Schoolhouse Planner Giveaway….

I stumbled across in my friend Elaine’s blog. It is a planner give away from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. This is a magazine for home schoolers. If you do not all ready have a subscription, I highly recommend it!!!

Here is the article on the Planner give away, in case you want to put your name in the hat. Today is the deadline…..sorry.

“I was so excited to have the opportunity to review the new Schoolhouse Planner. If you’re anything like me, you’ve worked your way through a variety of planners, but may have had a difficult time finding one that encompasses all you’d like. The people at The Old Schoolhouse sought out ideas and suggestions from the homeschool community, to find out exactly what homeschool families need to better organize and plan their lives. The result is a well-thought out and comprehensive planner.

The Schoolhouse Planner starts out with full-page 2008 and 2009 calendars for the broad overview of your year. Then it moves into the individual monthly calendar pages. Instead of sticking to “just the facts, ma’am,” each month includes helpful tips (teaching writing, chore training, unit studies, and more), useful reference information (7 Wonders of the Ancient and Modern World, famous composers, important US documents from the National Archives, to name a few), a resource list (links for products at The Schoolhouse Store that correspond to each month), and recipes (Amish breakfast casserole, chalupas, easy chicken casserole, anyone?). Much of this will be of great value long after the school year ends.

The second section contains all the Homeschool Forms you might need, and then some. The beauty of this planner is that you can easily print the specific forms you need, based upon the number of children you have and your homeschool. Because of the number of forms available, I might not print the entire Forms section. Instead, I would print the list of forms, so I know what’s available and then print just those that I want, as I need them.

Here’s just a taste of available forms:
Planning sheets – annual, curriculum, twelve-year, weekly, field trips, and more
Record keeping – grades, report cards, high school hours, books read, science lab, nature journal, and much more
Other information – extracurricular, website and vendor list, co-ops, support groups, etc.

Following this is the Household Forms section. There are forms for housekeeping, chores (varying ages of children), menu planning, contact and phone number information, financial and budget records, Bible reading plans, and even garden plans. As with the previous section, there’s much more in addition to these.

Each Forms section also includes some basic instructions for each. I came across useful some ideas here that I hadn’t thought of, which will help me in my own school planning.

With The Schoolhouse Planner, a binder, and your printer, you’ll be set for organizing and planning everything in life. I’m excited to put this planner into use and I will definitely recommend this to other homeschool families!”

(Quoted from Home School Blog Awards)

Go register!!!!


August 12, 2008 - Posted by | Just Life


  1. Looks great to me!

    Comment by Anonymous | August 16, 2008 | Reply

  2. Looks good to me. Why do we have to leave so much information to leave comment?

    Comment by woundedlily | August 16, 2008 | Reply

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