I have recently been looking into my family tree. Not that I am a big fan of studying ones geneology, but it is always interesting to trace ones family lineage. I know much more about my maternal side of the family because several members had all ready done the research. There are several claims to historically famous people. None of which I am going to mention. It is fun to think and believe that one has a tie to these historical characters.

I started on my paternal side next. According to information that I  was able to gather my father had several siblings. I only know the name of two of his siblings. One Uncle who just recently passed away and an Aunt who died several years ago. I knew my paternal grandmother. I had  met her only a handful of times in my life. What I did know of her was that she was a cold,cruel and unforgiving women. I never knew the name of my grandfather. I just recently found that out. There was another uncle who the black sheep of the family. Everyone was ashamed of him because he was an alcoholic and suffered from TB (Tuberculosis). Here was a family raised to be callous, harsh and cruel. Unloving and cold would also fit. It worked out to be half and half so to speak. Half turned away from the abusiveness and the other half went on to ruin and propagate their cycle of cruelties.

I have six siblings. I am the oldest. My memories are long. I look at my life compared to that of my siblings and shake my head in disbelief. Seven lives. One out of the seven has lead a charmed life. They are the only one still married to the same person. They may well be the only one who has managed to raise respectful somewhat well balanced children. One out of how many though?

Is this the “sin’s of the father being visited upon the children” or just plain “sewing and reaping” and an inability to end a cycle that started generations ago? I don’t know…

What made the difference in the one of the seven? The only difference that is evident is God’s grace. The one has allowed, cried out to,begged for mercy,grace,wisdom,understanding,knowledge but more importantly…forgiveness. Only God knows the true legacy of this one. Only God knows if the  cycle  is broken with the one. What will those children choose to do?

Only time will tell…


August 4, 2009 - Posted by | Just Life

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  1. I am frequently amazed at God’s grace & mercy.

    Comment by MissPlacedAlaskan | September 5, 2009 | Reply

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