Another Week Gone By…

We have all had that kind of week, where everything that was planned did not necessarily happen. That was my week.

My husband was off this week. He came up with his own “Honey Do” list. I never create one for him. There has never been a need. He is great in that respect. His list this week was not a long list. The items he chose to do were a little more intensive and took a little longer than I was expecting.

The first item on his list was the hall closet. It some what resembles the wardrobe in the Narnia movies. It was only missing the pine forest and lamppost along with those lovely coats hanging up in the back side of the closet. Who would have thought there could have actually been two shelves in the back of the closet. We do have a weird closet. The space was created over the ceiling of the stairs. So the floor or wall, what ever you want to call that thing, looks like a slide with carpet. In fact, when we moved into the house, the children were only 1,2 and 4. They called that closet the sliding closet. The 1 year old who is now 11, was surprised that he doesn’t fit in the closet anymore.I started that job and allowed Hubby to finish the job. Not because I wanted to quit. I am somewhat challenged in the height and reaching department so it makes getting to the back of the closet some what interesting to watch. He has it finished with the coats all organized and now all of my cake decorating supplies are in one place and occupy the two shelves in the back of the closet. He made me leave for the completion of that job.

The second item on the list was refinishing the stairs that lead to the finished basement and the stairs that lead to the living room. They were carpeted at one time. Due to three children learning how to slide down the stairs on cardboard, slippery coats and what ever else they could find or what ever idea their father put in their heads, the carpet had to come up. Oh, and I forgot the dogs. They had their own issues with the carpet. He sanded the stairs after several days of scraping paint off the wood. Then stained them and is now on his third coat of a satin polyurethane finish. In between the coats of poly, one must apply a little bit of steel wool, then wipe and then the next coat. This must all be timed for the benefit of no traffic. I will have to post a picture of the steps. They are quite beautiful. He did make a little mess with the stain. So that means a new paint job on the side of the stairs.

His third item was to apply the heat shrink plastic to the windows. Sadly, he was only able to finish the bay window at this point. We have all ready noticed a huge difference from sitting at the dining room table. Thanks to my window cleaning job, once the plastic was put in place you can not even tell it’s there. We, I mean he, has 7 windows left to do not to mention the doors that he is applying foam seals on the side.

The fourth item has yet to be attempted. He needs to climb back up into the attic and finish sealing the tubular skylights he installed in the summer. It was just too stinking hot to climb back up in there after he got the skylights installed. Now he is complaining about it possibly being too cold. It could also be that he is just plain too tall and big to be climbing through an attic that a 6’5″ man can barely squeeze through.

To add to that list he is trying to maintain his goal of writing at least 1,000 words a day to complete NANOFIMO. NANONFIMO is finishing what one wrote while participating in NANOWRIMO. I want him to continue to work on his story. He is enjoying this and it is an accomplishment for him.

There have been other issues, but no need to delve into that area.

I also had the annual Installation dinner for out local rescue squad that I volunteer at. Dumfries Triangle Rescue Squad. I have only been an officially sworn in, voted on, approved member since September. Imagine my surprise tonight when my name was called to receive two certificates. I really was surprised. I didn’t think I had been there long enough to do anything that would have warranted recognition, but others thought differently. I received a certificate of recognition for being willing to help out and participate in events while waiting on pending approval. I also received one for being willing to help at anytime and the work I had been doing in assisting with some of the regular weekly events they host. That was another way of saying I help out in the kitchen on the Friday night bingo night…:-) Still, when you have only a handful that are willing to come out and it always seems as if it is the same few people willing to help that show up, it is a big deal to the powers that be.

This is not false modesty. I truly was not expecting to receive any recognition for doing something that is fun for me. I like helping people and I enjoy doing things for others. I am a in the kind of gal. I am not an up front kind of gal. I do things because I can. It is unusual for me to be recognized for things I have done or do for people. I don’t expect it to begin with. My philosophy on this is that God knows my heart and knows why I do the things I do. It is a blessing to me. I won’t deny it is great to get an “atta boy” once in awhile. I never expect it. Most of the time I have found out that if you do expect the pat on the back, you are going to be disappointed. When you don’t expect it, it is so much sweeter when it does happen. Our rescue squad does a lot of community work. I just wanted to help. I hope I never get to the point where I expect the accolades. If I do, then I am doing it for the wrong reason.

There is an analogy that can be applied to that story. As Christians, many times the work we do to further the kingdom of God goes unrecognized by those around us. Some out there do the bulk of the work. God tells us that some will sow, some will nourish and some will reap the harvest. We must always keep our eyes on God. He knows the intent and purpose of our hearts. We are commanded to do all things as unto the Lord.

I would be lying if I sat here and tried to say I have never been disappointed. I have. That is when I am reminded of why I did or performed the actions I performed. It wasn’t for me. It was because I was allowing God to use me to be a blessing.

That is all I want to be…a blessing.

(p.s.  I am going to bed.  I will come back tomorrow and proof this, so please ignore my mistakes. Thank you…  😉   )


December 7, 2008 - Posted by | Attitude, Awards, Decluttering, Family, Holidays, Sanity, Satire, Thankfull


  1. Congrat’s on your recognition certificates. It is wonderful that you are enjoying helping out.

    WOW, Randy has some rather large fix it projects going on. We don’t have a lot around here to fix, but there is always something to do. We just swapped rooms again…the Den is now the living room & vice versa.

    Comment by MissPlacedAlaskan | December 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. When you finish, I have a list you can work on. LOL

    Comment by Wounded Lily | December 8, 2008 | Reply

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