Surprise, surprise…

….here I am again.  Today is Friday and I can tell you that I am in pain.  I have been standing so much on a concrete floor that my hips actually hurt. Along with knees and ankles.

A member of the Rescue Squad passed away. She was an still quuite young.  She was only 61.  She had contracted some type of bacterial/parasitic infection. The doctors found out it was this type of infection but were unable to identify what it was that was making her ill.  At the time of her passing she weighed only 57 lbs. She had been battling this for 8 months. It was sad for the station because she and her family were long standing members. Her daughters are quite active with the rescue squad. When I heard the news I cried for the sisters. The youngest one had only been married for a year I believe.  She is a sweet and funny young lady.  I had not really had an opportunity to get to know either of them well but we all feel the pain and loss of a parent. I was sad for the girls because they truly adored their mother. The times that are going to be very difficult for them will be the moment they find they are expecting their first child. The first holidays and birthdays.The anniversary of their loss. My heart goes out to this family.

As I sat and thought about what they were going to miss, I realized that I had all ready grieved for that loss. Over time I no longer miss these moments that daughters especially share with their mothers. The news of our pregnancies.  Being present at the birth of our children. Spending holidays together and creating lasting memories. I grieved over the loss of my mother and could empathize with these two sisters. Then there was a slight twinge of jealousy that started to creep in on my heart. Even in their grief they could still find joy.  They would still have fond memories of time spent with their mother. Happy moments.

The kicker, folk’s, is that my mother is still alive.

It has had me reflecting on what is my daughter going to think about me when I move on from this world. If she doesn’t have these fond memories of me do I still have time to create some with her.

That is enough melancholy for one day.  I have been on my feet prepping and cooking for three days. The food was an absolute hit!!!! The families favorite cake is carrot cake. Heather, you have no idea how many people came up to me today begging for that recipe!!!  Especially the icing. You are the bomb, Girl!!!

One of the sister’s can not eat any meat. It makes her sick.  You may not even use a meat base. i went out of my way to make sure, along with the other person cooking, that she would have some vegetarian dishes to choose from.

I must say, as my arm is stretching to pat myself on the back, I outdid myself. No false modesty here folks.  I came up with the most amazing spinach lasagna recipe that several people including the sister wanted the recipe. I was tickled pink. I felt bad because I really didn’t know what I could do for this family in their time of grieving. The one thing I can do is cook.  So I helped cook. It is amazing how good it makes you feel when doing something like this for someone in need. In my mind it wasn’t much…well it was alot of cooking.  In the grand scheme of things to me it was such a small thing to do. The extent everyone went to so this would be a nice repast for the family and friends was greatly appreciated.  Many comments were made as to how the dear lady who passed on would have loved this party. As is usually true with any group, there are usually only a handful that always seem to be the same people who step up to the plate to help out. It was the same ladies. It wasn’t just me but a group of us who worked together and pulled it off. Kudos to a great job to everyone who pitched in.  My kids were even delegated as helpers.

My condolences to the McCormack Family.

Of course no one believed my daughter was only 15. My 13 year old son enjoyed himself with the paramedics that were on duty while they sat in the day room. He said they were truly impressed with his vast intellect (actually he said superior intellect, I am just toning it down some.) and ability to carry on such an interesting and stimulating conversation. Yep.  That boy is just like his father but with my gift of gab.

We are off to visit a gun show tomorrow.  I may have pictures of my valentines gift tomorrow.  My husband said if we are lucky it may even have laser sighted hand grips.

I smell like burnt oil and french fries.  I am off to take a shower. Have a great weekend…I may pop back in if I have something worth showing… 😉


February 20, 2009 - Posted by | Attitude, Celebrations, Cooking, Daughter, Family, Grief

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  1. You are an amazing lady, Ginger. It is wonderful that you were able to reach out to this family in their grief with you talents in the kitchen. I’m sorry for the loss of you friend and the emptiness that the squad will feel without her.

    Hooray for the gun show! Can’t wait to see your Valentine’s gift. The laser sited grip is so cool! Have fun shopping.

    Danny has promised me a shot gun for the next big holiday for us…but we won’t be together again till mid-June so I’ll have to be patient and wait. Maybe till our Anniversary again.

    Comment by MissPlacedAlaskan | February 21, 2009 | Reply

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