Belated Valentines Gift…(Picture Heavy)

My Valentines gifts from my husband…the belated ones.  I was also given a very cute mug with a frog sitting in the mug. I collect frogs. He is my Froggie Prince Charming.

That, folks, is a Taurus PT-1911 with Gold Accents and Faux Pearl grips.  I think only a women would make the difference between faux pearl and real…LOL.  My husband told our daughter he was buying me precious metals for Valentines. She thought that was cool until she saw his version of precious metals. She is, after all, only 15. See the second gift to appease the 15 year old daughter.

It’s beautiful.  How cool and awesome is that!! I get taken to a gun show and come home with boom, bling and a t’shirt that can do it all for the well endowed.

This is a specially designed concealed carry holster t’shirt.  It is soo comfortable .  My husband bought the t’shirt that has the double holster. One side holds his firearm and the other holds extra magazines.  You can order this from the folks at GUNTEE. I originally bought the 1x which fits sizes 2x-3x.  It was too big for me.  The shirt needed to be a little more snug.  We went back to the gun show and he traded my 1x for a large. Check them out and tell them I sent you. It won’t get you a discount but he remembers me…  :-)He hugged me when my husband’s back was turned.  They all thought he was a keeper(my husband, that is…)  Do you have any idea how funny that sounds coming from a group of men?

This is my husbands. I was using his but he decided he didn’t want to share anymore. Apparently the marriage license and the “what’s his, is mine” rule doesn’t apply to a mans gun. That and the grips are too big for my hand.  I am a paltry 5’3″ whereas the man of the house is close to 6’4.5″. (He’s shrinking.) He used this when he was on the pistol team at the Citadel.  It is 20 years old. He was there from ’85-’89. He went by Chuck. I won’t call him “Chuck”. Ever. Never. Ever. Just thought I would tell you that….

We are a matched pair but I have the precious metals, as he puts it.

Don’t ask me why, but I did not realize just how dirty a gun gets after shooting 200 rounds. That is a lot of smoke. Guns get dirty. That means you have to clean them. In my case you have to learn.

Here are a couple pictures of my target shooting.  I had to get used to the Heine sights on the Taurus. There are some issues as to why my group is low. I could be over anticipating the recoil and pushing the gun down as I am pulling the trigger or just not sighting it properly.  This will correct itself the more I practice. My husband does not mind spending an hour or two at the range with me.  I shoot and he comes home with a soar thumb. He is getting a callous on his thumb from standing there and loading the magazines for me… 🙂 He is a keeper!

If you decide to go and “throw some lead down range”, as a friend puts it, expect to get dinged once in awhile. It won’t hurt, unless it gets stuck in between your glasses and your eyebrow. It’s a wee bit warm.

Be safe if you own or are thinking of becoming a gun owner. Cornered Cat has great information especially for women who may be considering purchasing a hand gun or in my case have sat on their concealed carry permit for 12 years and refused to carry. I was concerned with my lack of proficiency in handling a firearm.  My husband has been working on correcting the lack of proficiency. I am having  a blast. (oops…no pun intended on that one) as are the kids.

There are some great sights to visit.  I mentioned Cornered Cat, which is great for information for women who wish to carry  for defense or just enjoy shooting. My husbands favorite is Law Dog. I admit to going out there occasionally and getting lost in reading his blog.  You cannot help yourself. You get sucked in to his stories. I was just out there looking for a post I thought he had written but still haven’t found the thing yet. ( I found it!! Meditations on Stopping Power by Law Dog) I will have to get hubby to help me. It was about a person who owns a firearm.  One who practices all the time and one who doesn’t. It was reading that post that made me realize why after 12 years of having a CCP, I didn’t carry. Like I said, my husband is working on that issue.

Have fun. Be safe.

In case you are wondering…My husband is qualified as an NRA Instructor…not to mention all of his practical experience.  I am in good hands.


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  1. Your husband is a great teacher, too! Would you believe we haven’t found a place to go shooting yet. The only range here that anyone can tell us about is owned by the military and a gun club. You have to own a membership to the gun club to shoot at their range…it is expensive! The other location is an indoor range owned by the police, but they don’t share with the public. We will have to wait till we get to Alaska to shoot our weapons!

    That ring is beautiful. Dh did really good with that!

    Comment by MissPlacedAlaskan | February 27, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you…I’m sorry you can’t find a place to practice. I know once you get to Alaska you will find places. He did a good job with the ring.

      Comment by gingerporter | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. I can’t wait to show hubby your v-day gifts 🙂 He’ll probably think that he needs to get me one of those, actually he’ll probably think that I’m hinting for both but I’m not really into rings for bling, I prefer earrings myself.

    Comment by Elaine | February 27, 2009 | Reply

  3. Pretty! Both the ring and the gun. Guess we know what REAL women want 😀

    Comment by JC | March 9, 2009 | Reply

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