Yesterday the kids had their physicals.  They are healthy but it did involve immunizations and blood work. Charlie doesn’t like needles. He did well.  Poor Robbie ended up getting poked three times before they were finally able to get his blood work. Colleen and Charlie ended up having their blood drawn from their hands. Eewwww.

I have been a bad girl.  My A1C was at a 5.5 but jumped to a 6.5.  I am going to have to be more careful. I don’t need to become a full fledged diabetic.

I am trying to get other things organized. Randy is contemplating moving our bedroom downstairs. Oh boy!! If we do this, it will be a monumental task. It would require moving the toy room out and painting the walls. They are currently decorated with 3 foot flowers and a huge tree. IF, and it’s a big IF, we move the kids around, I would rather move Colleen into our room and put one of the boys in Colleen’s room. This would also require painting her room. I don’t think the boys would want a purple room.The kids actually like this idea. I just mentioned this to them and they like the idea.  Colleen doesn’t want to move her room though. Even with the offering of a bigger room she wants to keep her room. Charlie is ecstatic about getting our room. He just informed me that he would then be able to buy the fold up table at Walmart. Why does he want a fold up table you ask? He wants it for his puzzles so we don’t have to put it away all the time after starting them on the dining room table. That is still going to be a lot of work.

He has volunteered to start packing up the toy room.  I guess this boy is serious. I guess the next decision would be whether or not to keep their loft beds. I love, love loft beds. When two or more are sharing a room, having a loft bed frees up so much floor space.

I really don’t know if I am up to that. It would give us more privacy. We would also have our own bathroom. I would be closer to the laundry room. I have this fear about being that far away from my kids. Granted, any step someone took I would hear from downstairs. There is still a but in there.

My neighbor’s son is moving back from New York. My neighbor asked me to drive to New York with her and help them bring some things to her house.  They need to empty their apartment a little so it will show better for the Realtor. At some point tonight I need to remove the bench seats in my van so we will have more room to load. We will be driving to New York tomorrow and coming back on Thursday.

Saturday is family fun day at the rescue squad.  This is a day set aside for just the families of the rescue squad. It is a day filled with games, fun for all and food. This will be our first event.

Sunday is the annual Rolling Thunder Ride. We have been asked to make baked goods and offered the chance to sell them to the bikers riding in Rolling Thunder. I am thinking Heather’s sticky bun recipe, Pioneer Women’s apple thing recipe and my homemade cinnamon buns…or Pioneer Women’s cinnamon buns. We will need to be up and out there early, early in the morning.

This is basically what my week entails couple with some other thoughts on possible summer projects. I am still not so sure about the whole bedroom thing. I guess I will need to put some serious thought into that one.


May 19, 2009 - Posted by | Just Life

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  1. I would definitely like to have your room, but birdwisperer’s room would be okay. Oh and I need like eighty dollar’s to buy the table, but it comes with chair’s and if I could get it without them it would be cheaper.

    Comment by developingbrain | May 20, 2009 | Reply

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