Living in Northern Virginia, traffic is a way of life. There are no ways to avoid the mess unless you are agoraphobic.  Sitting in traffic is just the way we live around here.

The summers make the traffic worse. If I95 is backed up, everything dumps onto Route 1. Route 1 happened to be where I was sitting on Saturday. It was not pretty because it was a 3 mile back up. Then it cleared for a few miles and bam…right back in the thick of  going 2-5 miles or stopped completely.

We (my daughter and I) were sitting in a 2 mile back up at this point, when she spotted a bill board. She laughed and told me I needed to take a picture of that one! I did! I had the camera with me and thought, I will take a picture of something interesting as we move and stop. When we were able to move forward again, I snapped. A picture that is…=)

  Here is the bill board. She didn’t realize that Ruffles is a brand of potato chip. We don’t buy Ruffles. I prefer them because they are saltier. My husband doesn’t do salt. We usually end up with Wavy Lays. I also prefer the wavy chips because I am a scooper, not a dipper, dunker, dabber or scraper. I scoop! Lots! I am going to need to purchase her a bag of plain Rrrrufffles with rrridgges!

Ahhh, traffic is moving…slightly. We  stopped next to a building that I have long admired. I love the mural on the front of the building. They are an eye specialty shop. Glasses, Lasik etc. The mural on the front of the building is filled with lots of faces.

I love the mural, but it struck me funny that a place offers LASIK and BOTOX.

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