I deactivated my Facebook account today. I have been wanting to do this for awhile. It just sucks me in and next thing I know I am rushing around trying to finish things I should have had done earlier. My goal is to go for a whole week…=) That doesn’t really sound like such a grand goal but it is baby steps.

I do have so many friends, that live in other states, that I keep up with and now I will miss out on their daily activities. As much as I love my friends, should I be so concerned with tracking their activities? I am not one of those stat people who try to see how many contacts they can amass. I actually know, IRL, 95% of my 306 acquaintances.

We shall see…

I miss the days when people actually chatted on the phone. Everything is texting and facebooking. My life is so complicated right now, the last thing I need is to be tethered to my cell phone and desk.

I have set some tasks before me that I would like to accomplish before I decide if I will reactivate FB.

Here goes…=)


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Life at our House…..

I have been very lax in my blogging over the past two months. My sister demands a new post, so to oblige her….

The election is over. Finally!! I have been reading some disturbing items in the news of late. Racism is still strong and has reared its ugly head. A student run over simply because of his color. Crosses burning. Racial epitaphs appearing on the property of people of color.

I am just as disgusted with these current events as I was during the campaigns. Americans have shown their true ignorance and bigotry. Contrary to what many may say, Obama was elected by many simply because of his color, not his politics.

I did not vote for him. Not because of his color, BUT his politics. I would have had no problem voting for a black man had the man been of the type of character and stand as Alan Keyes.

Now that Obama is the president elect, I will continue to pray for him as the leader of this country. I will pray that God will intercede and put in place people with wisdom. I will pray for protection over his family.

Enough said………

On a happier note……..

My daughter turned 15 on the 15th of November. I am so proud of her. She is blossoming into such a young lady. I see the confidence that she shows in her writing and her relationship with her brothers and her father. I am thankful for her faithfullness, diligence and desire to serve God.

She is blessing to me and is one of the greatest gifts God has given to me.

She is a role model to her brothers. They hold her counsel in high regard. They also like to pick on her as typical brothers are so willing to do. It keeps her on her toes though. They wanted to make her birthday cake and knowing how much she likes chocolate, they added lots of chips to the cake. It was a hit!!

I hope they are always able to maintain that close bond even into adulthood.

They are anxiously awaiting the time that they are taller than her. That is their only complaint!

Happy Birthday Dear…Your father and I love you dearly.

On another note….

There is one small minute detail that all the home school conferences tend to leave out in their discussions on the advantages of homeschooling. The wear on ones home. It tends to take an extra beating when your children are home 24/7.

For example….

My boys are 11 and 13. They are much larger than most boys their ages. They take after their father so they are a bit taller. They are solid. I had an errand to run one day and while out I received the following phone call….

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LOL…my sister said that post was lame and didn’t count. I chuckled.

What is happening here to keep me away from the rest of the world? Life. Life has a way of getting out of control and causing one to loose the bigger picture.

I suppose I should mention that my family has talked me into participating in NANOWRIMO 2008. Last years NANOWRIMO saw my husband and daughter disappearing for an entire month. My daughter skipped her birthday because it inconveniently fell during NANOWRIMO. I will make sure she does not miss her birthday this year.

I kept the home fires burning which means meals were cooked and the remaining three family members carried the bulk of the work so the other two could hide in their writing caves. Do they have any idea how this will affect the home front with me being required to write 50,000 words in one month?

Who will do the cooking? Who will take out the trash? I think November will be a good month for dieting. I could call a fast for the month. I will have to let you know how this works.

I only have one really small minor problem. I have no clue what to write about. My mind has many ideas but too many to narrow to one topic.

Would any of my friends like to see something specific…? I will take any and all ideas.


On another note…..My boys are sitting here trying to put together a filing cabinet for me. This is a project in working together and following directions.

I must say that I was rather surprised that the instructions actually tell one not to use a drill. Nope! No drill. Only a fillips head screwdriver and a hammer. I wonder if I should wait for my husband to put this together. I am trying to remember how much we paid for this thing. I really should take a picture of the process and the finished project.


On another note…

Sharon, at Quiet Reflections, left me an award. I just don’t know how to bring the image over. This will be one of those things my husband will have to do for me.

Thank you Sharon. It was very kind of you to give me this Inspiration Award. I am not so sure it is deserved but I accept. I would encourage all to visit her blog.  Her blog is uplifting and encouraging.

It is nice to think one can be an inspiration to others but more importantly I want to be an inspiration to my children. My daughter will turning 15 in November and my middle son 13 on the 29th of October. They are growing up so fast. I sit and wonder where the time went. When they were little, I would wonder how they would be in the teen years and before I knew it, it was upon me. Now I look at them and wonder what they will be like as adults.

I ask myself if I have prepared them enough to handle what life is going to through at them. Have I given them what they will need to make wise choices? Will they look back on their childhood and remember the good moments more than the bad moments? What will they remember?

It is a daunting task, being a parent.

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Random thoughts…(forgot the title…)

Hello World…..I am sick. I thought you would like to know. I have a nasty thing in my head that is traveling to my chest.

I sound like I swallowed a screeching cat. That is before the first 5 cups of hot tea. After the tea, I just sound scratchy.

I thought I would make this grand announcement for offers of chicken soup. Homemade chicken soup is the best when you are sick but not when you are the one that has to make it for yourself. I would also accept offers for other goodies. I am an equal opportunist.

