August 19th…..Oh boy……

I can not believe that August is flying by so quickly.  I wanted to start schooling with the kids the first of August but ended up with family members here and that just does not work.

My husband has offered to take over some of the subjects for me.  He has offered to teach at least math and science. I may allow him to do this….once we get started and see how things go.

Other than that life is the same old around here.

I am getting ready to head downstairs and see what I can throw away……oops, I mean donate.

I finally convinced my husband that we don’t need two pianos and he will never get time to refurbish the other piano.  It is heart wrenching to me to have to destroy this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It was built in the 1800’s and still has some of the original ivory on the keys.  It is a large upright grand.  It is taking up so much space though.

My husband put it on the piano recycling group, did you you even know there was one?  No takers and it has been a month now. If we have to destroy it, I am taking several pieces from the piano to keep.

The front piece that opens up has a large panel with carved oak leaves and acorns on the raised relief.  I was thinking of converting that into a head board for the bed.  Right now my headboard is a piece of plywood covered with batting and a velvet throw with a flower pattern woven into the material. Opening the top lid reveals a bar that the hammers are attached to, on that bar is a gold relief of the Chicago World’s Fair circa 1880-1890?  I am trying to picture this in  my head so my dates are off.  It is in pristine condition.

When the piano is opened all the way, it is interesting to view how the makers made and upright grand.

My only problem with doing anything right now is that I can not put any weight on my left hand.  Sorting laundry is a killer.  I have two little girls visiting and braiding their hair left my hand throbbing.

In case I never mentioned it…..the doctor had to cancel my appointment that was supposed to be August 18th and reschedule for Sept 10th. He had an emergency.

Stuffing and wrapping 640 hot dogs on Saturday probably did not help the matter either.  Our local Rescue Squad has a special back to school bingo every year.  They purchase book bags and school supplies and stuff the bags according to grades.  This is to help the poorer communities in our area. Well, this year they had 600 children show up……some had to be turned away due to the building capacity.  They didn’t leave empty handed though.  The EMS crew gave them lunch and still handed them a back pack.

Since the Rescue Chief’s family live on our street, his wife always grabs back packs for the kids in her neighborhood.  She know we home school and still includes the kids. I felt I should help her out hence me volunteering to work the kitchen.  I am just glad I didn’t get my kids up to go….that place was a mad house. They got to spend time with Daddy.

I am considering getting a part time job in the evenings.  My husband is not for this idea and I understand his reservations.  I have gone back to counseling and it is not cheap when you pay out of pocket. I would rather pay for it myself.

I am sitting on the application.  I have not turned it in yet.  I am still trying to decide.  Life goes on…..


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  1. So is it gone yet?
    I like your plans for the piano though it is sad no one wants to try and restore it to it’s former glory.

    Comment by Elaine | August 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. Is this the piano that was in your front room, by the stairs when we visited? It is a beautiful, large piece. Sad to destroy it, but I think your idea for making the headboard is great.

    Comment by MissPlacedAlaskan | September 3, 2008 | Reply

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