up a computer for a friend that had become infected with a trojan. The post is over at Capital G Geek. The pertinent information is in the first two paragraphs which I will copy into my blog.

Another friend asked me to debug their computer – this after about an hour of phone support which didn’t help much. Their problem was fairly straight forward. They had gotten infected with a trojan that would frequently pop up a message that their computer was infected, and clicking on the message took them to the site www(dot)virprotect(dot)com. Don’t go there, they aren’t a legitimate company. It took some doing, but I was finally able to remove all traces of that relatively new and nasty little app. You can find more info about that and others like it at

Basically, these trojans (named after the trojan horse) work by convincing the unsuspecting user to purchase a ‘anti-spyware’ application sold by them, which removes the popup. Sometimes it also includes other nasty things as well. Extortion, pure and simple. Immunizing your PC with Spybot after each update will prevent ’some’ of them. Safe browsing habits will help with the rest. In a nutshell, don’t download or install ANYTHING that you don’t know exactly what it is and who created it. Search for the name of the app, site name, and download file name with the term ’spyware’ or ‘adware’ and see if it comes up with anything. If not, and you really must have the trinket, scan the download with your virus scanner and spyware/adware scanners before running it. READ the license agreement when it installs to see if it says anything about displaying ads or reporting data and cancel the install if anything looks funny.

I am posting this again. I was looking at the incoming links under the dashboard of my blog. I went to the site and it immediately started scanning with an application known as ActiveX ( linked for removal instructions if you have this). It was telling me that I had malicious spyware and needed to download this program to clean up my machine. I recognized the name from the many that my husband had mentioned. I closed the screen but did so before writing down the information. I went back to the link and upon opening it again it was showing a different spyware known as Spy Shredder. I did not recognize that name but am assuming (correctly according to hubby) that it is also another type of mal-ware.

I wanted to post a warning to my friends. If you open something and this happens, do not click accept. Close the window. You should be safe as long as you do not accept and download the software.

Since my husband is sick and asleep on the couch. I decided to play computer geek… 😛 If you only knew how funny that is…you would be falling off your chair laughing. My sons would say rolling on floor laughing out loud. I closed all of my windows and ran an AVG Antivirus scan. That was clean. I then did a Spyware/Adware scan. Still clean….

Could you just see my husband blogging that one…..?! The Geeks wife, who should know better, infests her computer with a malicious trojan or some such nasty. I am not sure which one of us would have the harder time living that one down.

He is quite proud of the fact that the three computers in his office, the school room computer, the desktop in the living room and my laptop have not had any type of bug. The computers in his office have been up and running for over 4 years now. The same with the school and upstairs computers. He is slightly annoyed but accepts that the laptop is the only computer not set up behind his firewall.

I am extremely careful and try to be a good girl. I have learned that if I want to download anything, make sure I read the fine print before I click the I accept button.

If your computer all ready has suitable antivirus protection, do not click on those sites if you should run across one. Warn your children. That was how our friends computer became infected with a trojan.

Another helpful tidbit…..This site has a list of the nastiest rogue anti spyware programs.  They also list instructions on removal….

Wow….How is this for a change?  I am playing the Geek…. 🙂 


February 7, 2008 - Posted by | Computers, Hubby's Blog, Just Life, Observances, Obstacles, Spy Ware Alert, Techie Challenged, Techie Stuff


  1. Good for you. You learned a lil more about insuring your online safety.
    Many users dont bother to take the time to learn.
    Well done.

    Thank you!! Having a Geeky husband helps…. 😛 I always ask him what he does when he repairs someones computer that has been infested and more stuck than I thought… 🙂 It also helps to have sites available that are willing to share. I thought I would warn those who actually come out and read my blog. When I clicked on that link it actually looks like they were running a check. It is very tricky.

    My husband would kill me for doing something so stupid….well, he might take my computer….(Just kidding) He would not let me live that one down….

    Comment by Doug Woodall | February 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thanks for the information, Ginger. We ran into this problem last week with BIL’s computer. His computer is so messed up at this point that it won’t recognize his printer. Dh told BIL to take his computer into a “shop” to have someone look at it, but he won’t. He will probably spend $$ to buy a new one!

    Randy said if he has the disks the easy thing would be to just wipe it. If he doesn’t have the disks it isn’t so easy. Randy just enjoys the thrill of going in and pulling the code out. He will go on a search and destroy for the code. I’m sorry he had that problem….It looks so real it would be easy to be fulled into thinking you have something you don’t. Randy said if you go out to his blog ( he has the links for setting up AVG, SPYBOT and AD-AWARE on the computer. There are free versions of all three. If he can install them it should be able to remove what ever has infested his computer. That’s a bummer…… 😦

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | February 9, 2008 | Reply

  3. Trojans and spyware bots are terrible things. The last time my couputer had that, I ran the system restore and also ran all the anti-spyware programs that I have in my system.

    The only thing that you pray and hope is that you windows registry is not affected.

    Comment by Joel Teo | February 16, 2008 | Reply

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