I deactivated my Facebook account today. I have been wanting to do this for awhile. It just sucks me in and next thing I know I am rushing around trying to finish things I should have had done earlier. My goal is to go for a whole week…=) That doesn’t really sound like such a grand goal but it is baby steps.

I do have so many friends, that live in other states, that I keep up with and now I will miss out on their daily activities. As much as I love my friends, should I be so concerned with tracking their activities? I am not one of those stat people who try to see how many contacts they can amass. I actually know, IRL, 95% of my 306 acquaintances.

We shall see…

I miss the days when people actually chatted on the phone. Everything is texting and facebooking. My life is so complicated right now, the last thing I need is to be tethered to my cell phone and desk.

I have set some tasks before me that I would like to accomplish before I decide if I will reactivate FB.

Here goes…=)


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Busy, Busy, Busy….tooo Busy!!

I was sitting here uploading pictures that I have taken and realized that what I thought had only been a week had actually been two…….WoW!!!

Alot of things have happened so I will backtrack a little. We have been  going to the rec center to do our workouts. Somehow my sons managed to talk me into taking them to a 6am Fitness Boxing Class. You are not seeing things…..yes….it does say 6am. The class is taught by a local hero in the D.C. area. DeMarcus Corley…..He is a Junior WelterWeight Boxing Champion. He is phenomenal. He is so good with kids. He is also the teacher of the Home-school P.E. class our local rec center offers for the many home-school families in our area. He uses much of his boxing training in teaching the boys in this class. since my daughter was the only girl we allowed her to drop it and she and I go to the fitness room and do our workout.

Other than dragging me out of bed at 5am (read insane at this point) it was really quite fun. We just have to stay out of hubby’s way. He is on auto pilot in the mornings and has a certain way of doing things. He is wonderful. He doesn’t like me getting up with him because he is not a morning person and didn’t want to hurt my feelings if he snapped or was uncommunicative. Isn’t he sweet….:-)

Off we go…..100 jumping jacks, 50 front and 50 back arm circles holding 1 pound weights, 50 stomach crunches that resemble one of the Pilate’s moves I have learned over the past month, oh and 10 minutes of jumping rope…….WE finally put on the boxing gloves.

You have no idea how much fun it is to put on stinky sweaty boxing gloves and be given permission to punch someone and not get arrested. The gloves came on and he went over the proper stance and your kickstand which is the back foot. We were taught how to jab and punch. This isn’t the first class the boys had taken. They have been to the 8:30 am Friday class plus the home-school p.e. class. It was my first time…….please note that had a picture been taken of my face one could see the glint of joy in my eyes and the excitement in my stance. I got to go first since I had to ask a question.

Jab, jab, punch!!! We did this about 5 times then DeMarcus throws his hands up and stops me. He looks at me and says, “Man you punch hard!!” Then he looks over at the boys and says, “Now I see where you get it….You boys punch like your Momma!!” They of course were just standing there grinning. You see, he puts this chest pad on, then the mits that are round and padded on the outside, palm side up. He tells you whether or not he wants you to hit his chest or the mits. That morning it was the mits. He has you continue to jab and punch as he is stepping backwards down the length of the room. We then turn around and work our way back to the starting line jabbing and punching. Next it’s the boys turn. He goes over and leans up against the wall where it is padded and tells the boys it is their turn. He said he was standing there because they would have him all over the room. The kids are having so much fun learning about how their bodies work and working out. Even my daughter is enjoying the exercise. It has been worth the sacrifices we have had to make so they could do this.

Wednesday night rolls around and my husband comes home with his allergies acting up. He looks miserable. That meant he wasn’t going to Wednesday night church so we allowed the boys to go with a neighbor who works with an AWANAS group at his church. I was on the way to my sister’s but that will come later. Off they go. Mr. Mike and Mrs Maria called me the next day and wanted us to know what a blessing it was for them to have the kids. Mr Mike said he had felt uplifted the whole evening in having my two boys with them. The difference in my two over the other kids was so blatant he held them up as an example. ( I don’t agree with that part but I understand why he was doing it.) The things he noticed the most were the boys love for the Lord and the fun they had….but the amazing thing is that they can actually hold a conversation. They liked to talk about spiritual things. Charlie and Mr. Mike had a conversation about end times and the book of Revelation and who they thought the two witnesses might be. He and his wife paid my kids and my husband and I a great compliment. He said what we were doing in raising our kids…..keep doing. It says a lot when two adults (other than family) enjoy having a conversation with a 10 and 11 year old.

