I deactivated my Facebook account today. I have been wanting to do this for awhile. It just sucks me in and next thing I know I am rushing around trying to finish things I should have had done earlier. My goal is to go for a whole week…=) That doesn’t really sound like such a grand goal but it is baby steps.

I do have so many friends, that live in other states, that I keep up with and now I will miss out on their daily activities. As much as I love my friends, should I be so concerned with tracking their activities? I am not one of those stat people who try to see how many contacts they can amass. I actually know, IRL, 95% of my 306 acquaintances.

We shall see…

I miss the days when people actually chatted on the phone. Everything is texting and facebooking. My life is so complicated right now, the last thing I need is to be tethered to my cell phone and desk.

I have set some tasks before me that I would like to accomplish before I decide if I will reactivate FB.

Here goes…=)


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