God’s Protection….(cont’d)


We had all gotten ready for bed. My sister went through turning off the lights. She won’t turn the tv off though. Maria was in the daybed. I was in the lazyboy, my mother on the couch with George the black lab and my sister was stretched out on another chair.

It wasn’t long before my sister and mother were sound asleep. I could tell this from the snoring. Maria and I stayed awake most of the night. I dozed off for about an hour. We kept up a vigil of praying off and on the whole night. There were two times that I felt like I had butterflies in my stomach. Apparently those times coincided with the times my sister felt the hair on her arms and neck stand up. It was very brief. When I felt like that I simply prayed. I knew we were protected and thanked God for His protection.

The night slipped into morning and my sister woke up. We went out and sat on the porch drinking coffee. It was 7am. It had rained all night and was still raining. We sat there and watched a cat stalk a squirrel. I was surprised that the cat actually caught the squirrel. It went off with some of its friends and they had their breakfast.

I asked my sister how she slept. She said she slept well except for those two brief moments and as quickly as she felt it; it went away. She didn’t hear anything the whole night. The entire house was quiet. She was amazed at what happened. I told her that Maria and I had the faith and trust but it was the Holy Spirit and God’s hand that kept us through out the night.

Now the amazing thing is that her gentleman NEVER gets out of bed on his own. He will wake up in the night several times when he is bothered. He will go into the bathroom and shave and comb his hair. He will not step foot out of the bedroom. My sister always has to go in and wake him up. While we were sitting on the porch I heard George barking. I turned and looked into the house and there was her gentleman standing in the doorway of the kitchen and family room.

My sister jumped up in shock. We walked back into the family room and said good morning. He grinned. He looked around the room and said “everyone sleeping?” He looked at me with a smile on his face, “Where you been Buddy?” I told him I was here sleeping at his house. He mumbles a lot. I asked him how he slept. He looked at me and smiled and replied, “good,good, quiet.”

My sister fixed his breakfast and he sat and ate. When he was done he took me back to his room and showed me all of his hats and his trophies for karate and bowling. We talked as much as you can with a mentally young Downs person. He again said he slept good, no noises, “they” were quiet last night. We left his room. He is such a gentleman. He looked at me and said “You first” as he held out his hand.

Maria and I packed up and headed back home. This was Monday morning. My sister took her gentleman back to her house. Later that evening they had dinner and he told her he was tired. He was going to bed. She told him no that they had to go back to his house. We had told my sister not to go back to the house. Her gentleman became very agitated and insisted that this was his home and he wasn’t going back to the other house. He has taken a liking to my nieces room. He calls that “me room” and his bunny room. He went back down the hallway and came out carrying the blanket off the bed. He looked at my sister and said, “Me tired.” She said okay, they would stay there Monday night. He is so bothered at the other house that he is constantly waking up. I told my sister I would be very surprised if he even moved. She said he never got up that night. He slept the whole night through.

She and her gentleman came by my house on their way to the airport to pick up the guardian. My sister said she was planning on asking him how in the world he slept in that house. They picked him up and she asked how his trip went. He was in a good mood so she then asked him about the house and how he managed to sleep. He chuckled and asked her what did she mean. She said the house was rather “noisy”. He said, “Yes. I thought about warning you but figured you were a big girl. You could take care of yourself.” She informed him that she would never spend the night in that house again. He told her that maybe they knew she didn’t belong there at night since she was the day person and that might have been why they bothered her so much. He also told her that the constant whispering in the ear was their way of letting you know they were there. She told him our theory on what and who was there. He laughed and said no, he didn’t think it was that. He believes in life after death and thinks they are just lost spirits. He and his mother made their peace with them along time ago and invited them to stay. He and his mother both started drinking heavily. His mother passed away in January. He starts drinking at 5pm. I told my sister I am not surprised at how he drinks. he probably does this to dull his senses so he can handle being at the house during the night. It doesn’t work though.

