Another story by one of our young writer’s…

So sorry this took so long…we were all so sick for awhile that I did absolutely nothing. I owe dear Benjamin a huge apology! Benjamin…here is YOUR story!!

The Story…by Benjamin Valencic

My name is Kaleb G. Willson, Jr.  I’m twelve years old.  My mom’s name is Janessa A. Willson.  My dad’s name was Kaleb G. Willson Sr.  The reason I said that is that my dad went to war when I was eight years old.  I cried 3 days nonstop.  Finally Mom calmed me down, and we had ice cream that night right before he left.

He always called me Junior.  He was the best dad in the world, that meant it was harder to lose him.  Anyway I woke up, looked at the clock/calendar and it said 10:03 a.m.  3/27/15.  “Tomorrow’s my birthday!” I thought.  Then I remembered to check the mail.  I went and looked and only saw a big brown envelope.  I brought it into the kitchen, and opened it, since it was addressed to me.  There were two letters, a pocket knife, rope, and a map tied together with a string.   First I need to explain something.  Sometimes a lot of mail is delayed.  Sometimes a few days, or a few weeks or a few months, sometimes a year!  Well, I picked up the first letter and it said:

Dear Citizen,

We’re sorry to say your mail has been delayed quite a bit.


The postmaster.

I was surprised to see that my mail had been delayed for quite a while.  Usually it just says it has been delayed.  Then I read the second letter.  It said:

Dear great great grandson,

There is a tornado coming, please come quick.  The items are to help us.  There is a typewriter buried.  It’s on the    map.  See you soon.  (I hope)


Great great grandpa Joe

(P.S. It’s a time machine.)

(I love you)

I was also shocked at that.  Just then my mom came in and asked, “What’s that dear?”

I said, “a letter from great great grandpa Joe.”

Mom said, “He died like 20 years ago!”

“The post office said it was delayed quite a while.”

Mom almost dropped the dishes she had for breakfast.  She also said “He was also an inventor.  What did he say?”

I told her what was on the letter and what the items were and what the post office letter said.

She said, “Let’s find that typewriter.  Wait, what’s the date?”

“March 27th, 1890!  That means we go back in time!”

My mom said, “But where?”

I said, “Louisville, Kentucky.”

My mom went pale and said, “There was a huge tornado there in 1890 and killed 76 people and injured 200!”

Suddenly, I felt sick!  My mom asked me if I was all right.

I said, “No.  We’re going to a place where a tornado killed 76 people!”  I also went pale.

My mom said, “Yes.  This is serious.  Grandpa Joe could get killed!  We have to find the typewriter NOW!”  I could tell Mom was scared.

We hurried out the door and looked for a long time until Mom said lunchtime.  We had PB&J sandwiches and then continued until finally I said, “Here it is, Mom!  I found it!”  I jumped up and down, over and over.  I was so excited.  We pulled it out.  There was an old note that said:  “Type the date you want to go to and touch the space bar with your ring finger.”  I just stared.  I could tell we were both thinking, “Is he kidding?”

Mom said, “Well, we know what day to go to.  And the year.”

I said, “and month.”  So I typed March 27th, 1890 3:00 p.m. before we go on I wrote that time because the tornado struck at 4 in the afternoon.

“Let’s go!”  I said, and we both touched our ring finger to the space bar.  We felt a tug and then blackout!….


Suddenly we were at a house that said Joe Robie.  Mom said, “There’s the house!”  That’s my great grandpa’s house!”

I just stared.  “That’s my great great grandfather’s house!”  I thought.

We went up and knocked on the door and instantly he opened the door.  “He’s probably fifty,” I thought.

Then he said, “Oh, hello!  Come in, come in!”  We went in and said, “How are you?  Oops, I forgot.  My name is Joe.  Your names are?”

“My name’s Kaleb,” I said.  My mom said her name.

Joe said, “My great granddaughter!”  He looked so happy and hugged her, then hugged me.  He said the reason he disappeared is that when he was ninety he went back and wrote to be younger again, but went too far, and he’s in trouble!