I am trying to do something for myself to give me some time out of the house. I really wanted to get a job but my husband wasn’t too keen on that one. In his defense, he has some very valid reasons. He knows that I have the tendency to allow a job to take over my life. I tend not to turn down the request for extra help. I like the praise and the attta girl, job well done speeches. I needed to get out and do something.

I have always had an interest in this so it isn’t something that was spur of the moment. Wouldn’t you just love to know what kind of trouble I am getting myself into?

I became a volunteer at the local Fire and Rescue Squad. I am doing this slowly. I am coming in on the associate side first. I wanted to make sure I would have the time to give without taking away from my family. If it is manageable, I would like to switch to the operations side.

The difference between the two are the jobs you do. The Associate side assists with fund raisers and working at the squad. The Operations side are the ones who run on the ambulances. The training for both sides is the same however.

I have completed CISM (Critical Incident Stress Management). That was a very informative class. I would highly recommend taking it if you have Fire Chief Tanner teaching the class.

I have completed Blood Born Pathogens/Infectious Diseases. Wash your hands. Handwashing is the primary and your first line of defense against picking up something nasty. Then double glove. If you are not sure if you are removing a glove correctly, squirt a handful of ketchup in your palms and rub your hands together. if you can properly remove a glove without getting any of the ketchup on your skin. You did it right.

In case you didn’t know this,I will let you in on a little secret. I tell you thisbecause there are really stupid people out there in the world today. Um..latex/non latex gloves are SINGLE use only. No. You can not rinse them off and then put them back on. Someone, somewhere, did this. Hence the warning.

I have completed the HAZMAT awareness level 1. WoW! I came home from that class and wanted to check every thing under the counter. That was an intense class. The Chief did an awesome job teaching it.

I am completing the Homeland Security NIMS classes, level 100, 200 and 700. If you are bored and would like something to do with your spare time, take it. You will learn a lot and they are CEU credits.

I am scheduled to do the CPR class next month. I was supposed to have done that one all ready, but something about a family birthday party and the lego master builder got in the way. I am taking that one next month.

It is too late to get into the EMT classes for the fall so I am trying to register for January. This is just some of the training with the exception of the EMT classes that you must have before being voted in to the DTRS membership.

Oh….I almost forgot. I have to take a personality test? All I know about this test is that it must be proctored and takes 2-4 hours. I wonder what it says about you if you finish early? I have always been one of those early people you know. I am not sure that is a good thing when one is taking a personality test….finishing early might show I have no personality or I cheated?

Yeah…..I cheated on my personality test. You would have to know me to understand why I find that humorous.

That one is being done this Sunday. If you would like to know what I am check back on Monday….that is if they tell me….. ūüėČ

Anyhoo…..I am going to bed after I have one more cup of hot tea. It soothes the sinuses and my throat. I just need something for the rest of me.

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August 19th…..Oh boy……

I can not believe that August is flying by so quickly.  I wanted to start schooling with the kids the first of August but ended up with family members here and that just does not work.

My husband has offered to take over some of the subjects for me.¬† He has offered to teach at least math and science. I may allow him to do this….once we get started and see how things go.

Other than that life is the same old around here.

I am getting ready to head downstairs and see what I can throw away……oops, I mean donate.

I finally convinced my husband that we don’t need two pianos and he will never get time to refurbish the other piano.¬† It is heart wrenching to me to have to destroy this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. It was built in the 1800’s and still has some of the original ivory on the keys.¬† It is a large upright grand.¬† It is taking up so much space though.

My husband put it on the piano recycling group, did you you even know there was one?  No takers and it has been a month now. If we have to destroy it, I am taking several pieces from the piano to keep.

The front piece that opens up has a large panel with carved oak leaves and acorns on the raised relief.¬† I was thinking of converting that into a head board for the bed.¬† Right now my headboard is a piece of plywood covered with batting and a velvet throw with a flower pattern woven into the material. Opening the top lid reveals a bar that the hammers are attached to, on that bar is a gold relief of the Chicago World’s Fair circa 1880-1890?¬† I am trying to picture this in¬† my head so my dates are off.¬† It is in pristine condition.

When the piano is opened all the way, it is interesting to view how the makers made and upright grand.

My only problem with doing anything right now is that I can not put any weight on my left hand.  Sorting laundry is a killer.  I have two little girls visiting and braiding their hair left my hand throbbing.

In case I never mentioned it…..the doctor had to cancel my appointment that was supposed to be August 18th and reschedule for Sept 10th. He had an emergency.

Stuffing and wrapping 640 hot dogs on Saturday probably did not help the matter either.¬† Our local Rescue Squad has a special back to school bingo every year.¬† They purchase book bags and school supplies and stuff the bags according to grades.¬† This is to help the poorer communities in our area. Well, this year they had 600 children show up……some had to be turned away due to the building capacity.¬† They didn’t leave empty handed though.¬† The EMS crew gave them lunch and still handed them a back pack.

Since the Rescue Chief’s family live on our street, his wife always grabs back packs for the kids in her neighborhood.¬† She know we home school and still includes the kids. I felt I should help her out hence me volunteering to work the kitchen.¬† I am just glad I didn’t get my kids up to go….that place was a mad house. They got to spend time with Daddy.

I am considering getting a part time job in the evenings.  My husband is not for this idea and I understand his reservations.  I have gone back to counseling and it is not cheap when you pay out of pocket. I would rather pay for it myself.

I am sitting on the application.¬† I have not turned it in yet.¬† I am still trying to decide.¬† Life goes on…..

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