An Evening Drive…

Saturday was hot. Hot. Hot. Hot.  We needed milk so I thought it would be a great idea to head out to the store at 11:30 pm. We hit the little store just down from our house.  My husband didn’t realize I was slightly disappointed.  I was, after all, looking for a wee longer drive.

We dropped the milk off at the house then headed back down the road. We drove past the local shopping center which is about five miles from our house. It had been ages since either one of us had been there; curious to see what shops were still there, we pulled into the shopping center.

My only regret was in not grabbing my eyeballs (glasses). I couldn’t see very well but what I could see was interesting and fun to watch.

Living where I do, I am not often surprised by what I see people doing. I was not prepared for what my husband and I came upon.

There were about 20+ young men in the parking lot.  I later found out by talking to the right outfielder that they were mostly Pakistani and Indian.

They meet there on the weekends.  They prefer the empty parking lot to a club or field since most of them work long hours. They needed an area that had some decent lighting.

They had a rousing game of Cricket going on. The team at bat was winning so far. The outfielder was very kind and explained the ins and outs of the game. Some of which I was all ready familiar with. Since they were playing in the parking lot they were using cardboard boxes for the wickets and a tennis ball wrapped in white tape. He explained why the bowler had to run up the line and throw the ball overhanded.  It has to bounce at least once in front of the batter.

It really was fun to watch and dare I say (hiding and ducking as I say this) a lot more interesting to watch then the ummmm…American past time of baseball.

If you happen to be out driving around empty shopping mall parking lots and see a large group of people with two cardboard boxes running back and forth…stop and watch. It is pretty interesting and surely not one of the things one would expect to see at midnight, on a Saturday. At least not in my neck of the woods.

If you would like to know more about Cricket, check out this blog.  Here is a brief tutorial on the game.

I knew Cricket used to be played in the United States but didn’t realize we actually had a top notch team at one point. Cricket was a popular game in the United States in her early days. George Washington even played “wicket” with his troops after they had just spent a hard winter in Valley Forge to boost moral. It declined somewhat during the war of 1812.Hmmm…wonder why?  It had a revival of sorts during the latter part of the 18th century.

The United States may claim the title of holding the first official international match in the world. The United States played against Canada in 1844. Canada won by 23 runs.

Staten Island, New York is home to the oldest Cricket club in America. It has continued to operate since 1872. There is still hope that America my again break into the International Cricket  League. We actually qualified to play against the “professionals” in 2004.  A Short History of Cricket in the US (link provided below) is where the above information was pulled.

Here are some other links of interest…

An Explanation of Criket

Cricket Rules and Basic Set Up (very interesting names)

A Short History of Cricket in the United States

Pretty nifty if you ask me…next time I will take my glasses so I can see and my camera to snap some pictures.


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  1. Saw cricket fields at Stanley park in Vancouver.

    Comment by TheDeeZone | April 28, 2009 | Reply

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