Competitive Nature…

I cannot say if my husband truly believes this but my children apparently do. They think I am competitive.

I play for fun. I play cards with a neighbor friend and it is usually a very friendly game. I enjoy winning like the next person but for me, allowing your opponent to move her card is more fun than just sitting there beating the pants off of someone. We play Skip-Bo.

I enjoy playing, but winning is not always my “be all, end all” attitude. I just want to laugh and have fun. I need laughter in my life, especially right now.

My husband has been taking me to the range to practice my shooting. I do so enjoy going to the range and shooting. My husband is more concerned with me becoming proficient so that I am comfortable with carrying my “friend.”


I like to beat the pants off the men who come to practice and cannot seem to hit the side of a barn painted with a big red bullseye let alone a target/silhouette at 15-20ft down range. I know my Maker is going to humble me for the excessive amount of pride I am carrying at the moment.

Folks…I simply cannot help it!!

I should preface this by saying that I have picked up on a basic attitude toward the .45. I happen to own a Taurus 1911 .45.  Boy is it a beaut!

The attitude is that the .45 is a lot of gun to handle. I have heard of men my husband’s size who won’t shoot a .45.  My husband is not a small man. He is a foot and 2+ inches taller than I am with the broadest shoulders. I look at him strangely when I hear someone say that the .45 is a lot of gun to shoot.

Two young Marines ( I love the Marine Corps!) made a smart quip about the wimpy women firing the .22. I didn’t take kindly to that remark. I decided to show them and got out my .45. I won…

There was another gentleman firing a .357. That is a lot of bang, let me tell you. This gentleman was in the lane next to us and when he fired this cannon, I could feel the vibration in my chest. It was awesome!  I also had a few other thoughts that I will share at the end. This poor gentleman shot the floor up more than he did his target. He was over compensating for the recoil and would push the barrel down upon pulling the trigger. I know this since I was doing the same thing a few times. I had all of my groupings in the lower left hand side of the silhouette target. I am in the process of correcting this bad habit. My teacher/husband is making sure of that!  I want to make him proud of me.  I really do.

I am by no means an expert. Nor would I be considered a marksman. I can hit the target. I have an odd reason for doing so which I won’t tell you, but I like to switch hands. I like to practice with both hands. I will practice the popular stands which are Weaver and Isosceles. I will shoot a few one handed, switching between the left and right hands.  I really do have a good reason for practicing shooting one handed and switching hands. I don’t want to be laughed at so I am not going to tell you.

My husband wanted/needed pictures of me shooting my precious metals. We took a few shots, um…I meant photos. (Really, there was no pun intended.)  My favorite one is the picture with the red arrow pointing to a spent casing flying over my head as it was ejected from the barrel. Cool!!!

For the gun enthusiasts…pardon any faux pas in regard to the proper gun lingo.  I am still learning. Here are the photos my husband has wanted me to post.

That is a bleach spot on my old t’shirt…just in case you were wondering.

We must not forget the “Big Guy”.

I almost forgot…

When I mentioned the gentleman standing next to us, firing the .357? I felt the vibration. It was amazing. I couldn’t believe how much of that my body could feel.

It made me think about all our troops in the battlefield and what they must feel when there is shelling and mortars and gun fire going on around them.  I cannot imagine the toll that takes on the body under prolonged exposure.

Thank you…

Thank you for standing in the hedges for my family. Thank you for the sacrifices that not only you, but your families make to keep mine safe.

I have ears and eyes while I am at the range shooting. I could not imagine not having protection on in a battlefield and having that go off in my ears.

I just wanted to say Thank You…


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  1. I’m proud of you Ginger.

    We would love to go shooting more but it has been exceedingly difficult to find reloading supplies or even ammo up here since the election that is proving to be the downfall of the USA. 😦 Yesterday hubby was able to get some ammo for the shotgun, hunting rounds and .22s but could find nothing for the handguns.

    Comment by Elaine | April 8, 2009 | Reply

  2. What you didn’t mention is that the two marines were shooting a .40 Sig, at a full size (3 foot wide) shillouette target at 12 feet. They were hitting the paper, at least.

    When you shot your .45, you shot an 8 inch group at 30 feet.

    The competitive part was putting up that VisiShot target, just so everyone else could see your shots too.

    Comment by CapitalGGeek | April 9, 2009 | Reply

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