We also said we were fine.  He said “The tornado is on the way.  It will come at 4:00.”  We checked the time.  It said 3:15!  We went to tell people about the tornado, but no one believed it.  Grandpa Joe said they never believe him because of an accident and it made the neighbor’s car disappear on accident.  H e said it wasn’t an explosion but the neighbor wouldn’t listen, but actually he made the car go forward in time.  We laughed so hard our sides hurt.  “Now, to work!” he said.


We went and started to build a tornado shelter big enough for everyone!  I got the tools, mom got the wood, Grandpa Joe got the thing built.  “We have only 15 minutes left!” I said.  We sped along as fast as we possibly could.  The next 15 minutes seemed to go really slow, but we went on.

We kept it up, until we heard the radio say, “Tornado Alert, Tornado Alert!”  We called all the people to the shelter.  Once everyone was in, the tornado hit at full power, but not everyone went in the shelter.  276 people stayed in their houses.


When the tornado hit it seemed to park right at our shelter.  It sounded like a vacuum was pulling on my ears and the noise was worse.  Imagine a vacuum right next to your ear, then multiply it by two million.  That’s how bad it was!  After what seemed like forever the tornado left.  We waited a few minutes before opening the stone doors of the shelter and the town looked like a ghost town.  It was a nightmare!  Suddenly the neighbor came.   He told us 76 people were dead and the rest were injured and we said, “The people here are perfectly safe.”

Grandpa said everyone should have listened.

We said he was right but he should have kept the trust of the people instead of blowing up the car with an experiment.

The neighbor said, “that was a good car for me.”

Grandpa gulped and he said, “I’m sorry.”

The neighbor named the people who had died.  I only caught a few and these were the names I heard:  James, George, Jane, Sally, Ben, Will, Sam, Sid, Liberty, Allison, Caleb…  He said those names were all babies!  I was sad, surprised and mad because they were killed; innocent babies killed.

Grandpa Joe said one of the people in the shelter was a doctor.  He went to work on the 200 people who were injured.  Many had very bad cuts, some had flu, some had broken limbs, and some were struck by lightning.  I thought that was impressive for lightning to strike in a tornado.  Other people had other sicknesses, well you should get the idea.

I looked and I got lost, because Mom probably went to help.  “So did Grandpa,” I thought.  I stayed where I was.

Then mom came and said, “Thanks for staying there.  Grandpa’s helping the police.”

“We should help,” I said.  We went to find Grandpa.  It wasn’t easy.  We went and after an hour we found him.  He said they did all they could.  Just then a policeman said that a family was trapped and asked us to help. I told Grandpa and Mom I should go myself.  They asked me why.  I said that I was younger and more healthy.

Mom said, “okay, as long as you be safe.  And be careful.”

I followed the police to the house.  The house obviously collapsed.  A little girl called from the basement.  I went over and looked.  There was a mom, a dad, a boy, a girl, and a baby. I couldn’t tell if it was a boy or girl.  I said to them, “I’ll help you, if you help me get you out of there.”  I went to the big hole and told the boy to get the couch and push it toward me and I told the girl to help.  They pushed it to me.  I helped make a ladder by leaning it against the wall.  I said to the mom, “Hand me the baby, then climb up!”  She did, and climbed up.  I told her the baby was very cute.  She said thank you.  Then the dad climbed up, then the girl, then the boy. I handed back the baby to the mom.

We went to the police station and my grandpa and mom were waiting there!  I went and hugged them both.  We hugged for a long time!  Then we asked if the family was all right.  They answered, “yes, your boy is very brave, and smart.  We would have never thought to push the couch against the wall of the basement.”

Mom was very impressed.  She said, “That’s my boy.”  She hugged me again.  Then we left toe police station.  Mom asked if Grandpa Joe wanted to come with us.

He said, “Yes!”  So we went to the typewriter and wrote 3/27/2015 5:00 p.m., then we touched the space bar with our ring fingers and suddenly we felt a tug then blackout!


When we first saw light, Grandpa Joe ran out to the door and said, “Hurry up slowpokes!”  We ran after him.  Mom went in and cooked dinner.  I told Grandpa Joe about the rescue and how awesome it was to see him build the shelter.

Mom came in with a big pot of macaroni and cheese!  “My favorite!”  I said.  After dinner we pitched a tent and slept outside.  We were safe… for now!

The end!


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