LOL…my sister said that post was lame and didn’t count. I chuckled.

What is happening here to keep me away from the rest of the world? Life. Life has a way of getting out of control and causing one to loose the bigger picture.

I suppose I should mention that my family has talked me into participating in NANOWRIMO 2008. Last years NANOWRIMO saw my husband and daughter disappearing for an entire month. My daughter skipped her birthday because it inconveniently fell during NANOWRIMO. I will make sure she does not miss her birthday this year.

I kept the home fires burning which means meals were cooked and the remaining three family members carried the bulk of the work so the other two could hide in their writing caves. Do they have any idea how this will affect the home front with me being required to write 50,000 words in one month?

Who will do the cooking? Who will take out the trash? I think November will be a good month for dieting. I could call a fast for the month. I will have to let you know how this works.

I only have one really small minor problem. I have no clue what to write about. My mind has many ideas but too many to narrow to one topic.

Would any of my friends like to see something specific…? I will take any and all ideas.


On another note…..My boys are sitting here trying to put together a filing cabinet for me. This is a project in working together and following directions.

I must say that I was rather surprised that the instructions actually tell one not to use a drill. Nope! No drill. Only a fillips head screwdriver and a hammer. I wonder if I should wait for my husband to put this together. I am trying to remember how much we paid for this thing. I really should take a picture of the process and the finished project.


On another note…

Sharon, at Quiet Reflections, left me an award. I just don’t know how to bring the image over. This will be one of those things my husband will have to do for me.

Thank you Sharon. It was very kind of you to give me this Inspiration Award. I am not so sure it is deserved but I accept. I would encourage all to visit her blog.  Her blog is uplifting and encouraging.

It is nice to think one can be an inspiration to others but more importantly I want to be an inspiration to my children. My daughter will turning 15 in November and my middle son 13 on the 29th of October. They are growing up so fast. I sit and wonder where the time went. When they were little, I would wonder how they would be in the teen years and before I knew it, it was upon me. Now I look at them and wonder what they will be like as adults.

I ask myself if I have prepared them enough to handle what life is going to through at them. Have I given them what they will need to make wise choices? Will they look back on their childhood and remember the good moments more than the bad moments? What will they remember?

It is a daunting task, being a parent.


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  1. Ahhhhh much better. I feel so uninformed when you don’t write.

    We talk almost everyday on the phone! What could you possibly uninformed about?! LOL

    Comment by peachiestpigpen | October 21, 2008 | Reply

  2. NANOWRIMO sounds like a challenge! I am not a writer and won’t be participating!

    I have to agree with your assessment of time passing for the children. We have 2 teens in the house now and I wonder if I am doing everything necessary to prepare them for adulthood. Such a daunting task that God has given us to raise these children to be Godly man & women!

    Comment by MissPlacedAlaskan | October 21, 2008 | Reply

  3. I am going to be participating in NaNoWriMo. I can’t wait!! Glad to see you update and Peaches was right that last one….lame. lol. Just joking with ya.

    have a great day!!

    Look me up and add me to your buddy list. I like messing with Peaches… 🙂 Joke away my friend!! LOL

    Comment by Bobbie | October 22, 2008 | Reply

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