Life, Injuries, Homeschooling and what ever…

When you are right handed, you do not realize how much you do with your left hand until you can’t use it.

I have gotten to where I can do some light typing….that is about it. My thumb and index finger can meet. My middle finger and ring finger do not work well. No pressure can be applied, no weight, no twisting lids off of jars, no picking anything up, no buckling of seat belt if you are a passenger, no closing of car door if you are the driver and no swimming stroke with that hand.

Life has become a challenge with the limitations of the left hand. Monday I will be back at the Doctor’s getting the left fore arm, wrist, hand and fingers xrayed. My husband who is all wise thinks it is definitely a ligament problem. He said it would be better for me to have broken the hand.

Two fingers stay swollen and I cannot make a fist at all. I almost dropped a pan of french fries on the floor the other night. It was a close call and they were the good seasoned fries. That would have been bad….

On Monday I will have 11 kids to over see. Three of which are mine….

Life here has slowed down a little. Hubby is reviewing the kids in math for me. He likes math and it gives him time with the kids.

We will also be taking out tests next week. I know, we are running that one close to the wire. Seaton is great. They will email me the results as soon as the tests are graded.

Click on the read more (I had to put this because some one didn’t realize you needed to click on the read more to see the rest of the post….. 🙂 )

My MIL is threatening to take us to court. She says she all ready has a lawyer and gave my husband a list of names of people who will be going to court with her. She also has an old letter that I wrote to my husband prior to our marriage that she is taking to court. I am clueless on that one.

She waffles back and forth between visitation and or custody of at least the daughter. I cannot say more due because my kids have been known to read my blog.

Virginia is not a grandparents right visitation state. Please let that soak in…….

Next week, the kids will also be going to counseling…..We started the counseling to make sure they come through this with their feelings in tact. My one son occasionally has nightmares about his grandmother coming and taking them from us. He is 12. This was discussed with the counselor, she felt it was time to bring the kids into counseling so she could see where they were at in all of this.

I have decided we are not going to run anymore. When we know MIL is in town, the kids want to leave. They don’t want to run the risk of running into MIL in town. They only live a couple of miles from us.

WE have ALL been praying for both my FIL and MIL. It pains me to know that they (MIL only) will probably never see the kids again……I have aloud this irrational fear to control me for too long.

I have been planning for school next year and am getting very excited about what we will be doing. Colleen will working through Video Text Algebra 1 and 2. Charlie and Robbie are going to continue working in Life of Fred Math and will be supplementing with the Video Text Pre-Algebra.

We are using Total Language Plus for Literature, Language, Spelling and Vocabulary. I love that the workbooks have all of material pulled from the books. We will be using Grammar Keys to supplement the grammar portion of this program.

The boys will be working through Mystery of History and I will be using the Story of the World to coincide with the chapters we do in MOH. My daughter will doing American History.

Science will be Apologia and the Jeanne Fulbright series for all three. has great lesson plans for the Apologia science. I ran into a homeschool family while visiting Wakefield. The birthplace of George Washington. You just know another homeschool family. We can pick each other out….. 🙂 She raved on your Science lesson plans Donna….thought I would pass it on. I grinned….I’m afraid I was a name dropper and said “Yes, Donna is a wonderful lady!!” She was envious that I had spoken to you…. 🙂 Sorry, but you are one of my heroes….. 🙂

We will be doing Spanish and I hope to incorporate some Latin. Have I missed anything? I am trying to do this off the top of my head with out looking at the books or my notes.

PE will again be at the local rec center. The kids enjoyed the Pilates classes and learning how to properly work out in the weight room. The boys are all ready trying to hit me up for the 6am boxing classes….I have not given a definitive answer on that one yet.

Music and Art are a combined co-op class. I have a friend who teaches piano and I teach art. We combine this and do it all on one day. It has been fun.

If I am missing a subject I am sure one of my many friends will point it out to me….

I did find a great math drilling program at the NOVA homeschool convention. Math Drill Express. It is PC and MAC compatible for those of my friends who are the die hard MAC people. My husband still doesn’t understand your reasoning for this, but he won’t hold it against you….. 😉 Math drill express does addition,subtraction, multiplication and division. Well you can just read the website. I have Timez Attack which is a great game. But they only offer multiplication. I wanted something that would drill them in all the facts so we could stay fresh and they enjoy trying to beat their scores.

My daughter will tell you though, for someone who is not video game savvy; it is difficult to get to the end of the game if you can’t keep yourself alive long enough to answer the math facts…..I had a chuckle at this one.

Bobbie….thank you so much for the message!! It made my day.


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  1. Sorry for the mess you family is dealing with. Praying for you guys.

    Comment by TheDeeZone | July 20, 2008 | Reply

  2. Thank you Ginger. =)

    That is awful that your two fingers are still swollen. I hope the doctor can tell you something because, good grief, you can’t drop the fries, not ever!

    I’m sorry about the distress the Mil is causing your family. 😦

    Life moves on anyway and it sounds like you all are geared up for schooling. =) I hope your daughter likes VideoText. Mine did, she just seemed to blossom with it and gain confidence, so I suppose that type of program was her cup of tea.

    Take care!! ((hugs))

    You’re welcome Donna!! I was able to trade the vhs tapes in for the DVD’s. I talked with Dr. Clark at the convention and he said send them in and they would trade them for me. Of course it still cost me $60. That was better than what they offer on the website which is $180. Randy wants me to start saving for the next set. Next year we will try to get the Geometry set.

    The boys are using the videos also….Charlie really liked them. We are a little undecided on him. I am going to see how he does with it and if he does okay? I will keep him on the VT also.

    I am beginning to think it is the ligaments…… 😦

    Comment by Donna | July 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. I love to read what the kids will be doing. It makes me feel like I am so much of the family daily living. I hope you are feeling better. I didn’t always know what some of the abbreviations stand for, but I did figure out the main one. LOL

    Comment by woundedlily | July 21, 2008 | Reply

  4. Have you been able to get back for the xrays yet? Praying for complete healing for you.

    Comment by Elaine | July 22, 2008 | Reply

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