Things that make me smile….=)

My friends, Sheri and Tressa , posted a list of things that make them smile. I decided that I should do the same. It is some what short because I am slightly brain dead at the moment but I will add to the list as I smile…=)


*My husband’s grin. =)

*My children staying up past bedtime talking about life in general. Astounding for 3 teenagers.

*Amazing Grace

*God smacking me on the back of the head when I need it.

*Colleen’s smile.

*Charlie’s humor.

*Robbie’s freckles.

*Khan chasing Cleo.

*Cleo’s soft fur.

*Loki singing.

*Maxi trying to corner me. Her little feather tail waddling across the room.

*Hearing all the children that come over once a week, laughing hysterically and storming the barricades.

*Mud day!

*Having a visiting child say when he gets married his kids will do all the things he got to do at my house!

*Walking in the rain.

*Watching lightening storms.

*Cooking for friends and family.

*Reading a passage of scripture and knowing it was put there for me.

*Talking to my friends and sharing God’s blessing on our lives.

*The smell of a newborn baby.


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