Where was I? I was on my way to my sister’s. She had an abscess on her breast that had burst. She kept sending me pictures of the infected area on my cell phone to get my opinion. From where the abscess burst it left a tiny hole that was getting bigger with every picture she sent. We drove the hour to her house to take her some medicine. When we got there and actually saw……..We immediately told her we were taking her to the emergency room and she was not going to argue with us. They don’t have insurance and she has had this problem before but it has never been this severe. I won’t tell you the measures she was using in an attempt to alleviate the pain in her breast. All I could think of was flesh eating virus (strep A). The hole kept getting bigger every time you looked at it. You could see inside her breast tissue.

We arrived in the ER at 7:30 pm. When she was called back for triage she showed the nurse first who just looked bug eyed at her breast. She immediately went and got a doctor. When the doctor came in and my sister lifted her top……He backed up and turned green. He just kept staring at it and looked at her earnestly and told her he was afraid she may have waited too long. At that point they were actually thinking she might loose part of her breast. My sister explained that when it finally burst it literally gushed for over 4 hours. My other sister described it as her breast having had diarrhea. I know this is all gross……but hopefully someone will learn from this. I had been taking pictures of the hole to show how it had changed in size. My sister has had a good attitude up to this point. Of course who wouldn’t when you have a gaping hole and have your sister taking pictures of your body parts. She was laughing at me and asked me if I was going to blog this. I do have her permission. In case any one is wondering.

We had to wait for them to draw blood work to see how far the infection had spread. They drew 8 vials of blood then 4 of the blood culture bottles and also did swabs on what was still coming out of the breast. I can’t tell you how unsettling it is to watch some one take a swab and literally stick it two inches inside the breast tissue and watch their face as their eyes get bigger at how far in the swab goes. It’s not often you see two doctors turn green and back up with out trying to be offensive. All the lab work came back fine. She was prescribed two heavy duty antibiotics. She is on the mend. It has been almost two weeks now I think. She still has the hole and it is still draining but she can tell part of it is healing. She was told she may have to see a surgeon to close it up and make sure it heals properly.

I will post a picture of it but be warned….don’t look if you are grossed out easily. The pictures will be at the end so you won’t have to look if you don’t want to……………..

I have a friend who reconnected with her family and has now found out that her stepmother is dying. The family has been called together and she will be meeting her biological family for the first time. She called me on Friday asking if she can get a way to South Carolina would I watch 5 of her 6 kids who are also home schooled. They arrived Saturday afternoon. In case you are wondering……that makes 8 kids at my house….13,11,10,10,9,7,6 and 4. She took the baby with her. She was able to get the Amtrack on Sunday morning at 8am. She will be back next Saturday. Their father had to go back home to work. Unfortunately he couldn’t go with his wife.

Fortunately for me…. with the leaf in my table I can seat 14. Friday the kids and I cleaned up and rearranged some things to make room for our little guests. They arrived and the little one known as Pea (she’s really the sweetest thing…) looks at her mom and dad and tells them they can leave now. Did you know that 8 kids eating one sandwich at lunch time takes an entire loaf of bread? I do now.

I am going to house bound all week. I have made arrangements for my kids to be picked up and taken to their classes but I will be home. My van does not seat 8 people. One day down….5 to go. So far it has been fine. We just can’t go for a ride and any shopping will be done after my husband gets home from work. It is also supposed to rain Wednesday and Thursday. In door art projects and games are on the schedule for those two days.

It’s amazing what you can get done when you have to stay home……:-). My kitchen cabinets have been cleaned out, rearranged and wiped down. I might actually get my new curtains finished and up in the kitchen this week. I had to come up with a way for the extra kids to keep track of their clothes so we don’t get them mixed up….gotta love milk crates. Since November is Novel writing month, my daughter has been hiding out in the school room working on her short novel. I can’t wait to read what she has written.

So far so good……:-) I forgot about our first Piano/Art class…..I will have to do that one tomorrow.  It went well and I was very pleased.  I know the kids had fun.  Mine came home and finished their art projects and can’t wait for the next combined Piano/Art class.  Of course…..I took pictures…:-)  I just need to see if she will come to my house this week since I can’t drive anywhere at the moment.

I am going to post the pictures and then put in a “read more” line. Do not click on the read more if you don’t want to see the pictures. Fortunately for my sister it wasn’t anything more serious then what they were initially thinking……the first doctor really thought she was going to loose her breast.

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