My sister warned him about what they were doing to their gentleman. The guardian was surprised. She told him how the gentleman slept the past two days and they had the proof on video and audio recordings. He didn’t say much after that.

The gentleman becomes very agitated when you discuss this in his presence. He sat in the car for the two hour drive home and was angry. He always looks forward to his guardian coming home from a trip. He gets very excited. I am not sure how much he understood, but hearing his nephew say the “voices” had free run of the house might have upset him.

When they arrived back at the house, her gentleman walked in still avoiding his nephew/guardian. When he finally looked at him he was scowling, pointed his finger at him and just shook his finger. My sister was telling me that as they walked into the house, the guardian’s mood did a complete change. He became surly and agitated. He was short and rude. It saddens me that he is blind to what is going on in his home and how it is affecting this poor, innocent, childlike man.

I am praying that God will give us an opportunity to witness to him and open his eyes. He is Presbyterian and said they believe this. I had to confirm with my Reformed Presbyterian friends. They were somewhat in disbelief but said it didn’t surprise them due to the very liberal sects of this religion.

Did we accomplish anything? Well, we didn’t exorcise the house. We were not prepared for that undertaking. We were a silent witness to what God can do. I think my sister’s faith was strengthened a little through this. She is armed with verses to claim when she is being bothered. She knows not give recognition.

My husband said he wasn’t surprised that nothing happened while we were there. He was actually expecting that to be the result. There was no greater evidence to me than what God did for us that night. I have been praising Him. My faith was given a bigger boost. Maybe this was just as much for our benefit as a testimony to my sister. We are continuing to pray for her gentleman. God has given me such a burden for him. My kids enjoy being with him. We are planning on going back to his house (in the day only) and spending some time by the river. We are hoping to do some fishing and just having a pleasant day. Pray with us that we can be a testimony and that God will open a door for us to witness to the nephew/guardian.

God is still on His throne and still protecting His children……don’t doubt that.


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  1. I am glad that you are as strong as you are spiritually!!! You are an amazing woman!! May God continue to bless you as you reach out to those in need!!! 🙂
    It is very clear how God did in fact protect you and those around you in the house!! There really is a spiritual battle that many of us never visualize. (thankfully, I might add!) God is so good to us!!

    Comment by warrenswife | April 23, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you Donna…..This had a greater impact on the kids. When we arrived back home and I told the kids where we actually went, they were surprised. Especially knowing that Randy had initially said no. They wanted to know if Daddy knew where I had gone and if I had his permission….which he did and yes I did.

    Then they wanted to know what happened. Being able to sit there and tell them that God protected us and absolutely nothing happened was worth going. It sent a clear message to them on just how great our heavenly Father’s protection and love for us is…….

    They did ask if I was just a little disappointed…..I told them not really….I had all ready heard enough of what was on the audio and video recording. I didn’t want to come face to face with anything….I did sleep with my clothes on in case we needed to leave hastily…..they thought that was a good idea.

    Comment by gingerporter | April 23, 2008 | Reply

  3. If I wasn’t a true believer before I AM NOW!!! This was 1 experience I don’t wish to relive. I was in total shock when I brought it up to my employer and he told me “he was gonna tell me but didn’t want to scare me”. I responded to him with I went in knowing something was there but was not prepared for what happend to me.

    Comment by peachiestpigpen | April 24, 2008 | Reply

  4. That is some scary stuff. I am so thankful you were there to seek the Lord’s protection, Ginger.

    Comment by missplacedalaskan | April 24, 2008 | Reply

  5. I’m glad that God is on the Throne and isn’t in the habit of doing such things. To so clearly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit at work is a wonderful thing. I’m glad the He is using all of this to bless and teach you and your family. I too pray that you’ll be able to be a great witness to this man and what he and his mother allowed into their home. Very tragic.

    Comment by Elaine | April 24, 2008 | Reply

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